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  1. You mean the photo of 719 with a Gsh23 is before it being painted in this camouflage? and it finished its fate in Congo in that very same camouflage?
  2. The artwork in the book suggests overpainted but still visible soviet star on the tail fins..
  3. Yo have a bunch of WAs on this site Nice progress on the MiG. I am also somwhere in that stage with mine. Syrian of course One has to be careful not to follow instruction steps literally, dryfitting helps a lot, specially around the intakes. I am enjoying building the Foxbat very much.
  4. Besides the blue 57, you could opt for the blue 41. There is a photo of it in the Gordon/Komissarov book. This might be useful:
  5. Hello chaps. Well, almost done... I still have to insert the gun barrels and attach the drop tanks. Plus some minor PE details and adjustments.
  6. I believe there are no roundels on the wings of DPRK aircraft. Top or bottom...
  7. Great builds Werner. Specially love the Hind. I know you probably spent many hours on it, and it really shows. Congrats.
  8. Thanks chaps, I am glad you like 'em. All builds are in 1:48 scale. Michael, the Hunter is an Academy kit with an Aeroclub corrections set and resin cockpit, I forgot the brand... Some things had to be corrected as the kit has many flaws (intakes, horiz. tail planes, canopy, brake, wing tips, etc..)
  9. Here we go Happy 2017
  10. The chute housing in the kit is a newer RBT one. This kit is actually RB with RBT intakes and chute housing. Or an RBT with an RB nose
  11. The nose in the kit is OK for those two options, but you would have to trim the upper intake part...
  12. Indian Su-34?
  13. Thanks Richard. I'm glad you like it in its shiny look.
  14. Thanks a lot for your comments chaps, I'm very glad you like it...
  15. Excellent work, will follow this one closely... Don't mean to be rude or picky but please check your ref though. I believe the F version only has a portside cannon cheers