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  1. Perfect combination of colours ,love the details on it. It's a eyecatcher like always cheers Razz!
  2. Back from the dead bench table....and i love this piece u made here "ciske"
  3. the wooden block keeps my eye on it so focus,that i forget to look at ur tank
  4. what kind of white powder did you use? And how did it stay on the tank?
  5. Thank you all,but it seems a little bit yellow instead of white on the camera. I bought some figures for the tank..i hope they fit nicely inside.
  6. A little to heavy maybe? The sidepanels are done...now the tools and a wintercamo maybe i think .??
  7. That's why i place a picture on it...i think i understand what you are doing now... You want to bring up the color under it with some hairspray technique?Right? i always paint my material (accesoires) after my weathering tank. And sometimes im to lazzy to put them on...hehe
  8. I don't know how,but i still lose some small PE parts... i think i gonna break my record here.. For the moment 7 piece's all for the Exterior I will be back in a jiffy for some pictures.... @clive = i bring the beer if u bring something to eat
  9. Picture one above....i see some strange colors there...blue,green....and what kind of color has that panzer?
  10. If you don't mind i will give you a tip to make it some little more alive. Vallejo 70822 and a dish sponge,dry brush the paint on paper till u get almost nothing left and then you go over those edges of the barrel tube where the ammo goes into. And those boxen on the wall,ETC.... No harm feelings
  11. Well Mike,when u almost finish the dishes,you steel the sponge and cut some little pieces of it to dry brush it on ur model!
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