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  1. Couldnt find much myself, but this is where @exdrakens picture is from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4uGwsw_xkM . The motion in the short clips might give you some better perception of the depth and angles. Also another picture with pretty much the same detail: Great closeup, but looks very different. Wrong missile perhaps? Also a great closeup of a inert here (watermarked photo) https://www.alamy.com/rafaleaviation-flight-aircraft-missile-rocket-fighter-air-attack-unit-safety-sky-blue-space-air-corridor-location-navigation-fly-high-image186647623.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=5178DCEF-981D-4D47-9F84-D7C26CD8FE89&p=59047&n=560&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3Dbar%26st%3D0%26sortby%3D2%26qt%3Drafale%26qt_raw%3Drafale%26qn%3D%26lic%3D3%26edrf%3D0%26mr%3D0%26pr%3D0%26aoa%3D1%26creative%3D%26videos%3D%26nu%3D%26ccc%3D%26bespoke%3D%26apalib%3D%26ag%3D0%26hc%3D0%26et%3D0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3D0%26loc%3D0%26ot%3D0%26imgt%3D0%26dtfr%3D%26dtto%3D%26size%3D0xFF%26blackwhite%3D%26cutout%3D%26archive%3D1%26name%3D%26groupid%3D%26pseudoid%3D%26userid%3D%26id%3D%26a%3D%26xstx%3D0%26cbstore%3D0%26resultview%3DsortbyPopular%26lightbox%3D%26gname%3D%26gtype%3D%26apalic%3D%26tbar%3D1%26pc%3D%26simid%3D%26cap%3D1%26customgeoip%3D%26vd%3D0%26cid%3D%26pe%3D%26so%3D%26lb%3D%26pl%3D0%26plno%3D%26fi%3D0%26langcode%3Den%26upl%3D0%26cufr%3D%26cuto%3D%26howler%3D%26cvrem%3D0%26cvtype%3D0%26cvloc%3D0%26cl%3D0%26upfr%3D%26upto%3D%26primcat%3D%26seccat%3D%26cvcategory%3D*%26restriction%3D%26random%3D%26ispremium%3D1%26flip%3D0%26contributorqt%3D%26plgalleryno%3D%26plpublic%3D0%26viewaspublic%3D0%26isplcurate%3D0%26imageurl%3D%26saveQry%3D%26editorial%3D1%26t%3D0%26edoptin%3D%26filters%3D0 I hope they're helpful in any way!
  2. Thank you! It went pretty well at first, but I butchered the primer. Thanks to David, he gave me the advice of wet sanding it down, which turned out okay. But I still have a long way to go. I never got the varnish entirely right, but I think the rough dull look just suits the weathered look I was going for better, so I was kinda lucky I guess. Thanks! I hope you like the weathered models, as Im probably gonna stick to making them (and they make it easier to conceal imperfections, which is perfect for the time being O:) hehe) Thank you so much!
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first post on here, and I'd like to show all of you my second build, and first one with an airbrush. The kit is the newest Eduard P-51D Mustang done in a 308th Fighter Squadron scheme, built with the Eduard gun bays for the P-51. This is as well my first kit with resin parts/detail kit. The paints are all Vallejo, and more specifically the Metal color line with aluminium on the fuselage and dull aluminium on the wings. Im sorry for not having a professional photostudio setup, but I ran out to get some realistic/better lighting just before the sun set behind the mountain. I'm really looking forward to hearing feedback, whether it be negative or positive. I'm very eager to learn and improve on anything I can. I'd also like to thank all of you on here for all the information Ive found, and you seem like a great community overall. Also a big thanks to David (mirageiv) as he's been extremely kind answering all of my questions, and giving me tons of tips. Enjoy! -Leander
  4. I see. I initially didn't think they were this delicate instruments, but I'll def reconsider getting a new one. Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you! Theres a pretty cheap used Ultra locally, so that might be it then. The triggervariant sure looks tempting, but I'd rather learn the traditional way as there seems to be way more alternatives later on.
  6. Hello! I hate to be 'that new guy' coming in with the same question as everyone else, but I really cant seem to find a definite answer. Ive been lookin around, and see a lot of people recommending the Iwatas for a first as they're cheap and decent, but I'm curious if Id be able to do what Im planning to with it. Im looking for an overall airbrush, as it will be my only one for completing all the tasks. I plan on doing everything from Basecoats, paintjobs, camopaintjobs, Mottling and varnishes. Is it even doable with only one airbrush? or would I have to get more of them for different tasks? I forgot to mention that I will mainly be building 1/48 scale aircraft. perhaps some 1/24 cars later. Looking forward to hear if anyones got any opinion or experience! -Leander
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