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  1. There might be a bit of a problem sourcing photos of this part of the line because directly opposite across the runway was the bomb dump /SSA as a result it was not recommended I have a squadron photo taken around the early eighties , the buildings of bomb dump have been removed from the picture. I hope this is of use Koala
  2. Regarding your question about radio repair in the North African theatre ,it is more than likely to have been undertaken by the Royal Signals. I say this because my late mothers uncle was out there with the Royal Signals and according to family stories helped refit Montys headquarters .I hope this is of use. Koala
  3. The period you are talking about the aircraft was green/grey overall,however I seem to recall the fairings were never painted to match and remained light grey the same as the bomb bay interior. Incidentally the three dents on the rearmost fairing were probably caused by the application of a size nine boot when fitting said fairing. Koala
  4. Seahawk The Sikorsky R4 was called the Hoverfly in British service ,we had about 50 out of approx 130 built They were used in the last months of the Far East campaign in the Casevac role.The R6 was the Hoverfly 2. Koala
  5. I hope this is in the right place A little while ago I commented in the What are you reading thread , that I was making my way through the seven volumes of Spike Milligans war memoirs. Upon reaching the final volume Peace Work, our hero is now a civilian and touring military bases in Germany as member of a concert party the time is about 1947/48. He recalls flying from Hanover to Minden in a helicopter with two of his party along with two crew one which he describes as an ex-glider pilot. There is nothing much to go on apart from him being strapped into a three sea
  6. Almost certainly the Mercedes however the other 3 European marques would also be suitable. Koala
  7. HI These kits date from the early 1980,s and represented 3 axle articulated tractor units of the time. I recall them being well moulded if a little basic with one piece cabs, they were the only option without going the white metal route. The models included Ford Transcontinental DAF 3300 VOLVO F12 Mercedes Benz Peterbilt Kenworth these last two being bonneted versions. Three axle trailers were also issued originally with the trucks ,the trailers were later released on their own, The trailers were Flatbed with two 20 foot ISO containers Dro
  8. Today on the M4 a blue H reg Renault 16TL ,hard to grasp it is nearly 50 years old and dwarfed by all the modern cars around it.
  9. As I visited this thread on many occasions ,and given that I see many strange things on my travels ,I will add my six penny worth. A D reg BMC FF dropside truck in the livery of a local haulier. It looked a very tidy. Also an S reg 1978 Mercedes van kitted out and in the markings of a German fire brigade this appears to be a daily driver as I see it all over the place. Koala
  10. In reply to your question 71chally the pod was not looked upon with envy by the RAF lineys ,when it wet started there was a jet of flame coming out of the jet pipe at kneecap height, so positioning it where it would not set light to things would be important.The only advantage it had was that you could manhandle the thing easier.The RAF Paloustes exhausts pointed upwards just dont park them under the wings, also most of HAS's had soot marks on the ceiling directly above where they were sited. Another reason they were phased out, the S2B Buccaneer only had one internal emergency battery in
  11. I seem to recall these paloustes were only ever used by the Navy , this was certainly the case at Honington namely 809 Sqn and the RN contingent of 237 OCU, the tail fairing was not fitted and a tubular towbar fitted to the front wheel. It is fair to say the ones in storage were probably war reserve, I never saw one fitted to an RAF Buccaneer. The name Palouste became a generic term for gas turbine air starters. Koala
  12. Hi Rick I have been doing some digging and it seems google is your friend .If you try www.ukserial.com on the XX*** page scroll down to the Bulldog section. there is XX551 /G-BZDP based at Lyneham around the time you mentioned. I hope this is the information you need. Koala
  13. Hi Rick I recall this is the same Bulldog that used to be parked up by the Wash Bay , and had some connection with Lyneham Flying Club As far as markings standard red and white RAF scheme with no obvious civil registration.
  14. Many hours could be lost going through these images,however there countless subjects crying out to be modelled and I noticed the second photo on the Los Angeles page ,there is a refuelling tanker very similar to the new Airfix USAAF resupply kit,also on the photo there is a baggage conveyor based on a jeep.The potential of the new kit has been widened, just like their RAF models. Koala
  15. The triple bomb carriers were as far as I am aware were not used on the squadrons . That particular role fit also included 4x1000lb in the bomb bay, total 16000lb . However the view at the time was it would need to air to air refuel soon after take off having only internal fuel,plus the RAFG aircraft did not have refuelling probes fitted. Regarding the ECM pod there was one on each wing leading edge 2/3 out from the wing fold hinge, these were replaced by pylon mounted pod 76/77 around the same time the bomb door tanks arrived.Another armanent fit could be a Paveway trials a/c with a
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