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  1. Odd. I thought it was "I love Los Alamos" An ideal way to wind up the San Fran hippy community, but possibly not too PC, especially when on tour! Very delicate saw work there Mr Crisp. Did you have a "revelation" whilst on holiday, of how to extract the loose bit from inside?
  2. It was the 1:72nd Farley Fruitbat that sent them under. The research involved ended up costing a fortune. (even then, they didn't get the reconnaissance version correct...)
  3. Well, I can't disagree there! (I did say it was a rather silly idea...) Looking recently at a Kitty Hawk 1:48th F-35b kit that someone had built, and it was fantastic! A bit of PE added to the basic kit But, if Airfix wants to keep up with "the appeal factor" then they might think of other options apart from aircraft that went out of service half a century ago.
  4. Here's a thought, perhaps Airfix might like to "lead the pack" and put out an F-35? Rather silly, I know... I do like the idea of an Me-262 though.
  5. Debbie is not looking like an attractive visitor over there. Reported as only a few kmh below a Cat 5. Batten down the hatches and stay safe over there.
  6. fitting under your seat (it's truly amazing what you can get under the seat in front of you...)
  7. Anybody else suffering withdrawal symptoms yet? A daily dose of hellichopter is missing and I had to hunt down to page 5 to find the thread... Hopefully the trip is going well!
  8. It's not just an idea, as we already have a range of shops that you can take your own plans to and have items 3d printed. A friend has also just invested in a large printer and is setting up a small business to do exactly this. As for the manufacturers, I'm thinking of AMK and Eduard. Lifting the standards of modelling and forcing other companies to lift their game, especially the big ones.
  9. Small fact: Many nations of the world, have developed an ability to launch rockets and be able to place satellites into orbit above the earth. This a staggering engineering and scientific ability to achieve. Only one nation has ever walked away from / abandoned this ability to do so. That Nation is:_________________?
  10. Personally I would like to see Airfix consolidating on British subject material since it appeals to the population, similar to Japanese manufacturers having greater range of their nations kits (& so on & so forth...). Meaning the last British fighter and bomber would be superb fodder for 1:24. EE Lightning Blackburn Buccaneer. Airfix have proven that they can work successfully at this scale with the Tiffy and Mossie, so should be able to throw quite a quantity of detail at these subjects.
  11. Who Dares Wins...
  12. Right here Sir! Ready for you to use and abuse me like always. Great stuff and loving the detail being added to the build. I'm guessing that the bomb bay areas will receive a little bit of fettling too?
  13. The rifleman probably doesn't like their aircraft which is protecting them, or inserting/recovering them becoming an additional problem for those on the ground i.e. Black Hawk Down. A fighter jet being used in the ground attack role has a very nice signature for manpads and a cheapo lightweight aircraft which has been "massaged" into the GA role becomes an easier target in an evolved battle arena. In Afganistan it was recognised that it took a while for the Bone or Buff to get there from Diego and you might be "put on hold" for a short while. The answer is obviously "somewhere" in the grey area in between all the aircraft types.
  14. An excellent build of a challenging kit. cracking job but how do you transport it, if needed?
  15. Yay! Confirmed that I have a set of aftermarket resin 1:48 S2 intakes and engine faces for the Buccaneer on their way! Happy about finding these, as repeated looks at the airfix kit parts was not making me any happier.