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  1. With the pictures from today, I want to finish this thread. Here a few pictures with details I have added to improve the Airfix model. Instead of the Decals I`ve used Evergreen plastic for two black strips and the oval hatch. At the right underside of the fuselage are several drain pipes made out of brass tubes. On the right and left side of the upper fuselage are two small air vents On the left side of the fuselage I`ve added two small instruments. The left and right bulge on top of the wing root are too prominent. I`ve sanded down both as seen on original aircraft pictures. On the parachute box at the rear we will find a thin rubber sealing and an oblong plate made out of Evergreen plastic and stretched sprue. Next pictures shows some surface details achieved with scribing tools as described before. The pitot tube from Master is a real improvement and every cent worth. And last but not least some pics of the finished model "on the box". I hope the weather conditions will be better next weeks, so I`ll try to shoot some exposures of my model in front of the hangar on a sunny day.
  2. Meanwhile are the Decals on the model. As I have described already before, the Decals own a matt carrier film. However, they are printed for it very thinly. Before the Application of the Decals I have polished the layer with the brilliant varnish with Micromesh 12000 grit. One can recognise by the large Decals "XP&500" it has no Silvering effect, provided the varnish surface is clean and smooth Finally the Decals were protected once again with a brilliant varnish. After approx. 12 hours I have begun with the wash of panellines. For the white spraying I`ve used Ammo MIG Panel Line Wash Medium Gray. The rivets were engraved with the Rosie the riveter tool and the screws with the Rivet Master. I found the additional rivets and screws give a little bit more deep ones to the model. Screws and Panellines were painted on the black surface with Ammo MIG Panel Line Wash Light grey.
  3. Wow, fantastic finish. Looks great. What kind are the issues? Thx for sharing that beautiful " Skull Breaker"
  4. Yes I like that finish since my childhood. I remember, as a little boy I held a kit of a S.A. Bulldog from Airfix in my hands. It had the same colours. At that time I was very fascinated.
  5. The SBS resin wheels are all the money worth. Really nice and crisp details. You never will regret.
  6. I can Flickr absolutely recommend. It works fast and overall it`s easy.
  7. Thx to all for the nice comments and a special thx for 71chally and Woody37. I`ve registered at Flickr. And hey it works fast and smooth. Next pics shows the model entirely painted and varnished with an acrylic gloss colour from Alclad. It is a perfect topcoat for decals and the weathering steps with oilcolours. The wing underside is painted with Light aircraft grey from Aeromaster. Here it looks like white but is indeed grey. The wingtanks are completely painted and all necessary decals are applied. It is a bit tricky to apply the matt decals without any silvering. But with an glossy and perfectly smooth surface it is not a real problem.
  8. Seems I stay with PB on the dark side of the Imperator`s software republic. Must change to Flickr.
  9. Thx for your hint. I`ll try Flickr instead of PB.
  10. Sry, I`ve missed to take a pic of the finished instrument board. I will do it after removing the masking tape of the cockpit. I try to explain what i`ve done. At first I drilled out all instrument spaces on the original plasticpart and thinned down the thickness of the board. The instrument decals are corresponding perfectly with the board. After applying the decal on white plasticcard, I` ve glued that part behind the instrument board and fitted the outlines of both parts with sanding paper. One can see a lil`bit at the second pic ( the front board) of my update.
  11. I`ve found time now to reduce and upload the next pictures of my WIP thread. Sry for the delay. Moreover, I always have any computer problems if I`m opening photobucket. Don`t know why! Meanwhile the cockpit is painted. The small data placards are from Airscale. The mainwheels from Airfix are not useable. All surfaces looked as shown on the picture. As an alternative I`ve used the wonderful resin wheels from SBS models. The differences in detail are absolutely considerable. Some of the missed details shown on the pictures of the original plane, like the two small instruments on the left rear fuselage or the sealing rubber of the brake chute, air vents here and there are scratch built. Not shown here are the afterwards engraved screws and hinges nor the rivets. And the small air vent hole on the rear wing root is also not shown at this pic. There is also a very fat seem on the vertical rudder, I`ve sanded away the Airfix interpretation and used one made out of an stretched plastic rod. The complete undercarriage is panted meanwhile, but not wethered yet. To prevent a tailsitter for the next photoshooting in front of my hangar, I used Liquid Gravity weight, glued-in with white glue. The white glue was thinned with water for better dispersion. The model is by now most reasonable painted. The red and white paintsheme is a horrible work..masking here and masking there, correcting here and so far....but it looks fairly pretty at the moment and maybe the next Photobucket session will show new pic`s.
  12. Wow, that`s nice! I like all tose lil`details you`ve added.
  13. Looks nice so far, you did a fine job. Anyhow one likes these old kits from Monogram, it has the taste of the youth. ( If I proberly remind the first kit from this Phantom series was released in 1979 ) It is very interesting to see such an old kit under construction wit new accessorie detail sets. I`m in, I`m curiuos!
  14. Where can I catch the little elf? I need a Victor.... Very nice built, btw. has woken up my interest in this kit.
  15. This becomes a top model for sure. And so many tips in your WIP report, that`s splendid. Thx for that.