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  1. Sanger

    I'm sure Gerald would replace any missing parts if asked. Any time I had a problem he always went the extra mile to assist. I wasn't too concerned about the rear engine fans as I had decided to fabricate my own. The nose is different I think because the fuselage has to cover so many variants. There is a blunter nose for the A- F versions on the sheet near the fuselage. Since I decided to make B model the wheel hubs are different than later versions. They.are very similar to the B-47's front gear. I wished I hadn't already built the 47. I would use the front metal hub to make copy to modify . But it's sitting in a box in storage at present it would be a major undertaking to retrieve. It was bad enough to locate my toolbox and paints for this ,not to mention dangerous wading through all my stuff. I am giving serious consideration to getting a 3d printer make masters some of the fiddler bits and then resin casts from those. - Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  2. Sanger

    Hi Josh, I would recommend bracing the XB-35 with spars the full length.as you mentioned. because of the thinness of the plastic. Otherwise it will sag.I'm doing the same here ,and like Darius did with the B-47 add the flaps extended ,the spoilers deployed and a full bomb bay. One thing I'm adding is the old "real engine sound" noise maker from the original Monogram B-52 I built as a kid when it first came out. this time though I redesigning it to look like a Mk53 Nuclear weapon. I can hear the purists now 'Grins". But I am an old fart and just crazy enough to do something straight from left field. There, I said it and damn proud of it.! ;-} But seriously glad to know there is another BUff out there being built. Now there are three. that make a Cell. Should try for a bombing wing next. I took a gander at your review on iModeller I thought there should have been exhaust turbines but no matter I was going to make them from scratch anyway. -Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  3. Sanger

    Jeffery, Don't know if this will help. but there is a book out on the NB-52B "Balls Eight" by Brian Lockett Lot of good Color photos 196 pages. ISBN # 978057803005. Bit pricey, but what isn't when trying to be accurate. Have a good evening. --Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  4. Sanger

    That sounds outstanding. With the historical aspect, a static display is the only logical way to go. If I can be of any help let me know,except for building a larger house ;-} For me hanging display is my only alternative. I would prefer to have it lined up next to the B-1A and B and B-47. Kinda like pretty maidens all in a row. Ah well. back to scraping, sanding and identifying where all the proper panel lines are going to go. One thing for certain. I will probably have to take stock in Alcad II. Not doing camo.This will be a late 50's SAC bird. --Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  5. New Member and Club

    Welcome Aboard! I'll have to check out your Facebook page. -Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  6. Sanger

    The last time I built a B-52 was the old 1/72 Monogram kit back in 1968. Complete with "real engine sound". I found an old sound making unit from the kit a few years ago. Actually considering re designing the casing to look like a Mk53 Nuclear Bomb. hide the switch in the bomb bay and use the wiring to the switch and battery box to simulate the cables. with that cavernous interior it should resonate very well.. Have to remember witch box I put it in when it went into storage with the rest of my stuff. -Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  7. Sanger

    Actually I don't think it will be as heavy as I first imagined. Won't have to use nose weights to keep it level sitting on the ground. Just not sure how much bondo it will take.I'm gonna guesstimate weighing in around a kilo, maybe kilo and a half when finished. -Anything less than right, isn't right.- Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  8. Sanger

    Say JefferyK, Have you decided which version to build? You had mentioned doing the NB-52A. Anything less than right, isn't right. Maj. Rubin Fleet CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  9. Sanger

    Congratulations!!! Now I have someone I can compare notes with. We may have to form our own Bomber Wing,or if one more person acquire one of these beauties at least a bombing cell.I've started the process of sanding all this lovely acreage of plastic. This is really going to be a fun build. - Anything less than Right, isn't Right.- Maj.Rubin Fleet- CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  10. Way more than you probably wanted to know

    Welcome to the forums and congratulations on a successful outcome and heres to a speedy recovery. I look forward to seeing you around.
  11. Sanger

    It does have a canopy for both the Flight deck and the rear gunners compartment the flight deck canopy is a big one piece that you could either cut the windows out separately or as I think I'll do paint the frames on and attach the whole piece. The fligt deck is simple which is usual for vacs.you get a set of white metal ejection seats control columns and plastic film piece of the instrument panel. - Anything less than Right, isn't Right.- Maj.Rubin Fleet- CEO Consolidated Aircraft
  12. Sanger

    I was worried as well because the email address I first used I no longer had I wouldn't get notified when it was ready and would lose my chance.Like I said I would recommend trying again. Email from his site through the contact us with questions section.
  13. Sanger

    Gerald doesn't strike me as the type to willfully ignore. He did tell me that in the process of updating his computer he lost all of his emails and contact information. and that also slowed down his release.
  14. Sanger

    I just emailed Gerald From the web site. I know he'd had just gotten out of hospital and it was a week before I got an initial response. Then a couple of weeks to get an invoice. It's not cheap cost before shipping was 128.00 GPB. It can only be delivered to a physical address. He is filling orders in batches because of volume. I would try and contact him again.
  15. Sanger

    The last time I built a B-52 was when Monogram first came out with their 1/72 in '68. I am tempted to recreate it again as D model in SAC livery. Anti flash White Bottom and varied Alclad metal. Decals would probably have to be changed. I got 93rd BW "B" model in the shipment. I'll see what I have to create. When I first ordered I wanted the NB-52A version to go with an X-15 in my stash, but I was the only person to inquire about that version and to get one would have been cost prohibitive because of lack of interest. Oh well.