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  1. Speaking of which, yesterday afternoon in Wellington: Hurricanes 20 - Jaguares 28! Woo-hoo...!!! Cheers, Unc2
  2. In conversation with a good mate of mine, who in turn was in touch with Raymond early this week, I've found out that, sadly, the Pucará kit will be pushed back until new notice owing to a lot of unexpected market conditions happening since the US - China trade wars... Raymond himself announced. Cheers, Unc2
  3. Hi Steve! I've turned the old Testors/Italeri 1/48 AC-130A into a C-130H. As far as I was told by Debs, the Italeri kit has some issues with regard to the lower fuselage shape near the cockpit (should be flattened instead of round, but it's hardly noticeable). Then again, there's an issue regarding the vertical windows under the windshield, something I could live with. Things you need to change are the engine nacelles and wheels; that's mandatory. I've learned that Brengun is taking over the former Attack Squadron sets. I purchased the 130E engine nacelles, wheels and flap sets as soon as I learnt Attack Squadron were going to go South, but I've seen the Brengun wheel set selling on evilBay. Perhaps the engine nacelles and flaps are already available. Another thing worth telling is that the Customer Service at Italeri will help you out with any spares you need for your conversion. If you're interested, I will tell you how to contact them to ask spares for your build. I got all the necessary bits for my conversion, i.e., the access door, sponson and the intakes on the starboard side of the C-130H forward fuselage. Argie Air Force service, of course. Cheers, Unc2
  4. Hola, Johnny Hurricane! That's a big un, indeed! Have a place where to display it? That song! My sheila would use to play it on a loop all day long, but it was by Alien Sex Fiend. The song starts with the sound of a jet fighter, which prompted the discussion that the Hurricane was actually a propeller-driven fighter (what did she know, and what did she care!). Cheers, Unc2
  5. Gianni! This is such a great piece of info; thanks a lot, my mate! I was completely out with regard to the existence of the Oz Mods bit. I'm ordering the tanks and, while at it, it's a very good chance to order the F-111 exhausts to replace those in the Hobby BooBoo kit. Once again; what to say about Valerio's build? I'm just lost for words. Sometimes it only takes for one to judge a skilled modeller just by the kind of tools they use. What Valerio did was turning a rather basic kit into a masterpiece, and about the only aftermarket he used was the Vector cockpit. Superb! I was looking at the nose on the Esci/Italeri kit - there's something that needs fixing to me. The upper surface of the nose is way off to me, but this is not the proper thread to discuss about that. Many thanks, Gianni! Cheers, Unc2
  6. That's right; it depends on which service we are talking about: Scooters in the Armada or the Air Force, as mi negro Armando has already pointed out. A-4Qs would carry the 500lb Mk-82 Snakeyes and ExPal 250s (slicks, parachuted and electronic fused) on MER - centreline pylon. A-4Ps would carry the 1000lb Mk.17 (single, centreline pylon) or three 500lb ExPal 250s (TER - centreline). Wings had spoilers as well. A-4Cs would carry the 500lb ExPal 250s each on the centreline pylon and external pylons (remember that the Argie A-4Cs were endowed with the A-4E wings, two pylons on each wing - and spoilers). Cheers, Unc2
  7. Ciao, Gianni! Well, yer Cat is looking awesome with each passing week! Feels like building yet another Monogram kit, but then again, no room left to display it, I'm afraid. Speak about sweet Italy; yesterday my sheila gave me the Esci 1/48 Aermacchi MB 326 kit as a gift. I was kind of impressed of the potential this old kit's got if you give her a Little bit of attention. Just ordered the resin cockpit by Vector to dress up the interior. Not much you can do with the pieces that come in the box. Then again, I'm after the SkyModel resin wing tip tanks - since Heritage won't ship to Argieland (club Ian in "they're" skull, ya'll see). No sign of those resin tanks on the Intertubes... Happen to know anything about SkyModel? Was thinking we can still chop off the tail on yer Cat and replace it with the Belcher Bits one if I ever pay a visit to beautiful Torino one day. What say ye? Cheers, Unc2
  8. Noooooiiiiiceeeeee...!!! Is it too late for this, me wonders? Me fancies doing a Viper like this, all of "them" sudden. Yeh, me does. Cheers, Unc2
  9. John! A 1/48 Pantera conversion set in Chilean markings; me wants! How/where do I get it? Congratulations on a job well done! Cheers, Unc2
  10. Oh, that date placeholder on HobbyEasy kind of reminds me of the download progress percentage bar, when you see it reads 41 seconds to finish the downloading of the last 10MB of data, but then all of the sudden it reads 2:41 secs, 3:10 secs, 3:50 secs, 4:05 secs, 4:59 secs and so on for those very same 10MB of remaining data... Yeh, me knows... Cheers, Unc2
  11. The excellence personified! Your modelling skills are superb! Congratulations on yet another impressive build. Ehem! Y'see, those 30 litres of signal yellow weren't part of the camo actually but for identification. And Airman Fangio didn't even belong in the ordie ranks. Kindly, Unc2
  12. Goon! You've nailed the camo colours fantastic! Guillermo would be delighted to see his mount depicted on here. Which paints did you use? Real outstanding! Cheers, Unc2
  13. Oh? Thanks, rs2mate. What about having the flaps (and airbrake) down while going through some maintenance? Need to have my T.7 conversion with "they're" flaps down. Yeh, me does. Cheers, Unc2
  14. So then the flaps would be down on the ground only while the aircraft were being taken to the runway to take off, or back from landing?
  15. Well, that won't constitute an issue to me for I'd never build an F-14 with the IFR probe deployed. The rear flanks on the AMK kit, though. THAT would be quite a different matter. Incidentally; how about this piccy here? I'm still finding that same shape (meaning the shape you've gotten tired of sketching red stripes over it on ARC) on the rear flanks of the Temia F-14D kit when looking at it from the rear, with wings on their minimum swept. Could it be possible that the AMK kit were alright in that aspect? Cheers, Unc2
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