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    Doesn't know enough about Lightnings!!!.
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    The South Saturn Delta
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    I am keenly interested in the superb aircraft that is the English electric Lightning, nothing else comes close!!.

    I like photography, modeling, collecting stuff and going to airshows and museums.

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  1. Am I too late to order a couple of copies? JB.
  2. All F.3 Lightnings had grey cockpits. HTH, John.
  3. Stew, Please put me down for a couple of copies of the echelon plans, I would be very grateful if this came to fruit JB.
  4. Re the leaflet drop, I have heard of said drops being made at Coltishall and a.n. other airfield but this has just been by word of mouth, although just a story it is totally plausable as there was quite a bit of room for leaflets inside the airbrake area. Regards, JB.
  5. Looks good to me, if you need anymore then just shout out, I have more detailed shots than I care to remember lol JB
  6. Tony....... ECU hatch bolts being spannered open....... Hatch locked open,,,,, The most eagle eyed among you will notice the bleed air pipework for the standby DC genorator (in the spine on top of the ECU hatch) is missing HTH JB.
  7. Gents, To clear up a couple of points, the airbrakes could be pumped in and out on the ground and the fuses had to be removed when working inside the brake area only for safety reasons, pumping the brakes open/shut is not so bad but should only be done once either way (or suffer badly from popeye arm!!) The brakes are on the same hydraulic curcuit and have interlocks to ensure they operate together, otherwise if one should open in flight then the handling penalties would be catastrophic (as one pilot found out when a portion of the No.2 interpipe ejected iteslf through the fuselage and opened one airbrake in the process). HTH JB.
  8. Hope these help........ Regards JB
  9. Nice project, I have about a thousand and one pics of both P.1's, will put some up later for you when i get round to it. JB.
  10. Yay....... A Lightning that has actually got the nav lights painted correctly!!!!! Nothing wrong with the flap position either, they were regularly dropped for several reasons. Very well done. JB.
  11. 51 pages of pure modelling pornography!!!! JB.
  12. Found out it was a sanctioned mod........ JB.
  13. Fantastic set of pics. JB.
  14. One Viagra and it will be right as rain!! JB.
  15. A few more to show the lineage of development...... JB.