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  1. Burgess- Dunne Floatplane

    This is a new one to me, very unusual and a vac to boot! I'll be following with interest, Cheers, Neil
  2. Great to see this underway, I just prepared the fuselage to start with so I could get on with the interior, hopefully a post will appear on Monday. Sanding wings etc can come later. Looking forward to seeing it come together, Cheers, Neil
  3. Short S.23 Empire flying boat

    The more vacs the better even in tiddly scale! Look forward to seeing it come to life, Neil
  4. Lovely Rapide, I agree there's something about the design that warms the heart!
  5. Great start, looking forward to seeing more. I acquired a Libra Bristol Scout recently so interested to see how good these vacs are, I take it you will not bother trying to use the supplied struts?
  6. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Hi Pat, Remember its Taking part that's important not winning... sorry thought I was talking to the kids then for a minute! I'm trying to get a reasonable start now so when there's pressure to finish the kitchen, complete the loft insulation, paint the windows before winter etc I still stand a chhance of finishing before January. yes I do have a drawing of a sort of instrument panel that looks nothing like the photo. Looking at it carefully you can see the panel on the left doesn't go the full width, maybe this is the crawl space into the turret? Also the left seat is folded down, maybe there's a door/ hatch behind that leads to the rest of the fuselage? i would love some strut material, I have no desire to make my own! Cheers, Neil
  7. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    A bit of progress, apertures in fuselage cut out although I think the portholes need opening up a little more. Sanger provide a series of profiles for bulkheads, see bottom left. Transfer to card and cut out. Then trim them down to the correct size which is about 1-2mm less all round. Over the weekend I want to start the interior, there is one photo of the cockpit. Was the front turret accessed by crawling under the instrument panel? Looks as though the floor continues?
  8. Contrail Blackburn Botha

    making headway with the Botha, decided the internal nose framing had to be modelled to make it look right as it is quite prominent in photos. Tail plane also added and wings on. A lot of scribing has been done and more to do... getting close to u/coat and have to decide final scheme.
  9. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    In the background is my Botha build, need to update my WIP for that one!
  10. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Come on pull your socks up, I need someone to constantly tell me how difficult the kit is! No strut material, will ave to make them. if you look in the background on the last photo you can see another Blackburn! Go on give it a go, much easier than scratch building.
  11. hi All, finally got round to starting my Iris, as you already know Jockney is doing a very similar Contrail Perth. All parts now snapped from the plastic and the two halves of the fuselage sanded! Doesn't sound much but it's a start! Someone asked about Contrail v Sanger versions of these kits, the answer is Contrail as the Sanger ones don't come with any strut material, you have to make your own. If only Aeroclub still had some....
  12. You're ahead of me already Jockney. Just off to Abersoch for a few days in a caravan with the kids. Not been in a caravan for 40 years apparently they have toilets and running water these days and the dining table doesn't fold in to the double bed! Will get my Iris started next week was thinking of doing a Hawker Osprey at the same time for light relief. Your Contrail parts look crisper than my Sanger ones. Remember scrape the parts with a sharp blade to shave most of the excess plastic away and sand the last bit, saves your sanity! Good luck Bond.
  13. Gloster Gladiator Mk.II 1/72 Airfix

    One of the best Gladi builds I've seen, well done.
  14. Nice Bloodhound, great the way you have cleared your bench ready for the flying Boat GB, if only I were that organised!
  15. Nice to see a vacform underway. I get fed up of the endless sanding so to reduce it I've started scraping the edges with a sharp blade to shave the excess down before sanding the last bit. Certainly speeds things up!