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  1. Great job on such a well used warrior. Too bad her fate was Bikini Island.
  2. Vosper MTB 234 -1/72

    That's a great idea to show the bow. It looks fantastic!
  3. CVL22 "Independence" 1943

    Outstanding and inspiring job!!!!
  4. 1/700th Aoshima IJN Nagato 1942, Retake

    Great work! The rigging, base and photography look fantastic.
  5. You scratchbuilders just blow my mind. Looks great mate!
  6. Despite your frustration I think it turned out well.
  7. Thanks guys! IanC. The Kate and Zero wore the same warpaint in both battles. The Val went from grey/green to green during the six months.
  8. I completed the 1/72 Airfix Zero starter kit. I bought it off eBay for $3 plus shipping. I was a nice kit with the option to fold the wingtips. In comparison to Hasegawa it was a little rough with a little cleanup required and deep panel lines but I think it turned out well. This one depicts AI-102 from the Akagi during the Midway attack. I used Tamiya's XF-12 JN Grey as the base and oils for the weathering.
  9. Nicly done The weathering is superb.
  10. I’m done with the Val. This was a nice kit though the instructions were a little hard to interpret at times. It did require some scratching to make it acceptable but all in all it was fairly accurate. I still have an Akagi Zero to complete so I have one more to do.
  11. IJN "Shokaku"

    Fantastic job on her! Like you, I've always wanted an IJN carrier but can swing the price at the moment. When I get on I hope it comes out as well as yours.
  12. I sprayed the Val silver, sprayed some chipping fluid and got one coat of JN green on before my air valve assembly quit on my AB. I have it soaking in thinner but don't hold out much hope for a fix. That will set me back a week or two. I really need to get a second AB.
  13. OK Guys, here's the update for the Val. I added some Evergreen sprue for the canopy bracing. The canopy isn't attached and neither are the wing tips, they are just there to show the progress. I need to come up with something for the gadgets on the dash. I cut the flaps and showed them in the down position.