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  1. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    That's a funny looking pinball machine Benty! Oddly I can hear the sound of a fax machine "handshaking" with all the squealing, whining and bleeping. Similar to the 28k modem sounds... Ahh, nostalgia.
  2. Farley Fruitbat, perhaps? You don't see many of them around any more...
  3. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    (low hanging, quantity two) eating, for the use of...
  4. Paying the correct amount in back-handers would be the first guess...
  5. Your interior detail has been most impressive to watch as it appears and enhances the cabin and it had me wondering how to "display" it. Would it be sensible to use one of those little convex mirrors (some people stick them onto the side mirrors of their cars to see more area) and pop it onto the cabin floor? This wouldn't be fixed in place, but if displayed at a show it could be used to view those "hidden" areas? An even better alternative is aviation plywood. These are available in a range of sizes thinner than 1mm! It has the benefit of not splitting along the grain like veneers do. Lovely stuff but be prepared to mortgage the house if you want a substantial quantity of it...

    Didn't the cranked probe appear in '74? Seem to recall it being mentioned recently, due to fuel going down the intakes with the straight probes.
  7. Firefly, Sea Fury, HMAS Sydney video

    The title says c1951.
  8. Yes, I had a hire car last year and it was very nice. Manual transmission and petrol. Great little car and went very well indeed! I had to smile at the lady behind the counter who said "we only have a manual, can you drive one of those?" *evil grin appears* "oh, yes" (knowing full well the car would be exhausted at the end of the day and happy to see the back of me! Muahahahahaha!)
  9. Perhaps the catalytic converter? Essentially some titanium filter-ish pieces in the exhaust pipe which gets the solid particles "stuck" to it. These heat up and burn off the particles one at a decent temperature. Supposedly saving the planet and also prevents people from gassing themselves in a suicide attempt (so I've been told). Sadly, slows up the flow of the exhaust and costs a few horses worth of power. A sabre saw and welding gear can remedy this situation entirely... or so I've been told, by a friend, who owned some welding gear... and a sabre saw... and who likes keeping titanium bits for another friend in the scrap metal trade...
  10. Resealable bags

    The carpet monster's big brother... The Pavement Monster?
  11. Would we have liked mobile phone in the 70s

    A shoephone in the 70's? Heck no! In the 80's? Heck no! All the dodgy stuff we got away with back then was because nobody had "evidence"! Also, the food was SO bad that the idea of photographing your meal before consumption would have been entirely alien! Concerts? It's bad enough looking around at the majority of people holding up their shoephone and watching that, instead of actually enjoying the gig. (Corollary: we would have some awesome music to watch now though!) In the 80's it could be said that we had cellphones (the brick with corded handset attached) so similar comments could be made for this timeframe and really into the late 90's too. The 80's were great since you could listen into conversations of the extremely wealthy with their "brick", if you knew the right people with electronic "systems"...
  12. Crisp, do you dip your canopies in klear (or similar) at all? I don't recall seeing this in the thread so far. I have a theory... (get those people with the white coat that buttons up at the back, out of here!). My suspicion is that the fumes from the adhesive solvent gather and attack the surface of clear plastic if it isn't dipped. I'm also fussy about applying the adhesive onto the edges/surfaces to be glued together then let them have a second to "disperse" a bit and then join the surfaces together. Then (on no, there's more!?) hold the thing upside down so that any fumes go upwards and away from the clear canopy while it sets properly. I'm completely mad, possibly certifiable, but this process seems to work for me.
  13. WOW! This is impressive modelling indeed. I always like when the decals go on and the model really comes to life, this build is certainly no exception to that rule. Your "homebrewed" decals really look the part as well. Top work indeed!
  14. Gambling

    I don't quite know about that, since I always double my money when gambling. Just fold it in half and then put it back in your wallet! Banning advertising would be a sensible move. Gambling is addictive, just like any other thing, but does massive harm to society.
  15. What have you purchased 9

    It's the minimum quantity available (I used to be able to get 4Lb tins) and could easily be used to ventilate said Buccaneer to smithereens using 9mm holes, OR make an impressive funeral pyre for the Papa Oscar Sierra...