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  1. Wonderful Rapide, You've made me want to get one!
  2. You have my attention and respect, this is going to be awesome and challenging. On a lesser challenge I've just acquired a 1/48 Beaufort vac that will be commencing soon!
  3. Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Hi Fatalbert, Still looks the same but has not been forgotten. It got pushed out by a vacform Iris for the Flying Boat GB and needs to be re-started, one thing that is holding it up is that I overcut the nose transparency and need to crash mould a new one, plus moving the kitchen (1/1 scale) and other DIY type things. Oh and I started a Pyro Boxkite... I will get it going again soon as I don't have a shelf of doom!
  4. Looking good Moa. My Bristol Racer decals have arrived, thanks for the tip, Neil
  5. Thanks for the link, I emailed him this morning as the Racer was not on the website, he added it straight away. Anyway I have ordered a set so now have no excuse not to build the not quite ugliest plane in the world. Thanks for drawing my attention to the site.
  6. Hi Moa, Just had a quick look on Arctic Decals website, can't find the Racer decals, do you have any more info? Thanks, Neil
  7. That’s the one! Come on it’s not quite a swan is it and in reality not successful. I find you build on line a while ago and was impressed by the improvements, my ‘kit’ has a sold resin nacelle. Useful info about the decals will look into that as it is one thing that puts me off making it. What we really need is a GB something like ‘ the more obscure the better’ or simply a vac one
  8. Great stuff! I've become a bit of a vac fan myself, completed, Sanger Bombay, Contrail Sparrow, Sanger Blackburn Iris and I have a Contrail Botha on the back burner. The challenge of making a decent model of an obscure subject is what fascinates me, can't think of anything worse than opening a box and finding all the bits there! Still have a few in hand, Libra Bristol Fighter with different Radiator options may come out soon and a really obscure Bristol Racer (possibly the ugliest plane ever built) Your doing a great job, look forward to more. Almost forgot I've just bought a Sanger 1/48 Beaufort...I like to suffer!
  9. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Put me down for the Beaufort, Two would be too much, but then again there’s a Blackburn Shark and a Beaufighter 21, choices....
  10. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Ooh forgot I have an Encore Beaufort, that’s Frog isn’t it?
  11. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Me too, where’s that Vimy....
  12. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Hi John, Was Planning to build this one, Neil
  13. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    No reason why we can't have two-see post 119!
  14. New year new project now that my contribution to the floatplanes GB is complete. My first GB and great fun it was, huge variety of flying boats and some excellent reults, so if you don't normally do GB's I can highly recommend them, I will certainly be doing more. Anyway decided to go right back to the beginning and have a go at a Bristol Boxkite, the choices are a micro photo etch one in 1/72 (quite expensive too) or the ancient Pyro/Lindberg one in 1/48, I've gone for the latter. The first problem is that picture on the box, the major wing ribs are underneath not on top, the model doesn't have any at all so this needs addressing. I think the first thing will be to sand the wings to remove all the ribs, I did consider replacing them entirely but the whole model would become very flimsy. So here's what you get. More soon. Considering using Bob's Buckles for the rigging, any one had experience of using them?