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  1. I haven't done much on this lately so I just wanted to get some work on the books. I worked some on the Fletcher stack PE. There is still quite a bit of PE work to do in this area including the mast and rigging. I'm trying something different. I'm going to get as much done on a section prior to installing it rather than installing it and then adding all the fiddly bits.
  2. Beautiful!! Outstanding job on the rigging!
  3. That's a thing of beauty
  4. Cracking build
  5. Nice work! Pretty good for 20 years off
  6. Thanks Bangor Lad. I use Vallejo's thinner but need quite a bit of it to keep the paint from drying at the tip. I do really like Model Air if I can get them in the right colour. I like the finish on both of them and they are also very easy to weather, again IMO.
  7. Here is a small update. I have the single 20's made up and will be starting on the mast PE soon. I also started painting the assemblies. I'm using Vallejo for the paint. I like their results on my ship builds. While they can be difficult to spray, they are very easy to brush IMO.
  8. Jan, very nice!! I am warming up to British warships myself. My first love will always be IJN cruisers and American destroyers. As allyby said the weathering looks great. Allyby, you have to just jump and do it. Having built both of those fine kits I would say the Tirpitz is probably the easiest but it's really a toss up. The Jersey has the easiest camo. The Tirpitz splinter is a nightmare on the superstructure. Welcome to the forums BTW
  9. Thanks Hunter. Of course he needed the arc reactor lit, and while I was at it, the eyes. The hands are solid rubber so it was too much work to put lights in those. Besides you really can't see them anyway.
  10. Oooo, that would be a good one to get! No weathering allowed though
  11. Outstanding build!!! Just the right amount of weathering for a new ship. Just beautiful!
  12. Thanks again guys! Lucus, It's an easy kit to build. The only part heavy area is the tower. I just add difficulty by installimg the PE sets and spending weeks adding the "oil canning" effect.
  13. Thanks Thud. I wasn't up on the different Man suits so I did some research. The Hulk Buster discussion came up frequently during my reading and the conclusion was that it is not. The only place I found you can see it in action is for about 2 seconds in the final fight during Iron Man 3.
  14. Out of my comfort zone, I wanted to build the Igor armor which I bought for 75% off. He was a fun build and went together well. I tried all different paints and couldn’t get the hands to dry non-tacky. I ended up painting them with a base of acrylic but after a few days with enamel over the top of the acrylic, they were tacky again. I don’t get it. Oh well. Our local hobby shop wants to display him in their case, but not after I take him to the IPMS meeting this month. The theme is Sci-Fi. The light for the arc reactor and eyes are made with LED’s and the concrete pieces are Styrofoam. I’m not very good at non water bases but I needed something of interest.