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  1. Neighbour next door (the one on the right) is yelling "turn it down...!!!", but I turn it up everytime It's 16:35 down here; nap time is over. Well, had it been the neighbour on the left, I'd have turned it down.
  2. Uncle Uncool

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    Agreed. So, are we still mates, then?
  3. Uncle Uncool

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    Oh, lockdown has nothing to do with places starting to wear thin, John. Neither did I say that using white cards was wrong, it's just a matter of preferences on my part; or even that a crammed up bench doesn't affect me either. On the contrary. At least, there's no rule that I know of with regard to taking piccies over a crammed up bench WIP. You should check piccies of my sheila while she's cooking her pastry over on Facebook Incidentally; most of the builders I follow on Youtube use to record their builds over a tormented background. Will Pattison's bench is like watching Ch
  4. Uncle Uncool

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    I think a crammed up bench is quite nice in order to find out what kind of tools, paints and other hobby-related materials the builder is using, yeh. I've found out about incredible stuff that way. Sometimes is even interesting to see what kind of brews the OP likes to guzzle down. I personally believe a white card board-backed background is not what our hobby usually reflects; and in any case, you might as well have a white card board when displaying the kit on the RFI section. If you suffer the disorder while the build is going on, then I guess you're in the wrong place or hobby.
  5. More like feel like panicking now...
  6. Mark, this reminded me we are having some grilled tenderloin beef in the garden tonight the sheila and I. Will MRP lacquer paint go through a 0.18 nozzle without issues? What about Alclads and Akan laquers? Cheers, Unc2
  7. Uncle Uncool

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    Yeh, Tony; yeh! For me it'd have been easier to quote the whole post + piccies to just enquire or focus on a little bit of it, but I've always took the time to edit that which just interest me. This PM is confusing as, it's not clear what the admin is trying to say to me that I did wrong; is it that I'm not allowed to quote the very same text someone has quoted before in the thread, or is it the same piccies someone has quoted before? I'm scared to quote ever again, and I'm starting to hyperventilate Oughtn't Iron Maiden have some lyrics regarding this subject? Afraid To Quote
  8. Uncle Uncool

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    A little bit of a temper tantrum regarding this. Someone has recently PMd me about the subject of this thread (you know who you are ). It bothers me that much to have to re-read all the very same lines by the OP over and over when someone quotes their posts, and also to have to scroll down the whole pictures on it that I always edit both the text and the piccies that I quote. I think I'm pretty much sure I was already doing all this edit of quotes much before this thread was created. A whole lot much before that, yeh. I just quote the text I want to either focus on or enquire about i
  9. Hola, Werner. Don't get me wrong; a Nesher build is almost mandatory for just any Mirage fan. It's just that, anyone who's gotten a Mirage 5 kit by Wingman Models was provided with so many markings for the Israeli aircraft one life is not going to be enough to build 'em all! I still have got three 1/48 Nesher/Dagger resin noses by Ricardo Dacoba to graft onto yet another three Heller Mirage IIIC/B kits sitting in my stash, I really don't quite see the need to get a similar kit, not even the South American boxing. Kinetic miss not releasing the 1/48th scale kit of the Pucará.
  10. HA! Then Mike, Greg and Julien forbade my speaking like a pirate on the forums... Nay fair. Yeh, it ain't... Cheers, Unc2 PS: I shall complain to the UN, y'all see.
  11. I just had this brawl with a couple skaters banging their Powell Peralta Rat-Bones 90A wheels on the polished concrete of my driveway. Leaned out of the window to kindly tell them to get lost, but they just didn’t comply. I saw that these were no kids precisely, they must have been in the range of 20-25, so I went out to have a word with them when I checked the concrete was all cracked in the spot where they had been banging. Mood suddenly shifted, but not hormonal …and I kicked them both out. Here's to them: Incidentally; I was always of the idea t
  12. Well, as for the single-seat Nesher, I think it ought to be the previous release. I don't see what the point is with this, when they could have been releasing the 1/48 IA-58 Pucará kit by now... And as for the two-seat version, they've released the IIIB/D kit and I've got a whole plethora of resin conversion noses for it. I don't quite get it. Yeh, me don't... Cheers, Unc2
  13. I think the lower shape of the radome looks odd... Yeh, me does... Cheers, Unc2
  14. Thanks, Werner, ¡mi hermano! The more, the merrier. How about Hannants in the UK or Aviation MegaStore in "they're" Netherlands? Sweet! Ever since September the 16th last year, I've been harassing one sheila going by the name of Charlene Norman on SprueBrothers on a monthly basis so that she would tell me when they were going to restock the 1/48 F-105D brass legs for the Monogram kit. I never got a reply ever again. Yeh, me didn't... Cheers, Unc2
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