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  1. What did you use for the PRU blue?
  2. After a bit of head scratching I decided the sheen looked too great for my chosen Auckland squadron aircraft. NZ2419 seemed an obvious choice, especially given the high sheen in the image below. My dad's side of the family is from Wellington, so that works out well with one aircraft from Auckland and one from Wellington. Another coat of future tomorrow to seal in the decals. I realised that I don't have enough roundels to finish the kit, so I've ordered some more from Ventura for the underside of the wings. The Ventura decals have been great, but I'm not enamored with the Airfix stencils. The data panel is the only decal to silver or stand out from the natural metal. I'm hoping it blends in a bit with tomorrow's coat of future. Once the Future's dry I'll add the different shade around the exhaust and paint the matte anti-glare panel.
  3. I'm back! Reapplied the lacquer to the wings and got a result I was happy with. Had a bit of a disaster with the Humbrol gloss black (disaster modelling, a theme?). I managed to sand back a failed coat and polish up a less than perfect coat with a cloth into something reasonable. Applied some Alclad Polished Aluminium tonight and have just removed the masking tape. Looking pretty good! Will touch up the lacquer by hand in a few places tomorrow, then I think I'll apply a coat of future over the whole airframe. I'm not worried about losing some of the shine in the Alclad, in fact I need to tone it down a bit before I start weathering.
  4. Hi, team. I know the topic of aircraft colours has been done to death. However, I haven't been able to find anyone's comments on the Cybermodeller guides. Specifically, their guide on the Spitfire Mk IX in RAF camouflage. I'm a big fan of acrylics as I spray indoors in an apartment. I was wondering if anyone has tried the combination of colours recommended below. I'm especially interested in the concept of scale fade and Hyperscale's recommendations for 1/72 scale aircraft (see 15% scale fade below). I've been tempted to whip up a few varieties of the same kit and paint them in the various shades below for a comparison, but I'm a pretty slow builder so I thought I'd see if anyone else has already done it! Edit: the table below I've compiled from a few of the Cybermodeller guides. The colours in the Spitfire guide refer to Dark Green, Ocean Grey, and Medium Sea Grey. H = gunze XF = tamiya acrylics AS = tamiya rattle can Cybermodeller Cybermodeller 10% scale fade Cybermodeller 15% scale fade Dark Green XF58, H78 XF65, H405 AS30 Ocean Grey XF82 H337 H306 Medium Sea Grey H306 H308 Dark Sea Grey XF77, H69 XF75, H305 H75 Extra Dark Sea Grey H333 H331 H305 Sky Vallejo 70.885 Vallejo 70.885 Vallejo 70.103
  5. Eduard

    Hi, Paul. I think you've snapped a photo of the wrong set of wings. The Eduard F Mk IX should have the large canon blister on the wing. Looks like a late wing in your post.
  6. While we're on the topic of Dutch meteors. I assume they had the same stencils as the RAF aircraft on the fuselage fuel tank?
  7. I Iove the collective knowledge on this site. Thanks all for your help!
  8. Hi, all. I was working on a 1/72 Airfix Meteor F8 in Belgian colours. Unfortunately the decals that came with that kit were abysmal (a bad batch, maybe) and I'm looking for a new colour scheme. I've picked up Xtradecal X72071 and am interested in Meteor I-189 of the Red Diamonds or Ruiten Vier. The instructions show the aircraft with a fuselage fuel tank; lucky as I had already added one to the aircraft. However, all the photos I've found of the aircraft during it's time in aerobatics shows the aircraft without the fuel tank. See here, and here. Two questions. Were these tanks fitted for longer flights? Could I assume the Ruiten Vier flew with fuselage tanks when not performing? Secondly, and unrelated to my previous questions, what is this I can see at the top of the red circle on the aircraft's nose? Source I've noticed it on photos of the aircraft in question, but it's not present on the kit.
  9. Keen. Sign me up. I've got lots that would qualify.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this group build. Thanks to all the participants and to those who organised. Now that the group build is over are we alright to continue our works in progress here or should we switch to the main forum?
  11. Tempting, Patrice. Btw, can we keep using these threads until we've finished or does this need to move to the WIP area? Decided to take another crack at the HSS. There are some fine scratch marks on the wing in the direction of the airflow. I'm happy with those, but I wasn't happy with the few running perpendicular. Both wings done, top and bottom. Harder to correct any issue with the underside due to the rocket stubs. But also harder for anyone to see the flaws! Canopy's finished. I've also built the little bar that runs from one side of the canopy to the other behind the pilot.
  12. Wasn't able to get this one across the finishing line before the 15th, but we're nearly at the next stage of painting. I slipped and put a knife through my last vac-formed canopy. I ordered two more and I'm making good progress on this.
  13. Slow progress, but I'm back onto it. I've been working on some P-51s and have been attempting to clear the shelf of doom (1/72 Airfix Meteor F8 and Xtrakit Supermarine Swift). The vac-formed canopy is a thousand timers clearer than the old Airfix canopy. My photos below don't do it any justice. The Lancaster I'm modelling has the larger dome at the rear of the canopy. I'm considering cutting the clear-vax canopy and splicing in the larger dome which is spare in my Hasegawa Lanc. For now I'll get back to preparing the fuselage to be closed.
  14. Enjoying following your Mustang builds, Patrice. Very nice work.
  15. I did a much better job with the wing panel lines on this bird. Almost invisible on top.