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  1. Mike Constanza has a resin kit in 1/72 of the Schweizer 2-33A/TG-4. I have this kit in my stash but it has been awhile since I looked at it. I recall that it looked good in the box. Perhaps Constanza also released the SGS 2-32? have fun modeling Mike
  2. This is a fascinating discussion on the JASDF ocean camo colors! Following up on Blimpyboy's comments above, has anyone used Vic Hobby paints Oceanic Blues colors? I am considering trying these paints but I am not familiar with them. Do they thin and spray like typical acrylics such as Vallejo or are they more like acrylic lacquers? I like the color chart for these paints above and the differentiation between the blues used on the F-4 and F-2A. I did a google search but could not find any reviews or even comments on the paint. Thanks! Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. I have been following the different posts on 3D Printing in this section and I am impressed with the good advice and thoughtful comments that have been made. For everyone now using a SLA or DLP (or inkjet) type printer that uses liquid resins, I would strongly suggest that you head over to this link (https://www.radtech.org/health-safety/proper-handling-of-uv-resins) and download the pdf on the safety and handling of these resins. I was the principal author in writing this short, hopefully easy to use file and it was targeted for the casual user like most of us on this forum. It is also avail
  4. Hi LostCosmonauts This is a really good overview on the universe of 3D Printing. I work in the 3D Printing world and focus on the liquid resin printing systems. I also teach a university level course on the liquid resin 3D Printing technology. I would like to suggest a correct to your description of DLP print technology. The LCD DLP technology description is good but that is not the primary technology used for DLP printing. By far and away, the most common type of DLP printing uses a DLP projector like the type that is used for PowerPoint presentations in an office or c
  5. Whofan You might want to consider using pink primer as the base coat. I had rea that pink is a good base-coat for both fluorescent red and yellow, so I tried it on a recent build I did of the old Revell Talos missile. Here you can see the upper stage of the Talos in pink while the lower stage s MR Surfacer gray. And here is the Talos missile after it was finished. The camera does not do justice for how the red has a visual "pop" to the eye. Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. My go to clear coat is either Alclad Aqua Gloss or Alclad Klear Kote, I have used the Klear Kote over decals on a number of models with no problems. Have fun modeling! Mike
  7. Thanks Rob, Dave! It sure would be nice if someone would produce an aftermarket 10 blade fenestron! Have fun modeling Mike
  8. Wow, this has been a very useful discussion! I am now convinced to pick up at least one of the Trumpeter kits. My MPM canopies are also yellow (no surprise) but I ordered several injection molded canopies from Special Hobby so I solved that problem at least. I agree that the yellow canopies are not possible to save. As Jordi mentioned. it is a basic chemical degradation in the polymer (plastic) that is not reversible. They can serve as useful masks for the cockpit, though. when painting the fuselage! Have fun modeling! Mike
  9. Thanks Jordi! The comment from your friend is really helpful. It sounds like it would be worthwhile picking up at least 1 copy of the Trumpeter kit. Have fun modeling Mike
  10. Thanks everyone for the good comments! I am still in a bit of a quandary if the Trumpeter kit is a step up from the MPM kit or just a different set of "plus & minuses". Have fun modeling! Mike BTW, good reviews on the MPM/Special Hobby L-39 kit in the review section, Mike & Julien!
  11. I really like the look of the L-39 and have picked up several decal sheets for this aircraft over the years. I also have picked up a few 1/48 MPM kits along the way. How does the newer Trumpeter L-39 kit compare to the older MPM kit? Is it a big step up in quality or an easier build than the MPM kit? I have noticed a bit more aftermarket goodies available for the Trumpeter kit. I will likely still build my MPM L-39 kits but I am debating if it is worth adding a better Trumpeter kit for , say, my favorite decal scheme. Thanks for any comments. I don't recall ever seeing any direct c
  12. Add my vote for the NASA SOFIA! I picked up the Welsh kit years ago but have not moved any further due to lack of decals. Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. Thanks Andre! I had not noticed the difference in the feneston between the different Dauphin versions. Have fun modeling Mike
  14. I am interested in building an AS365N3 Dauphin in 1/72. I have a DreamModel kit of the AS365N2 Dauphin already in my stash (nice kit BTW!). Can the N3 version be easily built from a model of the N2 version? Are the differences between the two types noticeable in 1/72? I did some searching on-line but I am uncertain as to what would be noticeable in 1/72. Thanks for any suggestions! Have fun modeling Mike
  15. Eagle Designs makes a nice aftermarket extended A-4 tailpipe in 1/72. These are for the Israeli Skyhawks and are resin. The item number is 72-CK-04. I have several of them that I picked up about a year or so ago so they may still be available. Have fun modeling! Mike
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