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  1. Hello Dave, Thank you for the suggestion. While I will try and contact @Ex-FAAWAFU, being a "Newbie" I am not sure how this is done. Could you perhaps give him a heads up? Thanks again, Iain
  2. Hello Seahawk, Thank you for the reference list. As mention, I do not have access to my book & magazine collection. I currently have no income. Whilst I have bought a couple of downloads on-line I am very much trying to avoid spending money particularly when I already have what I am looking for but cannot get to it. Hence this request on Britmodeller. Perhaps I should have given my request a catchier title? Thank you again. Iain
  3. Hoping someone can help. I am a former Fleet Air Arm Sea King pilot (1978-1990) and have been a volunteer at Morayvia (Morayvia.org.uk) for the last few years. We are intended to put on a display about the hunt for, and sinking of the Bismarck for the forthcoming 80th anniversary of this event. It is hoped for the display to be part of Morayvia's exhibits, assuming we can open this season, and/or a virtual (www.morayvia.org.uk/virtual-morayvia-experience) exhibit. Whilst the display will be concerned mainly with the Coastal Command involvement, given Morayvia's links to RAF Ki
  4. Hello all, This only my second ever post and I hope I have raised it in the correct section after the furore my first post caused. I have recently bought an old Airfix Chieftain Tank kit online. I am wondering if someone has put a more recent edition of the kit in an old box because the tracks are black, when I seem to remember the tracks were a dull silver colour when I built the kit when it first came out 50 years ago or so. However I paid little more than for a current "Series 2" kit so not too bothered. There's the background, my question is, can anybody suggest a reliable g
  5. Hello All, I have recently bought a small pile of Aeroclub (I think) 1/72 ejection seats. I have old Aeroclub catalogues, though not immediately to hand, and they were not illustrated. Does anybody have, or know where I might get, an illustrated list of the seats that Aeroclub produced so that I might properly identify the seats I have bought. Hoping someone might be able to help. Thanks in advance. PS - This is also listed in the Cold War section
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