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  1. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    These are looking great. Nice recovery on the exhaust streaks on the Lancaster. It gives the aircraft a nice, slightly weathered look. I'm feeling slightly nostalgic seeing your work on the Lancaster. My dad built me a 1/144th kit when I was younger. Think it might have been a Minicraft kit.
  2. HP Victor airframe histories

    Thanks, all. Much appreciated!
  3. HP Victor airframe histories

    Morning, all. I've picked up the Airfix Victor and I'm interested in building airframe XL189. I'm interested to hear know more about this and other airframes (some of the other camouflaged examples). I imagine XL189 probably didn't start life in the training wing and I believe this aircraft went on to be a tanker, participanting in the Falklands conflict. Is there a resource out there which captures the history of each or some of the Victor force by airframe? I like to know a bit about the aircraft I have in my display case where I can.
  4. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Knowing your preference for Gunze colours. Which paint did you use for the Dark Admiralty Grey?
  5. Spitfire Mk. XIV.c (Academy 1/72)

    Agreed. I've built two of these. They go together well and it looks great with a layer of paint.
  6. Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    My Pavla seat arrived. Here's a comparison between the three. Left to right we have Quickboost, Pavla, Xtrakit. The Pavla is clearly the winner. After a bit of sanding it's looking pretty good. There's another sneak peak with the gear door now attached to the front wheel bay.
  7. Buccaneer S2 early and late

    This is brilliant. Thank you.
  8. Buccaneer S2 early and late

    Hi, team. Hope no one minds all the questions I've been asking lately. Freightdog put out two resin replacement sets for the Airfix Buccaneer S2 in 1/72. These replace the radome, tailplanes, and the top of the vertical stabiliser, which I believe has some electronics in a bulge. Freightdog issue these sets in "early" and "late" variants. How do we know which airframes were either early or late? I'm not sure which set to buy. I'm interested in modelling either an RN aircraft (the aircraft on the Airfix sheet) with the standard bomb bay, or potentially one of the early RAF schemes. Again with the flush bomb bay and with a colour scheme of green and grey over light grey undersides.
  9. Aeronavale Lancaster

    The turret hole has been filled. Now I'm working on the various seams and sink marks across the fuselage. I've started circling the areas that need work with a vivid as I'm losing track between sanding sessions I'm surprised by the sheer quantity of sink marks across this Lanc'. I don't know what year my kit is, but it was certainly showing its age. This will probably be my last post this year. I'll have the fuselage filled and smoothed out before the end of the year, but the wings, engine nacelles, etc. will probably be a February job. I'll be in the UK in January and visiting Duxford towards the end of the month. No doubt I'll be back with massive enthusiasm to tackle more of the British aircraft in my collection (most of them!).
  10. Supermarine Attacker FB1 & FB2

    Hi, team. I'm trying to determine what the external differences are between the Attacker FB1 and FB2. The FB2 has rocket rails, but that's about all I can find. The reason I ask is because I can find an AZ Attacker FB1, but I can't find an FB2! I've got the Modeldecal sheet 56 and am keen to build WZ283. Was the FB2 flown without rocket rails at times? Or am I best to simply whip something up from plastic card?
  11. Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    Here's a comparison of the kit and Quickboost seats. See the second photo. I might have room to cut down the floor of the seat to make it fit. Although I could grab the Pavla seat first to see if it'll be a better fit. I have a feeling both the Pavla and Quickboost seats have been designed with the Airfix kit in mind, which seems to have a deeper floor to the cockpit. Edit: I've ordered the Pavla seat from Ebay. I'll compare all three seats when the latest purchase arrives. I've tarted up the instrument panel. The kit panel has recessed instruments, but no detail on any of the dials. I've overlaid the panel with a Modeldecal decal meant for a Sepecat Jaguar.
  12. Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    Does anyone have the Pavla seat? I'd like to know how tall the seat is to see if it's a better fit. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVS72092
  13. Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    Sneak peak! The flat coat is on and I'm moving onto the canopy and bang seat. I bought the Quickboost replacement, but it seems to dwarf the kit seat. Original. Quick boost Might try some surgery and see if I can cut it down as it sure looks the part. A few small things to tidy up. Landing gear and doors, a few aerials and a few touches of paint with the brush.
  14. P-51 landing gear

    Very interesting. Thanks to all for your help.
  15. P-51 landing gear

    So we would assume that the photo I linked above is from an aircraft that shut down recently? And we'd expect the doors and radiator flap to fall down soon as pressure falls? But the flaps would stay up unless lowered by the pilot?