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  1. Thanks, Werner, ¡mi hermano! The more, the merrier. How about Hannants in the UK or Aviation MegaStore in "they're" Netherlands? Sweet! Ever since September the 16th last year, I've been harassing one sheila going by the name of Charlene Norman on SprueBrothers on a monthly basis so that she would tell me when they were going to restock the 1/48 F-105D brass legs for the Monogram kit. I never got a reply ever again. Yeh, me didn't... Cheers, Unc2
  2. Brought Sqd. Leader John Reeve's band to you
  3. Oh-la-la...! She's got the proper sit! Still on campaign with G-Factor so that they consider releasing a set for this kit - not for Hobby Boss' Campaign comprises modellers in Argieland, Brazil, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia and Chile. Ecuador and Venezuela won't cooperate. I still didn't have time to arrange with IPMSs in North America, Europe and Asia, but I started conversations with members in Aussieland and Kiwiland. If you and/or Jean-Michel are in, the e-mail to which you can address petitions regarding to this subject is: gfactormodels@aol.com I've been dealing with different solutions in order to suppress the wobbliness of legs on mate Mirto's build. Something which worked the best was flattening the tyres on the main landing gear legs so that there's a level surface for the kit to rest on. To keep the proper sit I had to slightly flatten the nose landing gear tyre as well, but very lightly. Stability is highly increased that way until there's a brass solution. Yeh, it is... Cheers, Unc2
  4. That's "them" beauty... Unfortunately, shipping price is almost the same as the cost of "they're" kit... Yeh, it is... Cheers, Unc2
  5. Steve! Thanks a lot, my mate. There's not a single song in that album that I dislike. My ex-sheila would use to listen to Marian (Version) as though it was the only track in that album.
  6. Prices completely out of the question. Lately, just the most expensive print option was available to choose from, IIRC. That was late December, when I was looking to buy the bits for the Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale MiG-25 kit.
  7. It was awful that our countries had stopped doing business owing to that conflict. An instant memoir still comes to mind back in 1986, when my father would use to take me to the city domestic airport here in Capital Federal to watch the airliners take off and land on weekends. I'd love the thundering roar BAC-111s made when taking off, and how few of them remained airworthy. My father suddenly pointed his finger to a spot where at least three BAC-111s rested, grounded for lack of spare parts. And when he explained to me what the reason for that was. Not a good memory at all. Nay, it's not... Cheers, Unc2
  8. Mark, Just a couple interesting anecdotes concerning Aircraft Carrier ARA 25 de Mayo during the war. There's one about this single day very early in the war, when all of the A-4Qs aboard the air wing were armed with four 500-lb Snakeyes under the central pylon and the usual pair of Aero 1D 300-gal. gas jugs under the wings + full cannon ammo load to attack HMS Hermes which was within range. When the vessel was steered against the wind to lauch there was no wind at all... I was barely a three-year-old toddler when the war broke out; it's a war I don't support at all because, clearly enough, the decision to go to war was made on reasons other but true sovereignty. That's an alibi I always refused to buy because, if anything - and just like today - the economic situation down here was so awful that the least my country needed in that moment was the annexation of yet another territory. There were issues a lot more urgent than lavishing funds in a war, that's for sure. It was all just a silly move by the Military Junta - the very same as with Maggie Thatcher over there, if I may say - made in order to strive for popularity, as if something like that could have ever been possible. Let's say I'm still terribly embarrased to see TV footages of all that people rooting for Brig. Gen. Galtieri in Plaza de Mayo on April the 2nd, 1982 after Operación Rosario was carried out successfully, when these same jacknuts were exactly the ones who disowned our men when returning defeated. That being said, I'm terribly proud of the countrymen who fought that war, and thankful enough that all my relatives participating in that conflict came out alive; father, uncle and cousin. Each one of them related what the war was like in the field, the sea and the air. The way my cousin was treated like in the field by his own countrymen is something I will neither forgive nor forget. It did a thing on his psyche, poor Rodrigo. Oh, only one more excellent anecdote; after the war, I won a meet & greet backstage pass with the Iron Maiden assembly. Speaking about the war with Bruce Dickinson he told me that after the combined attacks by the Air Force and the Armada cost you the sinking of RFA Sir Tristram and RFA Sir Galahad in June the 8th, the Task Force had been one week away from having to regroup back to Portsmouth, and said him that, had that happened, England was going to come back with nukes instead Then I asked him about what his thoughts were regarding the attack on HMS Invincible, on May the 30th, and he just dismissed it with a hug. Top-bloke he is. Yeh, he is... Cheers, Unc2
  9. Aaaww... such a proud papa... Patting yer kid in the tummy, Tom? Look the size of that critter... Cheers, Unc2
  10. Nay a good day for me today, everyone. I've got my hemlock and this tune before turning in.
  11. Such a sexy thung! Yeh, I knew that was a Hasegawa kit the second I laid eyes on her. The Monogram kit hardly looks the same once built; it's a different thing, I don't know. Perhaps it's the raised panel lines in the Monogram kit. Seen a lot of F-8 Crusader kits online in 1/48th scale, and it's as if I'd be able to tell whether they're Hasegawa or Monogram. Seems now I've got this itch which I've got to scratch. Not a cheap kit that Eduard one, tho. Thanks a lot, Dennis. Cheers, Unc2
  12. Ah, that's good to know, Chris. Lousy day today, as the cases of positive infection are starting to rise, especially in the suburban slums, so the bloody provincial governor of Buenos Aires began blaming it on the policies implemented by the city's head of government. Y'see, the party which the former belongs to is the party which happened to rule the province for nearly 30 years, so they promoted (and made good use of the people in) those slums for voting purposes. The city's head of government is a remnant from the former administration, hence, he belongs to a party which ruled the province for only four years. Isn't it funny (and sad)? Good to know as well, my mate. A new analyser specifically for the virus y'say? Stay safe, everyone. Yeh, yeh... Cheers, Unc2
  13. Yeh, Dennis; yeh! But I think this kit demands have motorised engines with spinning screws, don't you think? Mulling over whether or not to get the Limited Edition of the Eduard 1/48 F-8 Crusader kit. There's still the unbuilt Monogram 1/48 kit with "they're" High Flight resin set + SAC corrected legs + Cutting Edge sucker and air brake bits sitting somewhere in the stash. What do ye suggest, mate? Cheers, Unc2
  14. John and Chris, I feel you both with respect to what the possibilities are (or would be) for you - if - after having had the virus, and also that you ought to be tested for immunity, but what guarantee have you got that you're really immune to the virus after having been infected? Was it Covid-19 or a severe case of the flu? What about the symptoms? There are news about recovered patients getting infected once again owing to the different strains of this virus. The strain which we have down here is said to have mutated thrice with regard to the original strain of the outbreak in Wuhan. The tests are not fail-safe, and information regarding vector of contagion and the virus itself is so recent that it seems to be different with each passing month. Nobody is 90% sure if recovered patients are free to go without following the protocol. I myself don't know what I would do if I was tested positive and was granted to go out normally. The curfew is such a drag, but I feel better to be under quarantine than the other way round, to be honest with you, because I see no-one really knows. I spoke to this virologist who told me physicians proved that it's one thing to gee infected by a small volume of viruses than it is to get infected by a large volume, for instance, the volume which doctors attending infected people 8 hours a day might get. It's all so recent about this virus than it's best to go by the protocol until there's proven certainty. Stay safe both. Cheers, Unc2
  15. Yeh, Mark; yeh! That's the way I got it. This part was a valve which couldn't be found anywhere, until someone spotted it by chance. The first of the Black Buck missions was such a great feat, bigger than the Linebacker missions or the B-29 bombing flights out of Tinian AB. Tried to buy the 40 Degrees South the Equator poster of the in-flight refuel in the thunderstorm over the South Atlantic which is on the book, but the price was so steep I real couldn't afford it. Yeh, me couldn't... Cheers, Unc2
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