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  1. This could very easily go both ways. Back in 2010, perhaps some modellers here remember when Airfix pulled this stunt about the releasement of a 1/48th scale Vulcan kit with the display of a sign and all at Telford. I really took it too to heart and started conversations with people in different countries' IPMS: mainly Brazil, Perú, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Almost 5873 modellers in South America had shown interest in such a kit, so Airfix asked to collect the contact for each and every modeller willing to compromise with the purchase of that kit, which I did. In vain. How many modellers would be interested in buying an injection moulded Vulcan kit in 1/48th scale in the U.S., Canada, UK or Asia I wonder? What about the rest of Europe and Oceanica? Model manufacturers will have you collect contacts to then tell you: "Meh... we'll probably do it in future." Do you ever know how hard it is to collect contacts from countries in half South America? Cheers, Unc2 P.S: I gladly got my Aeroclub Vulcan kit in 2015, so I got over it somehow, but will never again commit.
  2. So's Diego! Good call; you'll make a lot of modellers happy in South America besides me. Up to now we only had to resort to the Aztec sheet for the single seat Chilean Hunters. Cheers, Unc2
  3. Bruce! Such a noooiiiceee build! Haven't you seen? I was wondering why there was no mention of those D28 parts on the entire instruction sheet. Some instructions tell you which parts are not to use, so they go right into the spare parts box, but these they appear to me that they did belong in the engines. You could still attach them on your build, I think. Thanks for the link, by the way. Gooney, hi! What about those in the Monogram kit? Y'know I still have got that kit in the stash. Yeh, I love the C-47s. No way! Trumpy ought to be told about this omission in the instruction sheet, I guess. I will have to look into the crankcase sticking out beyond the cowling; compare how it is in the Monogram kit, perhaps. Cheers all, Unc2
  4. Well, Mike; they only appear on the Parts Content Summary, otherwise there's no mention on the instruction sheet whatsoever. In any page. I've just taken a (rather crappy) piccy of those D28 parts on the sprue so that you'd see how they look like. Check the crankcases on the right for a reference of size. The instructions for the assembly of the engines are quite terrible; at first I thought these two holes on the top of each cylinder were to fit the tiny U-shaped tubes D28, but actually those are for the exhaust manifolds at the back of the cylinders. Thanks! I now think that the tiny U-shaped tubes in question could be these, but then no holes for these tiny parts on the front of the cylinders. As far as the length of the nacelles are concerned, they are okay on the 1/48 scale kit. Each engine nacelle needs to cover the double row of cylinders plus the bulkhead. Dunno what to tell you with regard to the cockpit side windows. Might as well take some piccies for you to judge by yourself, Tony. They look okay to me. Very happy with this kit. Not at all, Fran. There’s no mention of them on any of the pages. See the place where now I think they should go. No instructions at all. Cheers, Unc2
  5. Kiitos, Mike! You really should, Antii. There's the Flightline Engineering Super Update Set to correct the many flaws in this kit. Also, the Metallic Details photoetch flaps are awesome as well; really lightweight compared to the Paragon resin ones. Cheers you both, Unc2
  6. Hi there, fellas. I'm currently building this kit, with which I'm very happy, but I'm stuck with the assembly of the engines; particularly some pieces in the D sprue which look like tiny U-shape tubes (part #D28). There're fourteen of them, so as the D sprue is comprised of most of the engine parts, I think the D28 parts ought to have to do with the engine cylinders? But I just don't know. There's no mention on the instruction sheet where parts D28 are suposed to go. Here's the instruction on page 12: Nice feature on those engines, supports, bulkheads, tanks and fittings. Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Unc2
  7. Thanks for the link, Mike. Always interested in the Silverplate B-29s. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to read the link. Be that as it may, your thread serves me to discuss the subject of the screws which were carried on the Silverplate bombers. Always thought that the Curtiss Electric (cuffed) screws belonged in the early bombers, and that the newer (or last ones), carried the Hamilton Standard non-cuffed screws. Any Silverplate B-29s that were known to have carried the Hamilton Standard screws? Cheers, Unc2
  8. Okay. All over again? More like you need to go get some fresh air... Yeh, you do. Cheers, Unc2
  9. Isn't it the other way round? Saw a parallel build of both kits and it looked to me that the HB kit was off
  10. Hi Ali! I insist on some Chilean Air Force markings for the foreign user schemes, but not the three-tone desert camo ones but these ones: Whatd'yathink...?? Cheers, Unc2
  11. One of the first aircraft that caught my attention as a toddler, especially, the FB-111. The low-level, terrain-following, nuclear capabilities blew up my mind in the early '80s. It'd look like a complex, very dangerous aircraft. And it's huge indeed!
  12. This is likely to happen the day the owner at Dukel Hobbies finally accepts to bring the new Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hunter kits in the country...
  13. Any chance for a Chilean Air Force T.72 in three-tone green/ghost grey camo? Cheers, Unc2
  14. V.P., mate I was aware of Ali's T.7 conversion set for the Airfix kit on that thread; is it ready for the reaping yet...? Vac-form canopies and winshields are okay if you put some detail on 'em, like the chap on the video did. As long as they don't yellow with time. Cheers, Unc2
  15. Look what I've just found on the Intertubes...!!! Ain't you hopelessly in luv with it? @Ali62 Hurry, my mate! Cheers, Unc2
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