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  1. This was my attempt...on the rather large Hasbro version...I think you have put me to shame as I was struggling with the lights and there is loads of space! Cracking build, weathering and the lighting effects.
  2. Many thanks, glad you like it. Like I said a couple of small pieces to make and add but nothing major. Here is the costume, I have made it my own with patches and ID arm band, the phaser was a original movie one, stripped down and repainted with a trigger added, more robust. Also made the chest box, buckles and added the three ball pocket fasteners-these are on the original. First aid kit with scratch made hypo spray. Modified phaser. Si:)
  3. Thanks guys, finished off the screen and got that properly fastened in and the screws capped. Just got a scanner/probe to make and then it is totally finished.
  4. I have been working on this for the past few weeks. I wanted a 1/1 prop to house a Ceti-eel from the Star Trek movie The Wrath Of Khan, it will also go with my TWOK costume. It started out as a make up box, the guts stripped out of it and re lined. I scratch made parts, bought parts and raided the parts bin for anything that would work and look right. It has working LEDs/switches, sample tubes with samples made from Tamiya clear and two part epoxy, the Ceti-eel is 1/1 and came from America, all primed and weathered. It is 90% finished with just a couple of small bits to do but they are just a small probe thing, but the box is finished.
  5. I have been following this build on this and other forums, amazing work and detail and truly deserves the rating of: amazing! Sets off the beautiful Enterprise model superbly and together they look just like the movie shots. Congratulations on creating a stunning piece of model making and movie magic. Si:)
  6. Just spent a pleasant half hour going through this thread, enjoying it immensely! Superb work so far, all looks to scale and the detailing is exceptional, keep going and you will have a masterpiece on your shelf.
  7. That is the plan Pete, when I can be bothered
  8. There is something cute about this 'egg' models. Looks superb though and not bad detailing either.
  9. UPDATE. Have started on the interior, the round thing is going to be a screen with info on, don't want too much and don't want to clutter it up.
  10. I hope not Dave...maybe I will call in sick on that day I wanted it simple and so far, it looks the part. Cheers Pete, it is getting there...slowly though.
  11. Thanks mate, just a bit more paint to add to the outside, don't want to over do it. The inside is going to be tricky, need to get some bits together and have a play about.
  12. I am slowly working on a new Star Trek prop to go with my The Wrath Of Khan away team field jacket costume. As I like to make my costumes more personalised, I thought this would be a nice edition. I got hold a aluminium make-up box rather cheaply, stripped the inside out and then started work on the outside, not too much change as I liked the look of the ribbed look. Just some paint effects and then slightly worn, added a pair of strap buttons, a printed out card showing the contents and some Starfleet badges. There is still dome more to do on the outside then I can start on the inside. Si:)
  13. Very nice Steve, love the layout. Sometimes a simple dio board and layout really brings the models to life and this certainly does pop.
  14. Beautiful work, just stunning!
  15. t34

    Very nice, like the offset model composition. The Vanquished and the victors moving next to each other, great work, nicely painted and weathered.