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  1. I'm a reasonably competent maker of 1:48 WW2 subjects but I've dived in and ordered my first Wing Nut Wings model - the new Camel. I've downloaded the instructions and read through them a few times. Frankly I'm slightly perturbed; it all looks very complicated! I've checked through the guidance on the WNW web site and am busily scouring the 'web and YouTube. I'd welcome any suggested guidance that experienced WNW modellers can point me at. TIA Matthew
  2. Pal and I have ordered from Hannants.
  3. Wow - you have a steady hand!
  4. How did you do the green patches; free hand? I have one of these ready to go and I'm mulling over masks etc.
  5. I've got the Stuka and the P51D on order from my LMS. Hadn't picked up that they were doing a Mitchell. Would be great if they did the twin engine aircraft in 1:48; could be a real niche for Airfix.
  6. Very nice model - high quality work.
  7. I'm thinking of something similar. Depending on the size of what you are doing I would have a think about the trench layout. I have a small book I bought years ago which has loads of aerial photos of German trenches. If you are going big enough it would be useful to think about things like the zig - zags, communication trenches, saps etc etc. This is a picture I picked up from the www. One thing that will definitely help is a bad Costa habit! Those wooden sticks will be essential! Good luck!
  8. If anything I might reduce the weathering on the wing root - but not that much. Otherwise that's a very nice model indeed. Well done.
  9. I follow them but even better they are doing a step by step series on the restoration of their Matilda.
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Watch out leaving that masking on for a long time - might damage the paintwork underneath.
  12. Can you post some pictures? Are these markings on a brass disc on the buttstock? If so they might be unit markings.
  13. Thanks - they look the same.
  14. I'm going to be building the Hasegawa 1:48 Typhoon Mk 1b. There are two resin detailing sets: Aires and Barracuda. The former is half the price of the latter. Can anyone guide me on why I would pay more for the Barracuda set? TIA Matthew
  15. Radu, I have a longish list for a pal and myself which I'd like to e-mail to you, pay for and then collect at Telford. Would this be OK? If OK could you PM me an e-mail address. I tried leaving a message via the website. Thanks Matthew