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  1. Westland Sea King HU5

    BS381C:537 Signal Red, to be precise, and I hope eventually my HU.5 might look half as good in it as Dan's does - meanwhile, you'd best not look at my German Mk.41 or Belgian Mk.48 unless wearing a welder's mask!
  2. Westland Sea King HU5

    What colour did you use for the main Doppler aerial plate, Dan, and presumably are also going to use on the two smaller front ones (that you haven't forgotten about)?
  3. Revell Tornado - warped sprues

    Not necessarily during production - if I recall correctly, when AmTech did their EC-135N version of AMT's C-135 kit, a large number of early boxings were found to have fuselage and wing halves so badly warped replacements had to be issued, and it was due to the kits having been stored next to heating ducts before being sent to retailers.... You say you've contacted the seller - a shop, online, or private? Whichever, it may well be due to where the kit was kept before you got it - I never store kits in the loft, purely because the heat build-up could cause such issues....
  4. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    One of these, perhaps actually even this one:
  5. Westland Sea King HU5

    Sometimes I struggle to see things - but I can certainly see the double row on the left, and if I'm not mistaken, there are actually two single rows to the right? They show up better on the grey in the first pic, and better on the red in the second.....
  6. HC.4 junglie questions

    Ah. OK - I was going off a SAR HU.5 photo in the Haynes manual which identified the rear section of the central overhead console as the circuit breaker panel, which is presumably what you refer to as the "main cb panel". You're saying the Mk.4 had additional panels either side? Intrigued as to why - the HC.4 had less 'systems' than other Mks, eg., no radar, no sonar, non-retractable undercarriage, so why did it need more circuit breakers?
  7. HC.4 junglie questions

    The circuit breaker panel is part of the overhead console which you've already fitted between the tinted windows....
  8. Show us your stash!?

    Just shown a few of the above to my OH - should stop any complaints about how many kits I have... ....I thought I had a lot - probably SABLE, but then I'm getting on - but pales in comparison to some!
  9. Westland Sea King HU5

    I've actually just noticed that there's another grille directly below the one that started this off.... ....should be easy enough for me to retrospectively add the upper one to my completed builds, as my grilles are homemade decals.... ....not sure I'll go to the trouble of doing the lower one as well though, as it's hidden away behind either a Barn Door or EAPS filter, apart from on the HAS.1 and Mk.41....
  10. Westland Sea King HU5

    Like this? Right click and open in new window to enlarge.... As confirmed in this shot (also enlargeable), just the one grille on the inner starboard intake - perhaps the equivalent to the vertical grilles on the port side?
  11. HC.4 junglie questions

    Very nice work - now I wonder where that sandwich bag technique came from.......???? Nice to see someone else using it!
  12. Westland Sea King HU5

    The first four Canadian CH-124 Sea Kings were built by Sikorsky, and the following 37 by United Aircraft in Montreal. Mitsubishi built Sea Kings under licence as the HSS-2B - and the Japanese aircraft have more grilles than any other version....
  13. Westland Sea King HU5

    Pedancy is such a word - it's actually the more authentic native version of pedantry, which was an import to the English language....
  14. HC.4 junglie questions

    The short answer for the upper windows is yes, same blue-greenish colour for all Westland Sea Kings - its appearance can vary according to lighting conditions.... ....I use a mix of Tamiya Clear Blue and Clear Green and Klear, as described and pictured here:
  15. Airfix at Tesco? Other providers are available

    Tesco Direct has Airfix kits online with Clubcard points to be had, via 'partners' such as Jadlam and Howleys - some offers are available, eg., the catalogue is £10.49 from one source, but £4.99 from another....