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  1. Hi roger, i love the modulation technique very good job u made here. greetings Razzie43
  2. Very nice colors,only my head turns around, when i saw the turrent zimmerit! i have to admit i just drink a bottle of red french whine ....maybe that's the problem right now ;) For the Rust part,i can only recommend you to use more colors of it. Orange-red-dark red-rust-light rust-etc.......powder colors after paint is always fun to boost it up! damn my head is spinning around hehe sorry Ricardo for the comment no hard feelings Razzie43
  3. I Recommend the "Friulmodel" tracks nr. ATL 86 Hobby Boss tracks links are so horrible shame on you Hobby Boss
  4. Perfect combination of colours ,love the details on it. It's a eyecatcher like always cheers Razz!
  5. Back from the dead bench table....and i love this piece u made here "ciske"
  6. the wooden block keeps my eye on it so focus,that i forget to look at ur tank
  7. what kind of white powder did you use? And how did it stay on the tank?
  8. Thank you all,but it seems a little bit yellow instead of white on the camera. I bought some figures for the tank..i hope they fit nicely inside.
  9. A little to heavy maybe? The sidepanels are done...now the tools and a wintercamo maybe i think .??
  10. That's why i place a picture on it...i think i understand what you are doing now... You want to bring up the color under it with some hairspray technique?Right? i always paint my material (accesoires) after my weathering tank. And sometimes im to lazzy to put them on...hehe
  11. I don't know how,but i still lose some small PE parts... i think i gonna break my record here.. For the moment 7 piece's all for the Exterior I will be back in a jiffy for some pictures.... @clive = i bring the beer if u bring something to eat
  12. Picture one above....i see some strange colors there...blue,green....and what kind of color has that panzer?
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