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  1. Hi Fido, Can't help with internal dimensions (since glued inside my Mudhen) but the external measurement of the Aires resin, where it butts up against the fuselage is 23.8mm.
  2. Mrs Queen has been very quickly on the scene to visit those in hospital and also the emergency responders. A shocking atrocity has unified Manchester and hopefully the nation.
  3. After many years of development, the New Zealand Electron rocket has made it into space. Now the 11th nation to develop the capability to launch into orbit. Well done lads and ladies! Rather chuffed with this, since my Dad was involved with the successful launch of Black Arrow (I still have his project tie).
  4. Just a part of the intelligent world where the population hasn't been neutered by idiot politicians. Competition use!
  5. Yes, saw it in '88 and deliberately missed it this time. I'd agree, the artifacts are very interesting but I would spend time elsewhere unless the viewer had a specific interest in MR. Much more interesting was the Victory. I'd been down to the lower decks before they were generally publicly viewable ('80) since Mum insisted on seeing the doctors area. Something she had seen as a girl. The new access to the lowest decks and bilges was very interesting indeed, with supply stowage and cannon shot "bunkers" easily seen. A shame about the top masts being removed, but a good exhibit nonetheless.
  6. Dual mag-pouch, leather, basket-weave finish. Very good purchase price so couldn't pass it up. Matches the belt and means that stowing loaded .45 mags can be increased to 6 on the belt instead of filling up the pockets = faster reloads.
  7. to cover hairy legs
  8. I did similar last year. Bought a 1-way ticket and threw some thing in a backpack and went where the feet led me. Comments: 1. Tower of London. = Get there when it opens. Don't wait for later in the day! You can then walk out of the entrance and onto Tower bridge. 3. Hannants? Forget it completely. 4. IWM. Forget it unless really interested in the place. 12. Portsmouth. Quite nicely laid out but possibly choose what you wish to see there beforehand? To me, Mary Rose is a waste of time and money (saw it in '88 - YAWN!!!) The submarine exhibition across the water may be of interest too? 12 / 14 / 15 / 16. Perhaps hiring a mini campervan for a few days to do these? Add in Yeovilton (I highly recommend this museum!) I grabbed a mini campervan and did a "loop" of areas I wanted to visit, along with my childhood home. What time are you staying in London? There is good accommodation at the University halls of residence during the summer holidays. Cheap, basic but good security and breakfasts. That's a lot to fit into your timeframe!
  9. There you have it folks. This thread has become an official "reference" for others to use. As for the "world tour" of this build... I'll repeat the suggestion that fuel could be put into the tanks, the starter button pressed and the thing would want to fly!
  10. free Ginsu knife set!
  11. In a previous life we had to change passwords every three months. I cottoned on to the fact that "the system" wasn't too bright so I had the same password for around 15yrs with wageSlave123 moving on to wageSlave124, 125, etc, etc. Made life much easier, especially after coming back from summer holidays and had absolutely NO idea what it was up to, so had to just start trying numbers until it let me in!
  12. stands up and salutes
  13. the mother-in-law's fearsome chihuahua
  14. to watch Monty Python's
  15. much like our superhero's (I think we were robbed of a whole page of magnificent dialect in the last thread! Can we get a discount on this one?)