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  1. Ta very much, pleased you like the hunk-of-junk I thought the DeAgostini version is already painted?
  2. great idea...know I was going wrong somewhere
  3. Cheers Badder, glad you like it. I have a black background somewhere but could I hell as find it. Figured some daylight shots might show the paintwork better, will try again and find the black cloth
  4. Just completed my second 1/72 Falcon, this one is not as dirty and is in the flight configuration so need to make a stand for her. Hope you enjoy. Si:)
  5. Nice, what are you using for weathering?
  6. Now this is a interesting little fellow, like him and the colour scheme you have done.
  7. Hiya Pat. Very nice indeed, mind you I like your vehicles very much-seen more on another site Lovely paintwork and finish.
  8. I love this, hand painted and totally superb! Lovely work on the whole fleet, great finishes.
  9. I like these, something well different, and why not? Superb models, really enjoyed looking at these, thank you.
  10. Very kind words indeed, many thanks. I had a decal set from the 'Joker' 1/24 car and thought that would look cool.
  11. I thank you, yes I think he would agree with you
  12. That is a wonderful concept and model superbly brought to life by the quality finish and presentation. I really do like this.
  13. Now this is superb! Really like it and it has given me a boost to get on with mine. I have four astronauts and was thinking similar lines on Mars.
  14. The Scimitar is a heavily modified Star Courier built by the Republic Sienar Corporation. After the death of Darth Maul his ship ended up in the possession of Darth Sidius, it was located at the Imperial Facility 729-D were it was looked after and maintained by droid 0-66. Later on it was given to the bounty hunter Chanath Cha to locate his stolen royal yacht 'Imperialis'. This is what we now see, the ship underwent a complete overhaul, with upgraded sensors, stealth, engine, shields and weapon systems. The story is from the comic book series but the ship and its other modifications are by me with scratch made and kit bashed parts. Si:)
  15. Not doing much, but with the weather slightly better taking time in the work shed to do stuff, although it takes a while. This is a runner, just a workhorse so a bit battered