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  1. Minion's Finnish pencil

    Nailing it Craig, the camo in particular looks fantastic! David
  2. F-16 wheels in 1/32

    Hi Alan I did a similar thing in 1/48 a while back, converting a Tamiya C to an early RNoAF A variant and have planned doing it in 1/32 but never found the holy grail Tamiya 1/32 Thunderbird kit as it is the best starting point (though seemingly at a huge price now). I didn't think the MLU jets used the early wheels, though could easily be proved wrong. The only options I ever found were the original Hasegawa kit and these resin ones from Hannants (look to be copies almost of the Hasegawa wheels) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PF32295. Neither are 100% accurate but they look like them to me. The whole gear set up in the Academy kit is the heavy type, could not find any AM plain gear doors too, only in the Hasegawa kit or Tamiya kit. The Hasegawa kit main gear bay is too small though so you would have to modify them to fit the Academy kit, nothing for someone of your skills though! You might have to modify the Parapack tail too, it will have the thicker C base extension which is different to the earlier shapes, best just get some decent images and modify from there, some work but again no sweat really. There are other AM A style tails around, PWMP (looks to have shape problems to my eye) and Ksal hobby : http://www.modelmaker.com.pl/K32006-F-16A-B-MLU-Vertical-Tail-1-32-Academy-AFV-CLUB/1265/ You will need to modify the top of the tail on the Ksal one, it still retains the thicker C top for some reason. Probs are some other tweeks to do but I forget off the top of my head, would love to see a WIP of it here! Interested in what stencils you will use (I assume Zotz for the main markings), maybe have to combine maybe a few sheets? Good luck! David. edit, another thing worth mentioning...FS(3)6270..being a 'rivet counter' on RNoAF F-16s, the Modelmaster version nails this colour imho, I've tried Xtracolor, Mr Hobby and Mr Color. The latter two seem a bit too blue/purple, Xtracolour maybe a bit too light grey, Modelmaster without modification seems bang on to my eye. A grey is a grey though so a lot of paints can be used and it should look the business.
  3. Minion's therapeutic Mig

    Agree with all of the above, really fantastic model Craig! Love the extra touches like the wear marks around the canopy base and the sun bleaching, very convincing and really conveys a dusty, worn desert Mig extremely well. What is next? David
  4. Minion's therapeutic Mig

    Nailed it Craig! The weathering, finish, camo..well the whole lot just looks fantastic, look forward to the final result! David.
  5. Fantastic work so far Al, the engine looks very convincing indeed. I really look forward to more! David
  6. Beautiful Viper! The camo and weathering look superb. How did you do the gold tinting of the forward portion? It looks very convincing. Cheers, David.
  7. 1/48 KH Mirage F1 BE Tiger Meet 1988

    Nice choice! David
  8. Minion's therapeutic Mig

    ok thank you Craig. Is there a particular pressure you spray at? And how many layers do you usually do? I know, Egyptian Mig-21 schemes all look fantastic, I'll tackle a Mig-21RF some day!
  9. "A" vark

    That is a beauty Glynn, amazing job! The work on the canopy really paid off, loads of details and loads of weapons, just superb! David
  10. Minion's therapeutic Mig

    Simply amazing painting, that has to be the best scheme I've seen you do yet Craig on here! I love that scheme but crikey it really does confuse my eyes, very effective and perfectly executed on your model, a huge well done. Can I ask how you spray the Revell acrylics, the finish you get is the smoothest I've seen, I tried recently and I was hopeless with them David
  11. Swiss Mirage IIIRS 1/32 Italeri

    Yes Wez. For some reason the link refused to load the images so I thought it was broken, seems to work fine now for me oddly! The content was made by Jean-Paul Poiseroux, a member of BM. I asked some specific Mirage questions (and that canalblog page) in the linked topic below. It probably is worthwhile contacting him for some more specific information if he can help. Yes the extended leg/fork pitched up the nose, depressing the tail, so the vertical stab could fit in the tunnels IIRC, quite a novel idea. According to the information given by Jean-Paul Poiseroux the extension was 30cm for the IIIRS, though this is just a general dimension and no more specifics. I was going to use good reference images and take measurements and scale factors off them to try and replicate it, very much 'if it looks close enough it is good to go' approach :). Also very much guided by the LSP forum IIIRS build I linked before, that guy did an amazing job on his. The best information I have seen, which Wez linked in the reference thread (the one I saved as a pdf) is this one by Jean-Paul Poiseroux: https://web.archive.org/web/20150423093419/http://replic.canalblog.com/ Hopefully it may answer some questions or contacting Jean-Paul Poiseroux may be even more help. I never started my build because of no decals at that time. In the meantime however Kinetic did announce they would release a 1/32 Mirage IIIE series and if it follows the same path as their 1/48 releases, a 1/32 IIIS/RS may be on the cards, though it could be years away...not sure I can hold out that long so will probably do the Italeri kit conversion too when I can. Anyways I look forward to your build Evert David
  12. Swiss Mirage IIIRS 1/32 Italeri

    Evert, fantastic choice! I have contemplated converting the Italeri kit for a while now into a IIIS (many things similar IIIRS) and admire you actually taking it on . The Matterhorn sheets are superb btw, some of the best decals I have seen, they should make your build a stunner. Not sure how 'rivet counter' you want to be with your build but there are a few more mods over just canards that would be required to fully convert a IIIR into a IIIRS. The hardest is probably the extended front nose gear assembly, IIRC the Italeri kit doesn't have the lengthened gear bay and front leg/fork. There was a great Swiss Mirage reference online once, unfortunately I cannot find it now, but luckily I made a pdf of it and can send it to you if you like? It includes things like the canard dimensions etc...also the other mods that you can choose to totally ignore or have a go at. Whatever way you go I really look forward to your build, Swiss Mirages are the best imho! This build could be of help here of a 1/32 (Revell) IIIRS: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=27348 . I know I will use that one a lot! Cheers, David
  13. "A" vark

    Looking the business Glynn! Looks bigger than some 1/32 models!
  14. RF-111C 6 Sqn. RAAF Base Amberley 88 - completed

    Another level Rich, amazing scratch building for the recon bay and the cockpit looks the real deal!
  15. 1/48 Hobby Boss F-111F Aardvark **FINISHED**

    Amazing build Muzz, fantastic! David.