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  1. Looking fantastic Giorgio, all the colours/panels look spot on. Given the progress, you have loads more time now for more T/F-104s . The Vingtor RNoAF CF-104 sheets seem almost a myth from my experience, I'm looking for the 1/48 one but if I stumble across a 1/72 version in my searches I'll let you know! David
  2. 1:72 Lockheed F-104N Joe Walker Tribute

    Cracking work Bill, look forward to the painting! I don't know which exact orange was used but your Gunze test looks bang on with the photo of the real deal to my eyes at least. Cheers, David
  3. I agree with the others, looking fantastic! The shiney metal, white wings and red/white/blue markings will sure make for a very smart finish.
  4. Great to see one of your builds Jens, especially a F-104S! David
  5. Spanish Airforce C.8 1/48

    Nice progress Werner, watch out for those DACO wings though, the Hasegawa tip tanks don't fit without modification when I tried mine! David
  6. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    If my RNoAF F-104 turns out half as good as that I'll be delighted, fantastic model James! Lovely work so far on the Turkish model, I'm sure you will nail this one too. cheers David
  7. Very clever, I have saved this pic for future builds and will use it plenty, thanks for showing us it (Fantastic painting too!). David
  8. MarkSH's NF104

    Great conversion work so far and the in flight display will be awesome! David
  9. 1/48 F-104J/DJ JASDF

    Very interesting choices again Craig, that blue camo single seater in post 11 is one of the best F-104 schemes I have seen yet, I look forward to that one in particular! The exhaust looks bang on, this will be a great watch.
  10. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Great choice James. Did you finish your RNoAF F-104 btw? It looked fantastic IIRC. cheers David
  11. Spanish Airforce C.8 1/48

    I look forward to this Werner! David
  12. Great choices Andrew! David
  13. Fantastic work Giorgio and as usual your choice of subject is really interesting to me. The method to strongly and cleanly place the pitot tube until later is a smart one, for sure I will use that in the future as every time, without fail, I have broken my pitot during an F-104 build at some point! The rear rivets are an interesting one to tackle. I've built a few of these 1/72 F-104s so I know it can be tricky around the underside seam as the plastic is so thin there and the fit not so great, to sand a lot in these areas (especially with my touch) to remove filler placed in the rivets could make the plastic too thin on the undersides (never mind replacing them and risking puncture/damage of the thin surface) and it is one reason why I eventually left mine in place in the end, plus I actually quite like the life they bring to the surface. My point being, which I want to try on the 1/48 or 1/72 kit one day, is maybe adding a texture to the rear fueslage. Sanding directly along the lines of vertical rivets could not only reduce them and make a better scale appearance but also introduce a very slightly rippled texture which is noticeable in many photographs including painted aircraft. Or, first sand the whole rear to reduce the rivet depth somewhat, then sand more on the vertical rivet lines (using Tamiya curve tape to guide/protect) in order to reduce further to scale and introduce texture. Of course I wouldn't want to recommend anything to damage this very nice model in progress (especially when I haven't even tried it myself yet to see if it works) but just a random speculative idea for future F-104s, though given it is 1/72 introducing a surface texture may do more good than bad for the final appearance. I'm not sure, maybe in 1/48 and up you can get away with it and I think I will give it a go in the future. Also, can I ask how you are able to decide the exact colour of the tail for a particular RNoAF F-104? Do you have a good reference book/online source or is it on the Vingtor instructions (which I assume are excellent)? Keep up the great work, I look forward to the NMF! Cheers, David
  14. Did anyone manage to gather any (more) information about Italeri's new 1/32 Tornado at SMW? Cheers, David
  15. 1/72 F-16 canopy question-Tamiya/Revell swap?

    I understand your point, there is a lot to it for another discussion however. Revell are a worse offender imho as they are European with all those advantages etc... Just a few pages of looking on forums like these at RFI/WIP/GB threads is a case in point of 'why' for a lot of releases, WWII simply rules.