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  1. Groundcrew working on Spitfire at dispersal. RCAF Horne Squadron somewhere in Belfium near the German Border.
  2. James Craik

    A pair of Spits

    No idea of date, place or Sqn.
  3. James Craik


    Split-second before their final takeoff from airfield near Hamburg, Germany, RCAF 403 Wolf squadron Spits led by W/C James F. Edwards, DFC & Bar, DFM, North Battleford, Sask., bunch at the head of the former Luftwaffe runway, at the start of the trip back to England and then to Canada. Kites will be turned back to RAF and the three squadrons, already officialy disbanded, will fly no more.
  4. James Craik


    Several Air Disarmament Wings are at work under the direction of BAFO, on the task of completely disarming the Luftwaffe in Europe. Picture Shows: Cattle grazing among surrendered JU-88's parked on Flensburg Airfield, Germany.
  5. The Mk5s retained the RCAF camouflage scheme.
  6. Photo of Canadair sabre ammo door.
  7. On the Canadair sabres starting on 1958 the filet was not detachable but part of the ammo door.
  8. Ejection seat trial. T-33 Silverstar aircraft.
  9. amous "Bluebird Spitfires", which mount cameras instead of guns and which photographed more than 16,000 square miles of Germany prior to the great drive across the Rhine, are lined up on Copenhagen's suburban airport. Over the heads of the erks perched on the plane, lie the waters of the Blue Sound, and beyond that cloaked in cloud is the coast of Sweden
  10. Parked on the tarmac at the German Air Force Base in Oldenburg, Northern Germany are ex RCAF sabre Mk5s with German Cross adorning their sides Sabre V aircraft
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