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  1. F-15E, 1/144 Revell

    Nicely done, have fun with the cft bomb carriers... A
  2. F-15C Aggressor "Flanker Scheme"

    Not mention steps 1 - 8, I love these Hokeyboss kits though, easy to fix and look ok. Mind you if I'd paid £16 for one I'd be mightliy displeased... A
  3. Hobbyboss Mig-15UTi: It's Alive!

    Well as my Mojo has shimmied back, I found all the bits for this and restarted it: Eduard landing light for the hole HB provide Totally fictitious sight glass and filler for slipper tanks Final bits, painted and washed. This should see the finish line next week after a years delay, so much so for a quick build.... A
  4. Well seeing as my wee F-15E made it to the finish line, I felt adventurous: A nice 1/72 Hasegawa eagle dressed in Aggressor Camo to complement my F-5E from last year. I got the HB as a freebie from a friend whose AMS it had offended and the Hase was a HLJ bargain at under £10 delivered so no big bucks here. A quick peruse of the decal sheet and instructions had me howling with laughter, I was not going through micro modelling again. So plan B, a quick build of the Hokeyboss. So on to the sprues, simple and crude as ever... A little light aftermarket as per my F-5E build should liven things up in the front room: Great camo but not sure about the garish colours, I'll be mixing up my patented Mr El Cheapo paints for this: It should be a nice therapeutic second build, need to make some FOD covers as Hokeybozz simply blank off the intakes and thoughtfully don't provide a the blanking plate for the avionics bay behind the pilot. That said , I'm looking forward to my Blue Eagle! A
  5. F-15E, 1/144 Revell

    i used my RP Toolz punch set , stamped out some discs from very thin plastic and used one of my home made sanders (McDonalds Stirrers, double sided tape & wet/dry paper) which fitted nicely into the gap. You could improvise as any thin plastic disc of the roughly the right size will work, I use Zapagap+ accelerator that fills/glues and is ready to sand in 30 secs, but ordinary putty could work as well. Ideally , this works best before glue-ing on the intakes. And If you want to make it simpler, just make your own skinny sander like mine, and use putty? Lastly if you're in no rush, I could stamp out some discs of approximately the right size and send them to you by mail. Cheers A
  6. Gallery

    Aircraft: F-15E Tigermeet of the Americas 2005 Kit: Revell 1/144 F-15E OOB Paint: Mr Color pre thinned with Mr Leveling thinner Sedatives: Laphraiog Quarter cask, Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, Woff Blass Yellow label Cabernet Sauvignon Eye test: Specsavers WIP: Here
  7. Azureglo's Return: Revell 144 F-15E- Finished

    Yes, incredibly enough I finished a mere few weeks after starting! More pics in the gallery. This was a hoot but very trying as small parts bent, front wheel and one main UC leg disappeared etc. In reality it was as much work as a 1/72 but infinitely more fragile: I learn to love the magic of Glue'n Glaze, its even better than Gators Grip. My pre thinned Mr Color was a dream to use and touch up. Made me fall back in love with this hobby enough to consider a 1/72 F-15C from the pile... A
  8. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Hi Nigel, what is this incredibly useful large punch set? A
  9. Hobby Boss 1/72 F-5E

    Interesting kit, I built one last year for the F-5 STBG, turned out surprisingly well : Are you using the kits decals? A
  10. Azureglo's Return: Revell 144 F-15E- Finished

    More progress: All decals on and sealed detail painting done Loving the Daco Red, snuggled all the decals down into the panel lines beautifully Suitably chuffed with titanium effect, considering this beastie is only 10 cm! Hand steady enough to do the nav lights and white thingy Well I'm a happy bunny, gonna take a few days break while I receive a replacement nosewheel from Dazzio (mine pinged off into the ether a week ago). Loving using my H&S brushes and Mr Paint clones, I can see my self finishing this next week and even starting a 1/72 F-15C... Have a great weekend all. A
  11. Decal solution?

    Never a truer work spoken: Now this I like the sound of, G. Is this the stuff? I quite fancy melting a few Academy decals for the hell of it... A
  12. Azureglo's Return: Revell 144 F-15E- Finished

    A glorious weekend of music, loved seeing the Stereophonics in note perfect action@ Victorious. Suitably energised, its time to decal: As I suspected these are very thick, my decision to leave off the CFT pylons was a good one. I turned immediately to the potions cabinet and got out the usual suspects, the red one at the end seemed the most logical choice: Have to say its beginning to look good. A note to potential builders of this: the tail decals are very over sized and the particularly the orange tiger pattern for the fin tops will need trimming. Luckily the decals are so thick , this is relatively easy after detaching from the backing paper but be aware, out of the collection above only the Daco Red had any impact and it needs a few applications even so. It's more of the same today, hoping that the fitting of my new smart meter won't knock out my electricity for the day as before. A thought here, a chap was asking about the "best" decal setting/softening solutions: It seems rather than just asking, its surely worth reading what there is on the web ( and there is a lot...). I quickly came to the conclusion that you'd pretty much needed most of the stuff I bought, as different manufacturers use wildly varying materials. I remember buying some eastern European decals that had warnings about the Gunze (Mr Mark) in bold red caps! Then other articles that suggested using neat cellulose thinner and my personal favorite, for Academy decals, Mr Hobby S cement! The point: so much of the pleasure from any craft is the exploring and experimenting to perfect our techniques, trying new materials , practising, learning how your tools work and acquiring the right tools,materials and skills. It seems such a shame that so many newbies start asking for the "Best" this or that virtually immediately looking for short cuts to expert modeller status. Rant over back to hot water and chemicals. A
  13. More 1/144 Eagles

    Fine work, Dazzio (and major thanks). The video is slo-mo but it so beautiful to see how these huge fighters can be so graceful. Perhaps its me (& Mungo) but F-15s are such elegant planes compared to the F-22/35 that are replacing them. The JASDF schemes seem to really show them at their best. I'm looking forward to seeing a 144 specialist like you at work, I was inspired by a blog called Ant Sized Man, these little miniatures looking stunning when you see them finished to a high standard. Cheers A
  14. More 1/144 Eagles

    Hey D Are you doing any of these wheels up? I've managed to lose my nosewheel , it turns out 25 psi was too much for my bluetack! BTW did you see this? I got the DXM /172 set specifically to do these JASDF aggressors. Cheers A
  15. Azureglo's Return: Revell 144 F-15E- Finished

    A small update: everything zipped up, primered and sprayed with Mr Color 305/317 A little reading revealed that although the whole airframe is painted the same boring gray, the nose cones seem to fade quicker hence some Mr Color 317 to lighten up the mood I'm truly amazed at the level of detail on this tiny kit but it will be my last as I'm returning to 1/72, getting the canopy masked and then assembling the three piece pylons was slightly harder than brain surgery. Next step, a few days for the paint to harden and then glossing and decaling- have my sight test booked for next week. Have a cool and groovy weekend all, I'm off to see the Stereophonics and Elbow at Victorious