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  1. You're not wrong mate, a few folk have mentioned that.
  2. Hi guys, I have been working on this for weeks, it is my take on a space capsule with service module etc. It isn't supposed to be any that flew or is in service. I made it out of junk and scrap, the housing is a old torch, the rest is made up of inhaler bits, model boat and tank bits, plumbing part for the nose cone with a brass and aluminium base and steel rod. It is 90% metal so the weight of the base helps to keep it upright. The decals are whatever I had in the box from all types of models. Si.
  3. Yeah, I have a small drum so that's the dustbin sorted, just need to make some shelves then. Glad you like it Pete.
  4. UPDATE. Roof on-I used real fine sand attached with PVA, weathered it all. The crane is parts left over from when I did the gantry crane, these were cit down and modified by using plasticard and tubing with other parts from spares bin., found a kaput motor so it looks like the winch works via electric and the electrical connections housed in a plasticard box. The air pump fitted and this and the pipework have all been weathered. I made a oldie fire extinguisher from a toy fire extinguisher and turned it upside down, drilled it out and added a wheel, the housing for it is a large
  5. Yeah, the pump is a still I wanted that slightly yellow colour for fuel but had no yellow clear, so made some using a green and a orange and got a slight tinge to it-thought, superb that will do...er, no...forgot the base was red so it shows up as orange-my excuse is that it is coloured diesel. Glad you like the stuff so far!
  6. Over the past few weeks I have been working on a open style oldie garage/mechanic garage to go with a workshed for our clubs RC tank/vehicle display village. Due to lockdown and me in a shielded state 99% of the bits have been scratch made from old dolls house pieces or spares and bits bin items. The only item bought was the fuel pump and this was stripped and repainted and weathered. Here are some shots of the build, the base taking shape and then pipe work, with a workbench made and various other bits, I also made a air-pump. More to come...
  7. Bless you mate, really appreciate the comment mate. Really pleased that it does look like something that actually existed, that is reassuring. Si.
  8. I wasn't sure in which category as it is a hybrid of the two-decided on civvy as it is more civvy than military.
  9. Thank you, appreciate you stopping by and taking a look. Really glad you like it.
  10. While I was finishing off the 1/16 RC African rebel pickup I was, as you do, routing around in the bits and spares boxes when I came upon a spare cab...with me being in 'shielded-isolation' my outdoor adventures are from the back door to the workshed and back-modelling has taken on a more relaxed mood and something I am taking my time with even more. Anyway, with our club having zero home and away RC events I thought I would make some more scenery pieces to go with the buildings we have. This scrap can needed to be small enough to be taken to shows along with all the ot
  11. This was to be a Taliban version but I liked the African rebel type. She is 4X4, had to do some mods to the rear to hide the battery, this lifts up, all RC bits hidden in the front and mid section, used micro speed controller etc. All metal running gear and new wheels added. Repainted the figures, added checker-plate to the rear and made a storage box using the same checker-plate plasticard, made some metal grab rails and rope coiled the rear one. Was lucky I found a gun in a charity shop months ago and it was earmarked for this job, stripped and repainted, found some ammo belts that fitte
  12. Lovely model and setting, well done mate, like this. Si.
  13. Got my latests tank sorted a T-90. Steel gearboxes, road wheels, sprockets, idlers and tracks. Repainted, decals added and figure I found in the 'troops' box-repainted. Here she is beside her companion the T-72 (green one).
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