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  1. Great build, really like seeing rarities like this. Thanks for posting.
  2. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    A little update...... Trying to get the nacelles looking more like the real thing and generally less blobby! This photo show how the exhausts are not stuck to the sides but cantilever at the rear. Here's what the kit supplies. The moulded exhaust has been cut off filled and a new plastic rod added, plus some additional side louvres created by taking a tin foil rubbing of the corrugated end of a CD case. Another shot showing also that the end of the nacelle has been extended to fit the profile of the prop hub better. While the silver spray can was out the tail got a quick blast. Glad to say that all parts are now 'assembled' and there is no more sanding! Looking forward to bringing the different sub assemblies together and heading for the finishing line.. or do I mean fishing line for the rigging.
  3. PK 605 - HP Heyford

    Look forward to this, I have the same boxing. If you could get hold of a copy of SAM May 2014 there is a build article, photos, colour profiles and 1/72 drawings.
  4. PK-36 Fairey Seafox

    That's excellent reference material! 👍
  5. Short S.23 Empire flying boat

    Hi Bootneck, I've been quietly watching your vac from the back row, always good to see someone else having a go, I think they are very rewarding and frustrating in equal measure. Love Halfords for paint and have used their aluminium in the past, my Iris is sprayed with a can from Wilkos! Look forward to your next instalment.
  6. Beriev BE-4 Russian puddle jumper

    An interesting choice and a new on on me! Hope it's not distracting you from that Perth! Neil
  7. PK-36 Fairey Seafox

    Looks interesting, nearly bought one on eBay a while ago, shall watch with interest, Neil
  8. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Tail planes etc now assembled, fiddly and there's some rigging to be added later. Resting in place, aligned and fixed later. Engine nacelles next.
  9. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    thanks but I feel a fraud, it's straight out of a spray can from Wilko's ! Actually I think its a bit too shiny for fabric and needs dulling, will be great for the metal fuselage and nacelles though.
  10. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Completed wing struts, planning to look at the tail next. Compare the engine nacelles to the earlier photos, they need work!
  11. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Hi Pat, Wondered when I might see your Perth coming together, time to crack on! I cut 4 main struts using the drawing supplied then joined the wings together and cut the rest to fit, see post 30. No other interior shots than the one you've seen, I based mine on that, less will be seen in yours because the Perth has a canopy. I'm sure the Contrail and Sanger plans are the same but thanks for the offer. look forward to seeing your progress, Neil
  12. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    I have been tying myself up in knots trying to get my head around the struts/engine nacelle relationship for an Iris and got very confused. I think I've now sorted it and decided to share what I think is the case. If your like me the research is almost more enjoyable than the modelling! so here is a picture of an Iris (probably MkIII) Note the struts in front of the nacelle. Here's another photo of an Iris. In this one the strut goes through the nacelle. My conclusion is this a Mk IV or V which had different engines and is the forerunner of the Perth which has the same arrangement thus... Clearly the Perth has the same arrangement with the outer two engines supported by the struts. The bottom line is of course I can carry on as planned with the struts and stop stressing! One final Iris photo showing the arrangement for Iris MkI-III and possibly IV but definitely not V which is probably a Perth anyway but someone hadn't got round to sticking a lid on the cockpit! Whilst looking at that final photo its obvious that the exhaust on the model nacelles are moulded tight to the sides, more things to alter....
  13. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Thanks Steve, its going to get more complicated yet when I get round to the engines! Come on Tony, give it a go, you only have your sanity to loose!
  14. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Been a bit quiet of late but still battling on! Two wings now together with a dihedral supported by internal structure (apologies for getting carried away and not photographing or posting the process), so here they are, still needing a bit more painting. Rattle can by the way. According to Sanger all I do now is cut struts to length stick them to the bottom wing and pop the top one on. That should work a treat....but how will I know they are all the right length? Scrap that idea and add them a few at a time, so I joined the two wings with 4 principal struts dowled top and bottom with a spigot of wire. then added the sloping ones just spiggoted at the bottom and glued at the top. I'll continue adding the rest this way so that I can guarantee they are the right length. The wing assembly is only resting on the fuselage, I'll fully assemble it and the tail before uniting them with the fuselage. I have also predrilled the rigging holes as it will be difficult to get a drill in there afterwards. The engines and supports will be completed as sub-assemblies and added as completed items. I now also have some etched scarf rings which will add to the completed model. Back soon with completed wings!
  15. Short S.23 Empire flying boat

    Great start, lots of different techniques for vac building, always good to see how others approach it, the colour spraying is a good tip, Neil