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  1. This brought back memories of rushing home from school to watch the programme on telly. Bit of a departure this one, as It's mainly die-cast. Given up finding a model version that doesn't require me selling a kidney to be able to afford it. Although I have since seen a few 3d printed versions. This has some nice touches, the landing gear can be up or down, the thruster vents can be depicted open or closed and a pilot figure is also included. The only down side for me is It's size, 185mm. I would have preferred something a little bigger. There is a larger resin version on the horizon, the price of which I have seen mentioned anywhere between £600-£1000
  2. My latest addition. I know it's not a Sci-fi kit but the subject has featured in a number of Kaiju movies. No idea of the manufacturer or when it was produced, but it's old. It is approximately 70cm tall when completed and so scales out to about 1/475 (I have a particular Godzilla vinyl model kit in mind to accompany it). It's pretty basic. So I will be adding a few extra bits to give it a more up to date appearance.
  3. They're about 10 inches tall when completed, approx 1/474 in scale
  4. Got them from eBay. The red one was about £130 and the purple one was about £100. There was one seller offering both kits in the same listing if I recall correctly. They are nice kits, very finely detailed.
  5. My second Shin Godzilla vinyl kit has arrived. Produced by X-Plus/Bandai, this time the vinyl is made of a luminous purple. The dimensions are the same as the previous red vinyl kit, the pose this time depicts Godzilla unleashing his atomic breath. The is how the kit should look once assembled:
  6. Finally got one of these: This is the X-Plus/Kadokawa Shin Godzilla vinyl kit, the scale is approx 1/474. Once assembled it should resemble this: I have a second kit on it's way to me. This time the pose depicts the big G unleashing an atomic blast.
  7. Excellent work. I have been steadily purchasing Shapeways parts to spruce up the 1/450 version.
  8. Acclamator 1/2256 Finally got one. Same scale as the Revell Venator kit
  9. L'Arsenal (& Model Warships) Bruno Gire? Lovely work Bruno on a fantastic kit. I would like something similar to go with my Heller Ariane IV and Ariane V kits.
  10. Took this when bought my own kit a few years back
  11. Stargazer Models produce a 1/288 scale resin Serenity kit. I think it's available through the Starship Modeler web store.
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