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  1. My go to clear coat is either Alclad Aqua Gloss or Alclad Klear Kote, I have used the Klear Kote over decals on a number of models with no problems. Have fun modeling! Mike
  2. Thanks Rob, Dave! It sure would be nice if someone would produce an aftermarket 10 blade fenestron! Have fun modeling Mike
  3. Wow, this has been a very useful discussion! I am now convinced to pick up at least one of the Trumpeter kits. My MPM canopies are also yellow (no surprise) but I ordered several injection molded canopies from Special Hobby so I solved that problem at least. I agree that the yellow canopies are not possible to save. As Jordi mentioned. it is a basic chemical degradation in the polymer (plastic) that is not reversible. They can serve as useful masks for the cockpit, though. when painting the fuselage! Have fun modeling! Mike
  4. Thanks Jordi! The comment from your friend is really helpful. It sounds like it would be worthwhile picking up at least 1 copy of the Trumpeter kit. Have fun modeling Mike
  5. Thanks everyone for the good comments! I am still in a bit of a quandary if the Trumpeter kit is a step up from the MPM kit or just a different set of "plus & minuses". Have fun modeling! Mike BTW, good reviews on the MPM/Special Hobby L-39 kit in the review section, Mike & Julien!
  6. I really like the look of the L-39 and have picked up several decal sheets for this aircraft over the years. I also have picked up a few 1/48 MPM kits along the way. How does the newer Trumpeter L-39 kit compare to the older MPM kit? Is it a big step up in quality or an easier build than the MPM kit? I have noticed a bit more aftermarket goodies available for the Trumpeter kit. I will likely still build my MPM L-39 kits but I am debating if it is worth adding a better Trumpeter kit for , say, my favorite decal scheme. Thanks for any comments. I don't recall ever seeing any direct comparison between these two L-39 kits. Have fun modeling Mike
  7. Add my vote for the NASA SOFIA! I picked up the Welsh kit years ago but have not moved any further due to lack of decals. Have fun modeling! Mike
  8. Thanks Andre! I had not noticed the difference in the feneston between the different Dauphin versions. Have fun modeling Mike
  9. I am interested in building an AS365N3 Dauphin in 1/72. I have a DreamModel kit of the AS365N2 Dauphin already in my stash (nice kit BTW!). Can the N3 version be easily built from a model of the N2 version? Are the differences between the two types noticeable in 1/72? I did some searching on-line but I am uncertain as to what would be noticeable in 1/72. Thanks for any suggestions! Have fun modeling Mike
  10. Eagle Designs makes a nice aftermarket extended A-4 tailpipe in 1/72. These are for the Israeli Skyhawks and are resin. The item number is 72-CK-04. I have several of them that I picked up about a year or so ago so they may still be available. Have fun modeling! Mike
  11. This is really outstanding work! I really appreciate the excellent comments you made as you went through your build. Your posts will serve as one of the best resources for a future SCUD B build in any scale! Have fun modeling Mike
  12. These are great ideas. Thanks Michael and Dennis! Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. Up to now my previous experience with Xtracolor paints has been their excellent line of custom airline colors. As expected, these are typically modeled in pristine or close to it condition. With the current availability of Xtracolor paints in the United States, I am walking on the wild side and plan to build a Vietnam era model in SEA colors using Xtracolor paints that I just picked up. I want to finish my model in a very well weathered/aged condition. Up to now, any major weathering I have done on a model has been when I have used acrylics as the base coat (such as Vallejo) followed by the different weathering mixes and oil paints compatible with acrylic base coats. As Xtracolor paints are enamel paints, what is usually used for depicting a well worn, weathered look? I am planning on mixing in a small amount of white to lighten the color, but I also want to show staining, wear, etc. Thanks for any suggestions! Have fun modeling Mike
  14. PhantomMJI


    Hi Bozothenuter! This is one very cool QF4 scheme. I can see why you really like it. This will look spectacular as a finished model if you are able to pull off the challenging weathering. I may be able to help a little on the details of this aircraft. I also photographed 464 on likely the same day that the original photographer did for your original photo post. The first photo looks like it was taken last September when Holloman was hosting a visit/tour for the F-4 Phantom Society. Here are a few other photos that I shot of 68-464 during that week. As there were a few really cool QF-4s on the ramp that week, I only shot a few photos of 464. Unfortunately, as the sun was at a bad angle for 464, the one above is the only one I shot of the other side of 464. I do have a few other shots of 464 from my visit, so if you can message me, I can send you a few more and not tie up this message thread! Have fun modeling (especially Phantoms!) Mike
  15. I stopped by at the ZM booth at the recent IPMS USA convention and talked Phantoms with the ZM team. I was told by the Old Man himself (through an interpreter) that the long nose Phantoms are being worked on and that they should follow after the C & D models. When it came to Phantoms, the overall mood of the ZM team was very upbeat so this focus on Phantoms seems to be going well for ZM. I did put in a request for some QF4s! Have fun modeling Mike
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