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  1. Thanks Richard, I am glad you liked my build! I have now posted the final shots of the car and base together in the proper Completed Builds section. Have fun modeling! Mike
  2. Hi everyone! I have been slowly building a Fujimi Police Car 27 from the original Blade Runner movie and have now wrapped up the project. This police car can be seen in several street scenes in the movie and is similar to the car that Deckard drives. I combined the car kit with a resin base from Randy Cooper which I painted and detailed to serve as a fitting backdrop to the police car. The in-progress photos and commentary are posted in the inprogress section. Here's a photo of the base without the car in front of it. Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. Hi everyone! I have crossed the finish line with my Blade Runner Police Car 27 build and the model is now finished. Here's how it looks on my bench after I finished adding the final touches: Thanks for following my build. I will take some final photos with the car and base together which will not be on my crowded work bench and post them in the finished build section sometime in the next week or so. Have fun modeling! Mike
  4. I finished the background/base for Police Car 27 this week just a few steps in front of finishing the car itself. I got the base to where it looks acceptable in regards to painting/weathering but I may tweak this out after I have the finished car sitting on the base if needed. One last minute change I did make was to dirty up the windows for the signs on the second story. I had clean, clear plastic protecting the signs but I thought it really stood out in a not good way with the overall griminess of the base. Now it looks like the windows and glass covered signs that I see in run down parts of New York and other major cities! My next post will hopefully be of the completed Police Car 27. Have fun modeling! Mike
  5. Time to post an update as I make the final push to finish this project. The body shell has been painted and decaled. It does look better than the all white plastic shell once some color and weathering has been added. Next steps are to finish the base (almost done) and add the exterior bits and pieces to the body. Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. Before I head out of town on holiday, I thought I would give a quick update on this build. As a break from painting and weathering the base and working on the exterior of the police car, I focused on building up some small sub-assemblies for the exterior. The car has a 3 light rack on top of the roof. The kit comes with the flashing light support in chrome and there is nothing under the clear, colored plastic for the lights. I first stripped off the chrome and painted it a more realistic (to my eye) Alclad white aluminum. I also drilled holes in the base of each light housing. To make up for the empty lights, I cut off the head off of three stick pins that I keep a supply of on my bench. Theses are now glued into each light housing. To give a light system that looks a little more interesting. While working on the top lights, I also treated all of the bumpers and parking/turn signal lights as sub-assemblies so I'll just jump right to how they look finished. Have fun modeling and I'll be back later this month! Mike
  7. Tzulscha, I believe that I did read that both Deckard's car and the Police Car 27 were both based on a VW chassis. You have a good eye for cars! BTW, for those who have this or Deckard's car in your stash, I found a little problem with the wheel assembly and body yesterday. As I built it, the rear wheel assembly is a little too wide and it rubbed against the inner body panel when I test fit the body over the chassis. I ended up disassembling the rear wheel group and substituting a slightly smaller (shorter) piece of aluminum tubing that I had in my supply box. It now fits well and does not touch the body when test fit. While I am working on the exterior of the police car, I started to work on a suitable display base for the model. Several years ago I bought a Blade Runner resin base kit made by Randy Cooper. I got the box of heavy resin parts out of my stash and started to go to work. There are no instructions so it took me a little while to figure out how everything should go together. Several of the large resin pieces such as the roof over the columns was warped but I decided I can live with it especially after the use of putty and dark paint. To keep all the parts in the right location especially after I build the base, I drilled and inserted brass pins in multiple locations. Here you can see the various pieces as it is assembled with a photo of the car under construction so you can get an idea of the size of the base. I left most of the resin parts seperate to make the painting and weathering a bit easier, especially in back of the columns. Now to the fun part of painting and weathering! Have fun modeling! Mike
  8. Your Sputnik looks great, Ernie! I recently bought one of these kits, so your build is a bit inspirational for me. Thanks for posting! Have fun modeling Mike
  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments! You have hit on some of the reasons why I have the original Blade Runner as one of my top 5 movies. While not very exciting, I finished up the underside and wheels for the police car. As this will not be usually seen while sitting on my shelf, I did not devote much time on this part of the build, just enough painting and weathering to look like a well used car on grimy, wet streets. The wheel hubs are the only parts of the kit that I did not strip off the chrome coating. I used a black wash and it actually looked the part.The rubber tires that came with the kit were lightly sanded and then had pigment rubbed onto them. Have fun modeling! Mike
  10. Continuing on with my build, I focused on the engine compartment. First step was to strip off the chrome coating on the engine parts that had them. I felt this did not look very realistic and wanted to replace the chrome coating with various Alclad shade. I went mostly with the details in the kit but did tweak it out a little with some additions such as the braided wire and connectors. I also added a few small decal details that are not in the kit or any of my reference photos but thought that y would add a touch of realism to the engine bay. Here's what it looks like: Have fun modeling! Mike
  11. This has been a great discussion so far, thanks everyone for the links! My work on the interior is moving along. You may have noticed the white areas in the front cockpit in the phots I originally posted. These areas had somewhat soft molded in detail. As I wanted the Paragrafix PE set to be a bit more visible without having to add lights, I scraped off the details and painted those areas gloss white. I then assembled and painted the PE for the interior separately. As there were a lot of open button and light holes in the PE, I filled these holes with white glue (Testor's Clear Parts Cement) and then painted over the clear "windows" using a range of Tamiya clear colors. After that, I glued the PE parts to the interior and here's what I got: Have fun modeling! Mike
  12. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Electric Indigo, I REALLY appreciate the heads up on Magonote Products. I am not familiar with them but I'll search them out and see what they have. I plan on using the Paragrafix PE set for the interior (I am almost finished with the PE details and will post photos soon) but the Magonote engine detail set is tempting. I'll go with the kit engine set along with a few extra scratchbuilt details for this build, but the engine detail set could come in handy when I build Deckard's car. TomTom, I don't know of any 1/24 figures from the original Blade Runner movie that would work with this or the other Fujimi Blade Runner cars. That would be very cool! Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. One of my all time favorite SF movies is the original Blade Runner. While I tend to build more Real Space models than SF models, I do like to model subjects from my favorite movies such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, Silent Running, ...and Blade Runner. When the Fujimi kit of the Police Car No. 27 came out years ago, I could not resist adding it to my stash. The car is seen in the background rather briefly during a few scenes but I thought it unusual enough to get the kit when it was available. I was looking to start on something new recently, so Police Car 27 ended up on my work bench. Unfortunately, I had not thought of documenting the build until I was about finished painting the basic interior. I'll make it a practice as the build continues to take regular photos at interesting stopping points! Here's how it looks at this early stage. Have fun modeling! Mike
  14. Mike Constanza has a resin kit in 1/72 of the Schweizer 2-33A/TG-4. I have this kit in my stash but it has been awhile since I looked at it. I recall that it looked good in the box. Perhaps Constanza also released the SGS 2-32? have fun modeling Mike
  15. This is a fascinating discussion on the JASDF ocean camo colors! Following up on Blimpyboy's comments above, has anyone used Vic Hobby paints Oceanic Blues colors? I am considering trying these paints but I am not familiar with them. Do they thin and spray like typical acrylics such as Vallejo or are they more like acrylic lacquers? I like the color chart for these paints above and the differentiation between the blues used on the F-4 and F-2A. I did a google search but could not find any reviews or even comments on the paint. Thanks! Have fun modeling! Mike
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