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  1. Just one of those things Vince, old age and illness. I have sold on most of models and RC boats, but still into the tanks etc, got to keep my hand in somewhere
  2. Superb modelling, very well posed and all round excellent dio.
  3. HI guys. Got another 1/16 RC truck. Replaced the gear/transfer box and the drive shafts with all metal. She has been painted and weathered, figures added in the cab, front and rear lights with the main lights dimming when the fogs are put on, meshed the front grille, roof vent and added decals. Si:)
  4. Hi guys. I posted some pics of the RC Gaz ages ago however, I recently went back to it as it needed some work on the lights and I added to it. Some more stowage and some figures, one driving and some others in the back. I am also making a trailer for this, hopefully will get some pics of that up when finished. Si:)
  5. Thank you mate, pleased the effects have worked. Hi Chris, my pleasure in sharing. happy that you find the subject interesting. That is wonderful to read Vince, very kind of you to say mate, I really do appreciate. I do not much modelling now as the hands are racked with pain ans cramps so small and detailed stuff is just out. I am still working on my 1/16 RC stuff, slowly. Again, thank you for the wonderful comment. PVA as Ratch points out, is just white glue, called school glue, or craft glue, cheap and easy to use. Ta for that Ratch. Yep, pet shop, or even Ebay do some small bags of fine aquarium sand etc.
  6. Hi Rod, bit late on replying, apologies for that. Many thanks for looking and commenting, glad you liked the wreck. Si:)
  7. Ta very much mate, she looks good roaming around, all my other stuff are German or US so it was nice to get a more modern tank-and not something that most get-Chally, M1 etc.
  8. Finally finished my RC ZTZ 99, a homegrown Chinese third generation MBT. It was stock when I got and had a few pieces missing so, accessory pack ordered from...China, only place I could get one from. I repainted and added the missing bits, I also added a turret NBC filter to the rear, some bendable mud flaps, a couple of turret detail items and some decals. Inside, I replaced the gearboxes with 4.1 steel gearboxes, metal sprockets, idlers and tracks. I also had to add 65 grams of lead to the front end as the added weight at the rear made the nose a tad skittish. So here she is, goes well with the clubs members Chally 2. Abrams and Leo. Si.
  9. Hi guys. Just thought I would let you all know that this has been sold, I got £27 + postage, it covered the materials, just. Main thing is, I enjoyed making it and it kept my mind and hands busy during a flare up and now someone else can enjoy it. Thanks again for all your comments, means a lot.
  10. Thanks Mark, really do appreciate you stopping by and for the lovely comment. Cheers Clive, thanks mate for the great comment, means a lot.
  11. Cheers mate, looking knackered seems to be a talent of mine. Ta very much Mick, glad you like it. Chuffed you like it and for the wonderful comment, really appreciate it.
  12. This is a M19 MMGC the original was a Chaffe chassis but this is adapted from a Bulldog. It runs the other way around as the Bulldog is rear drive and the M19 is front sprocket driven. The turret works but the twin 40 MM Bofors are manual lifted. Top superstructure is all scratched made. https://preview.ibb.co/h3Enp8/P1013224.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/bHY2NT/P1013225.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/hyqhNT/P1013226.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/bMdDU8/P1013227.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/mHAtU8/P1013228.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/bWW098/P1013229.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/coUWGo/P1013230.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/nzqtU8/P1013233.jpg https://preview.ibb.co/h3O2NT/P1013237.jpg Si:)
  13. Thank you very much, really pleased you enjoyed looking at her. Thank you for stopping by and looking, also, really pleased that it was of use to you regarding ideas.
  14. Thank you mate, glad you like her and thank you for stopping by. Cheers Ray, these sunken subs are my bit of not worrying about having to do something perfect, helps me to just chill. So pleased you like her.
  15. Thank you Vince, this kind of modelling is great as I can just get on with it and not worry about finish.
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