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  1. Thanks Rob and Mike! I moved the completed build to Ready for Inspection. I forgot to hit Submit Reply a few days ago...sorry.
  2. Very nice job on the ships and base. 1/700 ships are difficult to keep from looking toy like, but you brought them to life.
  3. I completed the Kate. This was a very fun kit and I highly recommend it. The decals were a little thick. And I would have preferred to stack the canopy in whichever position I wished but the plastic is probably too thick to do that. The kit does provide for three different canopy options and the armament options are also outstanding. The detail is outstanding for a 1/72 although some belts would benefit the interior. All in all, there were very few cons to this kit IMO.
  4. Thanks Rob, Airfix really did a nice job on this one. The decals are a little thick but nothing that a setting solution can't handle. While I have 3 or 4 Hasegawa Zeros I want the Airfix kit abd I hoping they will be making a Val.
  5. Now it's time for a wash then a dull coat. The open canopy is molded together so is somewhat interesting to paint. I'll install the wings after the canopy is attached.
  6. LOL, no Stew, I won't be. I sprayed the black nose then the overall grey base coat. The upper surfaces have green squiggles and blotched which I hope to get to tonight.
  7. I am a 56 year old kid and live with my wife in Meridian Idaho USA. Currently I am an electronics technician with 4 grandchildren and another on the way. I am also a 14 year US Coast Guard veteran.

    My passions are building things and art, so model building seemed like the logical choice. I started building when I was 5 and other than times where I could not build aboard a cutter I have never stopped. I enjoy all scales and subjects, but my favorites are WW2 warships and any era planes, war or otherwise. I dabble in armor on occasion and sci fi even less but I will still joyfully build them.

    I have a hereditary disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which causes my lungs to scar and thus they do not transfer oxygen as effectively as normal lungs do. I will eventually get bad enough to require a double lung transplant but at the moment I use supplementary oxygen during exertion.

    I enjoy life and still workout while using oxygen to keep the rest of my body healthy.


  8. I sprayed the silver on the kit and will start with the base coat tomorrow.
  9. I worked on the seams tonight, painted some grey to check for smoothness and sanded a little more. I then went over the panel lines to remove the Mr Thinned Putty and I think that should do it.Tomorrow night I'm spraying silver for a base for some chipping. Japanese aircraft weren't as worn out and chipped as they were at the end of the war but there was some. I also sanded and smoothed the torpedo. I'm not going with the Type 91 modification 2 Torpedo which was used at Pearl (adding the wooden fins) because I'm building this as a May 1942 time frame. The kit is awesome enough to include the wood fins for the Mod 2 torp, but doesn't seem to include instructions to add the modification to the kits torpedo.
  10. No problem, that's good to know. I don't care much for what ifs. I post actual photos of the subject if I'm building off of them more to see if they match, in this case to show it was real. The RAF also had a JM2 Jack, which think I may build, a Betty snd a Sally.
  11. ArmouredSprue, It started as one of the worst paint jobs I sprayed in a long time. My good AB was in the shop and the very basic one I used spit and the tip would continually clog. Spaddad, thanks. Kapam, I'm curious, what put you off about the title? I don't want to make the same mistake next time.
  12. Continuing on with the Kate. I attached the fuselage to the wings and vert stabilizers to the fuse. The only complaint I have with the kit, which is easily remedied with a little trimming and sanding, is the attachment point of the wings and stabilizers to the parts tree. The attachment points are big and invade on the surfaces. But like I said these are easily remedied. If you decide to build this kit, be aware of the gauge at the bombardier's position. The panel it is attached to came loose while installing the fuselage because the gauge slips into a slot on the fuse. This was easily fixed bit reinstalling the panel after the fuse was on. The gaps at the wings and stabilizers are very small and the fit is tremendous IMO. I really like this kit. Good on ya Airfix!
  13. Thank you PA, and thank you for looking in.
  14. Thanks Michael and Dennis The Bear. Dennis, the weathering was easly doneby spraying an enamal silver base coat followed by a coat of AK Interactives "Worn Effects". I went over that with an Acrylic top coat of the appropriate color. Then using water and a stiff brush the acrylics eventually come off where you rub like thr hairspray method. Tape will also lift the acrylics but not nessarly where you want.
  15. Thanks Allan, PattheCat and Mike. PattheCat, I feel the same way about the US Star and Bars. It seems especially disterbing to see an Allied plane in German markings.