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  1. Azureglo's Manned Missile

    @RidgeRunner It turns out I have another one of the Revell kits still wrapped in cellophane in my stash according to my records. Perhaps if my attempt with this succeeds, a NMF may be added and I can feed the great god of eBay with shrink wrapped one too. Now I have to get my butt in gear & build this one first. A
  2. What have you purchased 9

    Venison for Sunday roast by any chance? A
  3. Supermarine Type 224

    Try here. Kits for Cash are here on the traders section Cheers Anil
  4. PK-23 Tempest Mk.II RIAF

    Nice work Charlie, thanks for reminding me about the "dimples": I have a pile of the Home Bargains £2.99 Typhoons so one of them may give up the required rockets. Seeing as IAF as used these mostly for ground attack some explosives would be good. You saw the site I linked to in my upcoming build, I think the spinners seem to be painted the same as the airframe not the bogus beige Matchbox indicate. In fact looking at the codes etc I think MB pretty much made up the markings and colours but hey, its the 70's as Marc Bolan urged us "Lets get it on" (even if its the wrong colour and font). Liking the progress you've made but mine is going to more leisurely with custom decals, added cockpit and general AMS crap that will never be seen. Cheers Anil
  5. PK-23 Tempest Indian Air Force

    Looking at pics, seemed to be both with and without yellow tips. My decision will also be influenced by how much I detest masking and spraying yellow, A
  6. PK-23 Tempest Indian Air Force

    @Beard Basingstoke has a huge Nepali/Gurkha population, virtually all ex-servicemen granted residency and pensions after Joanna Lumley fought for the rights of these brave souls. I put the idea of using frozen Momo to my ex-Gurkha neighbor and his eyes widened then said he'd take his Kukri to anyone who froze a Momo! Passionate folk these Nepalese or maybe he's from Gurkha offshoot of Gordon Ramsey's clan. Anyhow back to modelling, got a week or two of inactivity looming due to a new contract but thought I'd "correct" those nasty brown Matchbox decals: First off I think the blue versions are the spurious fantasy of a profile artist on the Wings Palette site. Logically the colours would derive from the Indian flag. Then I found this handy little site. Now extrapolating colour from monochrome photos is at best a dubious pursuit but looking at this, I think it would be safe to assume the centre of this Chakra was the same colour at the spokes. A bit or artistic licence and few minutes with Adobe Illustrator and voila: A bit of dithering but the colours are way more accurate and applied over masked white circles these should be infinitely better than the manure hued kit offerings. Cheers A
  7. "A Bucket of Sunshine" - Airfix Victor B.Mk.2

    I'm assuming you know about this to ease your pain? A
  8. Forgotten Komet

    A ludicrous forgotten build: Started this to test Mr Color Luftwaffe paints back in May 2016. I lost the Morane mast aerial and then with my move, illness, life etc., it got put into a box and completely forgotten till yesterday. Looking closely, it needs said mast scratched/robbed, then some detail painting, final matt coat and she'll be ready for the shelf. What could possibly go wrong? Anil
  9. PK-23 Tempest Indian Air Force

    I'll be attempting to use the kit ones for the Indian Air Force (the box says "Royal Indian air force, no such thing, India became independent in 1947 and has been a democracy ever since!) @Black Knight pointed out the Chakras (roundels) may be inaccurate and the fin flash will need to be repainted as its should be the orange in the Indian flag. I really like the Chakras and lots of resources have them this colour, they apparently represent Dharma, the Wheel of Life. Ah, had some Momo last night courtesy of my Nepali neighbors, minced lamb, pork & veggie! Getting a lesson on how to make them tomorrow. Delightful hues Pete, the 13 year old me loved the instant camouflage, much better than those naff Airfix kits all in one color. Cheers all Anil
  10. The princely sum of £5.99 secured this immaculate and unmolested example of PK-23 which I will be doing as an Indian Air Force example and as proof of my Indian heritage , it will be seen in the gallery with my homemade Chicken Balti. Build will be enhanced by a failed Airfix Typhoon which will be cannibalized for parts, accurate or not. Should at least keep my F-5B company as it approaches primer and masking. I'm hoping that with some judicious dry fitting and fettling I should avoid the large amounts of priming and sanding that's been the F-5B to date. Cheers Anil
  11. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Hi Steve, I'll do a for sale listing in the appropriate section on BM next week, its against the rules to use a STGB chat area for sales. BTW I was going to give these away till I checked eBay, lets say i was surprised to say the least. I did some inquiring with GF and it turns out that she's helping a friend clear out a large house for a friend whose father has sadly passed away. Said father apparently worked for Lesney in the sixties and seventies hence the unused condition of these. Cheers Anil
  12. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I'll happily send you one for the cost of postage, I have plenty of a4 hardback envelopes from Hannants to recycle. The only fly in the ointment is exorbitant cost of said postage, Royal Mail want an appalling GBP 5.05 for the cheapest service to Oz for an a4 hardback envelope! Of course, this would be a feline free service... Cheers Anil
  13. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Depends, what's the going rate for litter tray liners? Anil
  14. Matchbox II GB Chat

    New GF is a bit of an antiques trader cum wheeler dealer, turned up last night to go to the Henning Wehn show, clutching these, said she was going to use them to line her cats litter tray then remembered I do models...there are least 10 "litter tray liners". A
  15. PK-39 F-5B

    A small update, I braved the multiple gaps and milliputed then sanded like a fool: It looks acceptable, only primer will tell... Added coloured nav lights to the tank tips, these will be fun to mask. Now I've got some modelling time, lets see if we can this this primered, I've got a Fury Tempest arriving shortly... Cheers A