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  1. Comet with 95mm Howitzer

    Serial looks like 33ZR70 to me.
  2. Yes the price (in the UK anyway) is a little steep, but I will have to have the RAF version!
  3. Whoo Hoo more Mosquitoes, you cant have too many of Hatfield's finest!!!
  4. There soon will be http://www.aim72.co.uk/page188.html
  5. De Havilland MEGA Group Build Chat

    The Horsa was designed at Salisbury Hall and the first pair were built there.
  6. De Havilland MEGA Group Build Chat

    And what about Airspeed, it being a wholly owned subsidiary of de H from 1940!
  7. De Havilland MEGA Group Build Chat

    Hmmmm bit of a minefield that one, I would go along with the 146, as it was built at Hatfield with a workforce that was still dominated by de H (my father did almost 40 years at Hatfield, de H/HS/BAe) and it is numbered in the old de H series but presumably that then excludes any Woodford (Avro) assembled 146 airframes and the later RJ's, although the front fuse was still Hatfield built?
  8. Phantom F-4J to an F-4J(UK) ~WIP

    Hmmmm why not make it as an RAF F-4J(UK) and then wait for the Airfix FG.1 later this year?
  9. Some neat FAA airmen coming from CMK on there, not cheap though!!
  10. I've got many Hawker subjects waiting to get built, from an Audax or two to hawks and a Nimrod, so count me in on this one please!
  11. storage of Dioramas

    I use Ikea Billy bookcases with glass shelves and glass doors.
  12. Some, well at least XS711, did wear that colour scheme Adey!
  13. I'll second that about the Argosy, I have two of the Mach 2 in the stash and haven't had the confidence to start them yet!
  14. Great build of the old Airfix Land Rover!
  15. Displaying models

    Another vote for Billy bookcases with glass shelves (and glass doors), I already have a couple as display cabinets (and will need another soon) just a shame they don't do the 500mm deep ones any more!!