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  1. Great result from that kit. Thanks for sharing your memories. Actually I have memories for that kit too: My sister and I went to the local hobby shop with our dad in the late 70s or early 80s. My sister got that kit, which she did in the Candy Cane scheme. I still think I came out better though: I got the Esci F-16A course I instantly loved the shape of it. Still remember my dad saying that it is science fiction . Did it up in Belgian markings in the SEA scheme, as they had their 104s. Good days...
  2. The new Brassin TIALD pod comes with the decals for Sandra and Tracy. TIALD instructions
  3. Fantastic conversion! Would have never thought of converting the PR Mk.XIX.
  4. Really nice Spit. Love your NMF and would like to know how you achieved it. It was a pair of Mk.IXs operating against high altitude JU-86s. Both were stripped off any unneeded equipment including the paint to increase their altitude performance. They operated together as a hunter/killer pair. The one modeled by roadrunner had only .303 machine guns to inflict some damage and force the JU-86 down, where the second one, armed with (heavier) cannons, could finish it off. Cheers, Joerg
  5. Brilliant work. A F-86A is "on the list" and you showed how it is done.
  6. Lovely Phantom. Really sad to see them go this May. Cheers, Joerg
  7. David, what a beauty. All the work really paid off. I absolutely adore your Viper and hope mine turns out half as good. All the best, Joerg
  8. Ace job! Fantastic finish on your Folgore. Cheers, Joerg
  9. David, it is just beautiful! Your build is a real inspiration. Heck, I've never had any interest in those black nosed Vipers, but last night I even searched the internet for pics... Aren´t you going to put any weapons on your model? I´d probably put an AIM-9J acquisition round on one of the rails. But anyways, super job! Cheers, Joerg
  10. David, I wouldn't bother about something as a side panel angle either, but effectively the front side panels of the tub (where the side panels angle up towards the IP) are way too steep. This steep angle means that the IP sits too far back and Aires came up with the smart idea to just cover that up by adding a goofy flat part to the IP front, which just does not exist on the real thing. On a plane as the F-16 with its one-piece canopy hinged at the back this just stands out. I know what I am talking about, as I actually ruined one kit to find out, which now has only a chance to be
  11. David, my Viper is already too far in progress to enter it in the group build. That said, at the speed I am building, I'd still have a hard time to finish it in time. My build speed can be described as "glacial".... The fuselage is basically built up, with a few things still to be ironed out (e.g. I had the same fit issue you have described on the nose side panels and still have to fix that. Also the front intake piece still has to be build and I complicated matters by opening the communications panel on the port side. I still have to scratchbuild that. A lot of things you des
  12. Beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft. Think I have to get one of these myself... Cheers, Joerg
  13. Dang! Phenomenal model. Just love all the details and the fine finish. Cheers, Joerg
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