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  1. They're kink in contrast: Argie Air Force Mirage IIIE - proudly. Y'see...? Yeh. Cheers, Unc2
  2. Uncle Uncool

    Avro Vulcan - It's time!

    Wow...!!! Thread's down to page 9 on this section I started hyperventilating while searching for it? Nothing as of yet, Mark? Life's kinda on hold until then. Anxious anxiety. "They're" Vulcan build needs to resume soon. Hyperventilating still (went to cuddle my own Aeroclub Vulcan kit). Double post shows I really care? Right, yeh, yeh ,yeh... Cheers 'em, Unc2
  3. Hi Mike! That word... I was at an Irish shindig during last St. Patrick Day. We had a lot of brews and soon all hell broke loose, when someone started some sort of a mosh in the living room. I sudenly went through a window and landed before a couple of levely garden dwarves who seemed to be staring at me. First thought crossing my mind was the these two were the Shenanigans... Cheers, Unc2 PS: Jonners is my mate.
  4. Ah, it's getting more and more difficult every time to keep on rooting for you, blokes @AMK. This made worse still by this silly AMK (Ridicule) Committee? Not only you're digging your own grave by doing this, but also, it clearly shows how immature you are as a company. And it was just a freak circumstance that I hadn't pre-ordered. Cheers 'em, Unc2 PS: Monsieur Stern! How are you doing, my mate?
  5. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Quite welcome, vultures, my mate! Just glad to have been of help to ye. Cheers, Unc2
  6. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Oh, me fathoms... Sorry. Will try to find out with Capt. Augusto Bedacarratz. Hola, Werner, my mate in Austria. How's it going, bruh? If you need translation into English of any track on that vid, just ask, aye? It's quite awkward that Lt Hernan Machado were explaining things in English on the video, and his clear explanation were all covered by that Spanish-spoken bloke translating in off. Yeh, it is... Cheers, Unc2
  7. Uncle Uncool

    English Electric Lightning T4 - 226 OCU

    propforward, my mate! Following the Six Nations Rugby, yeh? Such an epic build! Say, are those the kit seats or have you purchased the ones by Q.M.T? They look so alike, anyways. Thinking about saving my Q.M.T ones for the Aeroclub Vulcan, but I don't think they'll be seen as much as on the T4. I've got the Airfix Lightning kit with the T4/5 conversion set by Aeroclub. Cheers, Unc2
  8. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Yeh, it is. What part in: you still seem to have not been able to fathom, Werner? I was unable to get a single piccy of that darn "suitcase" yet. Thought I had one, but my sheila has erased the pen drive in which I think it was stored. Then again, I'm not quite sure it was a piccy or a screen shot I made from one of the multiple episodes of "Malvinas: La Guerra desde el Aire" posted on YouTube. Will "keep searching, keep on searching, the search goes on, the search goes on; Frantic, tic, tic, tic, toc..." Cheers, Unc2 Edit: Here you are; ordies installing the "suitcase" in place of the cannon chassis. Not much to see, but you can check this video on YouTube; go to minute 24:15 to see how the cannon chassis is removed, as well as the starboard wing tank in order to install the missile and suitcase, respectively. Check the specialised missile pylon ridding on top of the missile pressurised canister.
  9. Uncle Uncool

    Avro Vulcan - It's time!

    No progress on this build, whatsoever? ¡No puede ser! How come, huh? Me's sad now. @TBC, mate... Thanks a lot for your help on the handed intakes. Awesome piccies as well! Indeed! Oh, but I guess Mr Aero had a lot of other much more important things in which to think of...? Yeh, me does... Cheers, Unc2 P.S: Will we see any more progress during the weekend, Mark?
  10. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    My pleasure, Vultures, my bruh. Cheers, Unc2 Edit: Type-42 ARA Hércules is a destroyer, not a frigate (silly me )
  11. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    That's affirm. The whole gun chasis (both cannons and the magazines) was removed and in its place was what ordies called "the suitcase", which was a datalink between the Agave radar on the nose of the aircraft and the seeker head on the missile, on which pilots had to pass all of the target's parameters prior to launching. Honestly, I have ne'er seen one of those; what it looks like - not even in piccies, but I asume it's got to be some sort of a box the same size as the cannon chasis. The suitcase had to be tuned by the Argie experts once the French personnel left the country after the embargo, weeks before the war. This tunning was made by mock attacks on a Type-42 frigate we acquired from Britain years before the war; the ARA Hércules. Jocks' job was trial and error until the suitcase said parameters for launching were correct. Anytime, my mate! Please notice me when/if your WIP is started.
  12. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Laurie, I wish I were involved. My uncle served in the Armada, but he'd fly the A-4Q during the war. Thank the Heavens above, he survived that war. I was a three-year-old toddler when the war broke, and then I tried to become a fighter jock in the Air Force owing to those outstanding war accounts I'd use to hear from him whenever he dropped in on for a visit, dinner, lunch. I was always happy to have him around the house. The gaping hole in the tail is the mechanism on which the trim tab runs along; it's quite the same mechanism that you see in the A-4 Skyhawk. I'd take what Kinetic says with regard to the correct position of the trim tab and elevators with a grain of salt; I've got that kit and it's all relative. For instance, IIRC, Kinetic says that the trim tab and elevators should be in the 0° angle when the aircraft is parked, and I've seen anything but that on the Argie SuEs when parked. Check for yerself: The thing is electric, so when the power is shut down, the trim tab will tend to go all the way up. Thought this was a problem in the Argie birds (jocks reporting: "El compensador se fue todo para arriba"), but then I saw this happening on the French birds as well: In a take-off position, the trim tab should be all the way down and the elevators up. Cheers, Unc2
  13. Uncle Uncool

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    SuE build! Me's in. Hi Laurie, mate. Just one; starboard pylon, which is a different pylon than those used by the wet ones. Just two tanks: one RP23 1100-litre tank on the underwing port pylon whenever the aircraft was loaded with the AM-39 missile on the starboard one, and an additional RP24 600-litre centreline tank). Here's a picture of 3-A-202 flown by then Frigate Capt. Alejandro Francisco while carrying the last AM-39 Exocet on inventory on the epic sortie of May the 30th, 1982 while refueling in route to the attack. Check that his SuE is carrying the RP23 1100-litre tank under the port wing pylon + an RP24 600-litre tank on the centreline pylon. Also check his wingman, 3-A-205 flown by Navy Lt. Luis Collavino, carrying the RP24/103 600-litre tanks on both underwing pylons + the RP24 600-litre tank on the centreline pylon 'cause he obviously was not carrying an Exocet missile on this sortie. Remember that whenever the missile was carried, the gun chasis also needed to be removed in order to accomodate the missile guidance systems in its place. Incidentally, no tanks were ever jettisoned throughout the war by SuEs. Just thought about posting this piccy on the fashion the tail surfaces were painted with the national flag and banner (gold, not yellow ), as pointed by mate Werner above. Anything else you need, just whistle. Cheers, Unc2
  14. Uncle Uncool

    Avro Vulcan - It's time!

    ----> ---------> -----------------> No way, Mark! I'm the only bloke in whole South America who rejoices in the bliss of having one of these kits. Yeh, me is... (and how dearly I've paid for it) Curious way of putting both fuselage halves together... Thought you wanted to build one like this? Hi, John! How do you tell the left resin intake from the right resin intake on the kit? Cheers, Unc2
  15. Have you got another one, by any chance, John?