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  1. I'll jump on board and watch this one, as I'm planning to build one myself soon.
  2. I have a couple of ideas in mind for this category, so could I belatedly jump on board this GB?
  3. My thoughts too. It looks very realistic.
  4. I use Onedrive. If you paste the link directly onto your post it won't work. When typing a post on BM there is a button bottom right saying 'insert image from url'. If you click on that, then copy and paste the link from Onedrive and click on 'insert into post' it should work, providing the link is valid.
  5. A very nice model, and an interesting idea for the background. I think it works well.
  6. Wow. How on earth did they manage to flip a tank!?
  7. Top notch. I love the subtle weathering, and it looks very realistic.
  8. Three excellent models. What is the purpose of the spikes on Davy Jones? I'm guessing it's to stop the enemy getting on the turret.
  9. Perfick! I've just built the same model in standard olive drab, but this one is much more original.
  10. A Spitfire and Hurricane just did a figure of eight over Banbury, banking right over my roof. Great sight and sound.
  11. Thanks for the comments. The cargo is loose, not glued in place, so I could repaint it for some colour variety.
  12. Took four attempts to upload the post. Looks like it uploaded twice in error. Please delete.
  13. Hobby Boss 83832 1/35 US GMC CCKW-352 Wood Cargo Truck My latest build is this 2.5 ton 'deuce and a half' truck, which went together quite nicely and was an enjoyable build. The cargo is from a couple of Tamiya accessory sets. I would still class myself as an amateur with lots more to learn, but I think this is my best one yet.
  14. Stunning figures. Full of detail and character.
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