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  1. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    That's my new goal, to build new kits and not just stick them in the stash. It's a lot of fun to build a new kit. I did. If you zoom in you'll see the overspray, but some thinned out paint will help cover those. My hand was super cramped after the white paint work... ouch!
  2. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    Got some paint down this weekend. I masked the wing crosses since it's just the four white Ls. I used some Montex masks from a 109 set that has the same size. The Eduard profile shows RLM 75/74 inside the cross, so I went ahead and added that as well for interest. First paint was white, then masks, then 74/75, and then I masked the whole cross to paint the greens. White was gunze and 75/74 is MRP. For the JG 54 greens, I used two green shades of Vallejo model air from a "paint green tanks set" and I like how they look. I did some research to figure out what shades to use, but nothing definitive. I like the looks of the two greens! I need to build more JG 54 birds. Maybe a 109 too. For the white camo I used MRP arctic gray that I have for the F-16 aggressor. I was going for dirty white, but looking for something that sprayed better than any white I currently have in my arsenal. got some stuff to clean up, but it's mostly done. It certainly pops. The white makes the greens look darker in photos. Thanks for looking!
  3. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    I'm going to be building more of these 48th scale ones. Especially since the A5, A/F8, and others will be coming out in the next years (or however long). 190 with a spit prop??? hehe I masked the canopies and painted up the lowers earlier this week. So I didn't know about the offset seam line that runs down the top and bottom of the rear fuselage. Ah well, at least for next time I'll get it right. I'm trying to work up the courage to scribe it and repaint and re-mask... but I'm feeling weak.... I'm going to be using the brassin wheels that I got for a deal a bit ago. But I will say that the kit wheels are ok because they will be painted black......but I love the detail of the resin ones! Thanks for looking,
  4. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    Paint! Good ole MM RLM 04 yellow. MAYBE I can get to the RLM 76 tomorrow. Fall break, so one more day out of school. thanks,
  5. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    Thanks for the kinds words! I painted vallejo model color german gray (which is pretty close to the Tamiya shade of the same name) over top the gray sections of the PE. It certainly helps, and still shows some of the business of the PE. I have two RAAF spitfires that I can't do anything else on till the decals snuggle down all the way, so while I wait for those to set/dry/shape, I've been plugging away at this 190. Kit goes together without complaint. I'm motivated and having fun since I just got it. Good luck on your butcher bird!
  6. Good afternoon gents, Spruebros landed a 190A-4 on my front porch on Friday, so of course I started it. Actually, this is the very first time I've ever done that. Normally a new kit gets explored, but then put into the stash to await a later build date. Some of those "new kits" are actually still in the stash. Not the 190A-4! I started snipping parts from the sprues and built up everything I could that didn't need paint. The new tool 190 kit is a lot of fun. Things fit well and are engineered well. It feels a lot simpler than the Spitfire or 109, but still has plenty to enjoy. What engine!? Ahh... the fit of the wings/fuselage/gun bays!! So nice. Here is what I'm going for: Cockpit without weathering: The PE is not the blue-ish color from other eduard RLM 66 PE sheets, but it's more gray, but still doesn't match my go to RLM 66, Tamiya German Gray. So I painted over the PE to get the colors back. The kit also has nice molded IP and cockpit sills/consoles. I'm going to use those next time instead of PE. I cut a hole in the frame under the cowling so I can add the exhaust stacks in later. Cut away: And once the pit was done, then I just started glueing pieces together! Thanks for looking!
  7. 1/48 GWH Mig-29 9.12

    Looks great! Congrats!
  8. The Eduard Spitfire is a great kit to build. These will be number 3 and 4 that I've built. I appreciate the fit and the engineering. The two part cowl top and lower chin/scoop can make for some frustrating seam filling, but in the end it's ok. I will be building more for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing your build sometime soon. Headed to decals: Thanks everyone for the kind words.
  9. Paint updates: I added the anti-glare panel to the NMF and finished the rest of the shark mouth scheme. Switching back and forth between the four camo colors was tiring, but I like how the different shades came out. Thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks! One of the covers is Barracuda and the other is ultracast and I can't remember which one is which.
  11. The MSG was kinda dark. I "black" based it over a dark gray instead of black to help lighten the final coat, but I think it's still too dark, so I worked on lightening the MSG. I think it looks better now and not as much contrast between MSG and sky blue. The other 8 will be NMF and I haven't done one of those yet. So someone told me to use a tamiya rattle can as a base and then build up some alcald or similar on top. AS-12 bare metal silver Then I used duraluminum and white aluminum alclad shades (and a mix of the two) to paint panels. So far so good... now the lowers. Thanks!
  12. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 109G-4 "Black 1"

    Agreed! And early Gs. I have an F coming up with all yellow nose and 79/78!
  13. Cockpits were finished up: Assembled: Painting the lowers: I don't have RAAF sky blue, so I used something I believe is close. Should work. Thanks for looking!
  14. Eduard's 109G-4 from the Royal boxing! Here is what I'm going for: Cockpit: DOH! Fixed: Lowers in Gunze RLM 78. Drop tank is RLM 76 just for fun. It's plausible to me. Yellow sections is Model Master RLM 04 and white is some gunze FS color. RLM 79 is Tamiya Desert yellow with various other shades for shadow and highlights. RLM 80 is Vallejo model air. Thanks for looking!
  15. 1/32 Revell Bf 109G-14 "Blue 62"

    Thanks Roman, Check out the right up from Anders on his profile paint shop page. http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/10/bf109g-14-schwarze-62.html Anders' work is inspiring.