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  1. Hello chaps Nice to be around this one, the wait is over... I am pretty sure this is going to be a pleasant and entertaining group build, as it is usual here on BM... I'm in with a colorful F-111E carrying a nice noseart. Not sure about its role in Libya, all I know it was the commander of the sqd. flagship and that the noseart brought luck to the pliot back from the days of Vietnam. Hopefully someone can add some info o the subject, I'd be very happy to hear. Initially I was thinking of a downed F-111F 70-2389 callsigned Karma 52, but since I don't have the decals for it, I'll stick with the E version. Plus I've heard the IP in the Verlinden set is to match the E and not the F version... I cannot confirm it yet, I will have to take a look at both of the panels and then compare it to the resin one... Anyway, here's obligatory stuff: classic Libyan raiders markings... eduard etch old Verlindern set, still very useful a must too bad both afterburners are open, but still better than the kit offering this last item is very nice, but I sincerly doubt I will use, as my place on the shelf is limited and this beastie's wingspan is not a joke... that's about it for now... cheers, Vasko
  2. Thanks a lot chaps.I am glad you like the fitter. I'm not going anywhere near old kits for some time now... cheers, Vasko
  3. It's done and in the gallery: thanks for looking in cheers
  4. Hello chaps. Finally this one has come to an end. It is a Kopro kit with tons of aftermarket and many corrections made. Check more on the build in this topic : work in progress The kit is made for a friend and blogger R.S from the very well known blog on SyAAF airplanes. Here it is... for more photos check this site:
  5. I see now... you have a point here... How do the belly pylons sit on the fuselage on this kit? Are they leaned downwards at the front because of the concave belly?
  6. Not sure about the kit... Here's a few photos I took last month. Standing by the plane, the kink is very obvious...
  7. You mean the photo of 719 with a Gsh23 is before it being painted in this camouflage? and it finished its fate in Congo in that very same camouflage?
  8. The artwork in the book suggests overpainted but still visible soviet star on the tail fins..
  9. Yo have a bunch of WAs on this site Nice progress on the MiG. I am also somwhere in that stage with mine. Syrian of course One has to be careful not to follow instruction steps literally, dryfitting helps a lot, specially around the intakes. I am enjoying building the Foxbat very much.
  10. Besides the blue 57, you could opt for the blue 41. There is a photo of it in the Gordon/Komissarov book. This might be useful:
  11. Hello chaps. Well, almost done... I still have to insert the gun barrels and attach the drop tanks. Plus some minor PE details and adjustments.
  12. I believe there are no roundels on the wings of DPRK aircraft. Top or bottom...
  13. Great builds Werner. Specially love the Hind. I know you probably spent many hours on it, and it really shows. Congrats.
  14. Thanks chaps, I am glad you like 'em. All builds are in 1:48 scale. Michael, the Hunter is an Academy kit with an Aeroclub corrections set and resin cockpit, I forgot the brand... Some things had to be corrected as the kit has many flaws (intakes, horiz. tail planes, canopy, brake, wing tips, etc..)
  15. Here we go Happy 2017