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  1. I know this is going to make me feel so inadequate but I can't take my eyes off it!
  2. Excellent!
  3. Like that a lot. I have that in my stash - any problems with it?
  4. Looks very good and a quick tutorial/few notes on products and techniques for the mud would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Looking good.
  6. I've been looking at Hurricane pictures before starting my new mould Airfix 1:48 aircraft. I haven't decided on a particular aircraft yet so haven't looked for specific pictures yet. I bought a set of CMK control surfaces and the fin does not include the short mast for the aerial wire. Do I presume that early aircraft were fitted with the wire and later aircraft were not? I understand that that was what happened with the Spitfire. TIA Matthew
  7. Lovely work!
  8. When you produce something as nice as that it deserves a good few photos! How did you do the grass? Also I'm not sure about the aerial. I've looked to see if they were definitely fitted and some were and some weren't. I haven't decided whether I'll fit one to mine. M
  9. I've actually had success with a spot of Araldite! I tried many of the ideas above but found it very difficult with a Bf109 undercarriage because of the angles. In the end blobs of Araldite worked very well (with due attention to touching up etc.!.
  10. Thanks all, I'll do some experiments.
  11. I've just struggled to spray some Galeria Matte and wonder whether I hadn't thinning it enough (with water). Can anyone offer any advice. TIA Matthew
  12. Really nice kit but I bet the crew are going "that's our advance stopped"!
  13. I'm sorry; I didn't notice that you'd answered this question before. Thanks for your trouble anyway.