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  1. I wasn't sure in which category as it is a hybrid of the two-decided on civvy as it is more civvy than military.
  2. Thank you, appreciate you stopping by and taking a look. Really glad you like it.
  3. While I was finishing off the 1/16 RC African rebel pickup I was, as you do, routing around in the bits and spares boxes when I came upon a spare cab...with me being in 'shielded-isolation' my outdoor adventures are from the back door to the workshed and back-modelling has taken on a more relaxed mood and something I am taking my time with even more. Anyway, with our club having zero home and away RC events I thought I would make some more scenery pieces to go with the buildings we have. This scrap can needed to be small enough to be taken to shows along with all the other stuff I take yet, it needed to look bulky with junk. Lots of old wheels and various bits used., turned out okay. Si.
  4. This was to be a Taliban version but I liked the African rebel type. She is 4X4, had to do some mods to the rear to hide the battery, this lifts up, all RC bits hidden in the front and mid section, used micro speed controller etc. All metal running gear and new wheels added. Repainted the figures, added checker-plate to the rear and made a storage box using the same checker-plate plasticard, made some metal grab rails and rope coiled the rear one. Was lucky I found a gun in a charity shop months ago and it was earmarked for this job, stripped and repainted, found some ammo belts that fitted the gun so with hacking and drilling managed to get the thing to fit, it also swivels on the base to allow battery access. Interior stripped out and repainted with figure and accessories added. I also raided the 1/16 spares and found another bumper so that was bolted on the front. The camo was roughly painted by hand as I wanted it to look like that is what was done. Weathered and sealed. Hopefully, she will see action back end of this year at a show. Si.
  5. Lovely model and setting, well done mate, like this. Si.
  6. Got my latests tank sorted a T-90. Steel gearboxes, road wheels, sprockets, idlers and tracks. Repainted, decals added and figure I found in the 'troops' box-repainted. Here she is beside her companion the T-72 (green one).
  7. Thanking you Vince, I have seen that show, they make some cracking fish tanks. I slapped this on Ebay for £15, thought, if it sells it sells...I then got an offer for £25 +postage...yeah, okay so, another rusty, crusty wreck off into the wild. Yeah, that could work, might be a pain to try and do on the cheap though. Cost wise, it is probably easier to just get a ready-made one. You could of course, just get a fish tank and slap the wrecks in...minus any fish and see how they go, if they start breaking apart after two weeks then epoxy might be the only way to seal.
  8. Cheers mate, glad you like it. As for the fish tank idea, I got a question regarding doing one years ago for the same thing. I replied that the answer is no, the glue used is PVA, the coating is just sand then it is rattle canned and then various acrylics, washes, pigments added. I think, over time, you may find some floating fish. Also cleaning the thing would be just about impossible, the coating would probably just fall away.
  9. I have had this Marder knocking about for a while, lost the tracks for some reason-nowhere to be found so, with this in mind, I decided to make a post war memorial. I have seen a few that are badly conserved and I wanted to recreate this. First off, after the kit was made, I added some damage a couple of shell hits to the mantlet that killed the crew and disabled the gun. I then gave a spray coat of grey and and black-mainly the interior-so excuse the pictures showing the interior, these are dark and are supposed to be. The idea is that locals or councils etc just use whatever paint seems okay-the interior is just some black the exterior grey with brushed on colours depicting some sort of crude camo; I then added some simple graffiti. Next was a wash to dirty the thing and finally I added rust. There is a simple grassed base to make and add to tie it all in-when I get around to it. Si.
  10. I still had some supplies left over from the sunken sub commission build...soooooooooooo, I thought I might as well use some of them up. Another sunken sub, this one is a 1/144 scale type XXIII. I did her as if she was just under the surface with snorkel extended when she was attacked, depth charge damage to side and damage to periscope and snorkel due to depth charge and later on fishing nets...and no, not adding any netting Nice and easy build, straight forward and all built, coated, painted and weathered in one day. Si.
  11. Bless you Alan, so pleased you dropped by and for commenting. Glad that she looks right, you always worry if you have got the look correct-especially if it is for someone else.
  12. Hi Jeff, many thanks for popping by and the nice comment. Yeah, it is a depth charge, I normally do hatches open but thought this one closed, only one periscope is partially up and the conning tower equipment is in a semi up position, so a quick crash dive-two depth charges-one damaged the rear gun and railings the other caused the buckling followed by the decompression force. Well, that's the gibberish I am telling myself. Cheers Vince, appreciate it mate. Hi mate, no, I use a very, very fine sand, this leaves enough detail but also a more rough, growth like look. Glad you like it.
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