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  1. What make of crayons do you recommend Manu? Looks really good.
  2. Very nice. M
  3. Sadly it is true. I know the dealer and he knows exactly what was taken. Real shame.
  4. Disappointed to hear reports of thefts from one of the dealers. Its a shame that there is always someone who spoils things.
  5. Its odd but I struggle to do two kits of the same subject. I don't expect I'll ever do another Panther once I've done this one. M
  6. Stix, Will do. Its a bit half and half at the moment as I've done the spraying and some washes but I've just added a new coat of Klear. Tomorrow I'll do some oil paint washes and then it will really look like a dogs breakfast! When it looks half decent I'll post some pictures. Matthew
  7. JackG very kindly put me onto this web site which has a lot of detail about the Panther.
  8. Jack, Thank you so much! That is an invaluable resource. M
  9. As part of my painting of my Tamiya Panther D I'll show some fuel spillage but I'm not sure which of the cap like features on the rear deck are the fuel caps! TIA Matthew
  10. Stix, Me again! Watch out for the cupola; there is no join around the bottom of the viewing ports ...and yes I only discovered this once I'd fitted it but luckily hadn't painted it! Matthew
  11. Stix, I'm going to mark time until you get ahead of me!!! If I had I would have been able to copy the wiring up of your smoke dischargers!
  12. Watch out Stix! I've just been applying the wash to mine and I spotted some mould lines at the top of the turret at the back. I've had to re-sand and I will have to re-spray. Just check behind the cupola for some fine seams that cross the metal plate!
  13. I'm sorry for your loss Tony. Love the Fortress.
  14. Stix, Check those tracks that you will fit to the side of the hull. I'm a little ahead of you and I got a bit excited and glued and fitted them before I realized that they were completely smooth on the insides. The way you assemble them in the instructions leaves gaps. I ended up trying to rectify the situation after they'd been glued on and a tow cable glued on top of them!! Matthew
  15. I'm a reasonably competent maker of 1:48 WW2 subjects but I've dived in and ordered my first Wing Nut Wings model - the new Camel. I've downloaded the instructions and read through them a few times. Frankly I'm slightly perturbed; it all looks very complicated! I've checked through the guidance on the WNW web site and am busily scouring the 'web and YouTube. I'd welcome any suggested guidance that experienced WNW modellers can point me at. TIA Matthew