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  1. Sorry for the late reply Unc, haven't been hanging around here for some time... As far as I remember the M/MS version kit has double hinges on the rudder visible, suited for the latter version. It's a minor fix but still... I hope you can see from the photo...
  2. Trumpeter MiG-23 series is great. Yeah, some issues with the nose and tail, you have AM for that if it bothers you. The details and the plastic is great IMO. OOB it makes into a great model... There are many other kits I wish they did in 1:48, MiG-23 is just ok as it is... That's just my opinion.
  3. Thanks The wire is made by a heated and stretched sprue piece of plastic. Takes a little practice to get the desired width. But once you figure it out it's easy. Harder part is mounting it, precision glue helps at that... The wire tighteners were done by pouring small drops of glue onto the wire... cheers
  4. Thanks chaps, I am glad you like the way it looks.
  5. Hi chaps Back after a while, it's always nice to post something finally done!! 1:48 Hasegawa Bf109G-2 Black four, Kroat JG52 from the eastern front 41-45 It's not straight out of box, it includes a resin cockpit and Aeromaster decals. I did some riveting too, which is quite easy on a 109. It was a fun and quite quick build, the plan is to make room for the other newer 109s from Eduard and Tamiya, Hasegawa being a bit obsolete... but still in my opinion it still is a nice little kit. Feel free to comment
  6. Just change the wheel, like they did... don't overkill that, it's just a wheel
  7. I did the J-8II in white, each panel a different tone, but still white
  8. There are five different nose wheel types on the F-86. Same wheels can be used on the T-33. Sabers and T-33s in the Yugoslav AF switched wheels often, that means you could see the same plane with different type front wheel. If you don't have the full rim one just use another one...
  9. I used the kit legs on my Academy Hunter without any issues. I don't know how they go with the Aires wheel bay... But the plane itself even with resin cockpit and other stuff isn't heavy enough to pressure the legs...
  10. Hehe, I am more of a wine person, but I feel you ... and the whiskey guy I still have one Academy in the stash with some AM leftovers and to be honest I don't know if I would do it all over again... but it is not because of the fixes, I believe it just isn't the easiest kit to build. As I recollect the most annoying thing was the construction and the fit of the intakes with or without the correction (basically just sanding the intake edge to make it appear larger/wider). The same goes for the nose parts, it's quite a challenge. As for the fixes, IMO you ca
  11. Ooh, 36,8 € to my place. I really like the kit, but that's just ridiculous...
  12. here's a WIP on a F6 Hunter I did some time ago, including a resin cockpit and Aeroclub add ons... for me the biggest issue are the ill shaped intakes... Hope you find some tips here. cheers
  13. Just got mine. Looks very nice, no bubbles etc..., quality decals, tons of G4 pdf material on a CD, masks...
  14. Uhh, the time is running out and I have loads still to do... Been waiting for Gunze colors for the beast to arrive... I still have strong hope I will pull it through While waiting on that I did all the other stuff like wheels and undercarriage... thanks for looking in, cherers
  15. vesthepes

    "A" vark

    Great looking Vark. Impressive painting!! great work so far!
  16. OK, the back and front part are together... One of the parked F-111 configuration was with the wings swept back at 54°... so that's what I did. So huge! What did I get myself into... The join looks like a battlefield. The plastic block didn't work as I thought it would. But at least I could sand and press it without worries as it is of structural use...
  17. Thanks, I hope the solution helps... but I can't take the credit for the idea. I saw it somewhere way back when I was collecting all the info regarding the build...
  18. Thanks chaps. It's been a pleasant build so far, but there a huge flaw on the Academy kit. I don't know if someone mentioned it before. The seam line between the capsule and the fuselage!! I have no idea what step should be first to get this airframe closed up without the troubles on its hump... Here's what I thought could help out. Took me an hour to make it, but it should make things easier later on... The decision was made: No clanky wings! No loose pylons swinging with fully loaded MERs! Off with the mechanism! Static it is!
  19. Back with a little update. The front windshield had some problems with alignment, so putty was needed for some gaps. The center piece canopy rib was placed with its resin part. Makes the office even more busy... Whats worse than constructing with curved and roundly bent PE. Well, attaching it to a clear part I guess... There was quite an easy solution for this and it works ok so far. First I dipped the canopy parts into the floor polish (different brand, depands where you live), next step was masking. The PE comes in to layers, no problems with gl
  20. Truly a big plane... I have heard about that, but it's an unoffical kill for the EF-111 and was never confirmed and Iraqis never acknowledged that. The kill was given to an F-15 which was on the F1's tail... On the other hand, there's a confirmed EF-111 kill, that crashed into the ground, trying to escape a missile fired by the Iraqi...
  21. Thanks, still haven't decided whether to ditch the wing linkage and close it up in static position. I took some time to cut up the canopy. Scary at first but actually quite simple. A thin saw and some patience... cheers
  22. Great comparison of the fuel tanks. We can see now how the kit offering in both cases is way off in length...
  23. Great job on the vac canopy, my personal nightmare. Two thumbs up!
  24. A little update... Added some detials on the IP "cover", to be more precise "nuclear blast shield"... No instructions by Verlinden for the HUD, but the part wan't hard to find... The capsule went together quite OK. I was surprised by the instructions to insert a 60g weight into the nose... 60g!! way too much IMO, so I ended up inserting 15g which should be enough Removed the resin parts from the stubbs and cleaned up... The movable wings mechanism make this kit quite a clanker.... is that a correct term? Too much
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