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  1. The scale is 1/1930. This is a pic from the DDC Facebook page. A prototype of the final product, some of the parts are loosely fitted together
  2. This little chap arrived a little while ago Produced by Dynamic Digital Creations. Image courtesy of DDC Made a start, very early days yet
  3. Thanks for that Rob. Do you know of another method for contacting them by any chance?
  4. A question for those that have ordered from Printed Planes. Did you receive an order acknowledgement? I placed an order through their web site a few weeks back but have heard nothing from them. Is this normal? I began to have doubts that I had actually hit the 'submit' button at the time of ordering. So I sent a message through their web site asking if they could confirm that they've received an order from me. Still no reply.
  5. Is the liquid decal film brushed on or can it be sprayed through an airbrush?
  6. Dave

    Academy Models paints?

    It's a sci fi subject so close enough will be good enough really. Just curious as I haven't encountered Academy paints before
  7. These instructions call out a selection of Acdemy colours and numbers but I cannot find a range of Academy paints anywhere. Can anybody shed some light on these paint numbers? Looks like I will go with Tamiya or Hobby Color alternatives.
  8. Finally. The God Phoenix kit includes in scale individual mecha vehicles. The set of 4 are of a larger scale, basic builds and with simple details. Nice all the same
  9. Are there any detail drawings or plans available of the ship?
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj9ZFuOMfUw
  11. http://www.interallied.co.jp/release/2020/10/8438
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