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  1. For the first half of the year I was working part time from home which gave me some extra time for model making, but I was back in the office full time for the second half which slowed the pace down quite a bit. I bought an airbrush early in the year so I've been learning new techniques, as well as trying out some weathering and other things. A lot learnt but still a lot to learn, which is part of the enjoyment for me. First up is this Tamiya 1/35 Sherman. This was my first model using the airbrush, so I kept the finish fairly simple. Next up was this Grizzly, which I added a bit more of a dusty finish to as well as some washes. then there was this Airfix T34/85. I used some pigments for the mud finish, but I think I over did it in places. A lesson learned. The white motelling on the turret doesn't appear on the model. I think it's light reflection on the photo's. This GMC 'deuce and a half' is my favourite so far. I posted it in RFI and got some good constructive feedback, including clearing part of the windscreen where the wipers would clean it and painting the cargo a different colour to create variety. Some more lessons learned. Finally, a couple of aircraft. Seams are my downfall with winged things. I haven't figured out how to tidy them up yet, which is something to work on in 2022. An Airfix 1/48 Spitfire MkXIV. And a Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon, which I weathered a bit more than previous aircraft I've made. To start 2022 I've got a couple of models on the go, and I appear to have the beginnings of a stash to work through, plus I might have a go at a group build for the first time. Thanks for looking. Happy New year and happy modelling in 2022...
  2. Thanks Wez (blatant plug noted).
  3. How do you change votes? Is there a way of removing your vote from one build and placing it against another?
  4. Incredible work in that scale, or any scale for that matter.
  5. I'll jump on board and watch this one, as I'm planning to build one myself soon.
  6. I have a couple of ideas in mind for this category, so could I belatedly jump on board this GB?
  7. My thoughts too. It looks very realistic.
  8. I use Onedrive. If you paste the link directly onto your post it won't work. When typing a post on BM there is a button bottom right saying 'insert image from url'. If you click on that, then copy and paste the link from Onedrive and click on 'insert into post' it should work, providing the link is valid.
  9. A very nice model, and an interesting idea for the background. I think it works well.
  10. Wow. How on earth did they manage to flip a tank!?
  11. Top notch. I love the subtle weathering, and it looks very realistic.
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