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  1. So you want to buy a car?

    Have a look at this , Billy Bob Spuckler maybe "real" if not actually in the car business...ps the clue in is the name Cletus Spuckler (any Simpsons fans here?) and the fact the suffolk gazette seems not be the venerable organ of truth one might suspect.
  2. So you want to buy a car?

    Hey Paul, I think you may have misheard me, they said they had no record of me having booked any test drive despite an email that said i had, they had no Karoqs of any description in case...apparently this "Nick" person not only didn't put me in the diary but they had no idea where the car was. Turns out he was using it and of course he was off sick according to the director. Myself and Big Billy Bobbins might have appreciated being apprised of that fact instead of waiting an hour for the the "confirmation call" that never came...but perhaps you're right I may have an attitude problem, I hadn't really thought of it like that A
  3. So you want to buy a car?

    It might be Jamie Oliver's prop car from their last show, pukka, sorted and lubbly jubbly.
  4. So you want to buy a car?

    These days because of PCP plans actual car value means nothing, you just rent and sign another endless rental. Some of my students are their third Boxster/M4/etc at £600 per month changing every three years. Sadly as the Karoq is a "hot" car, its supply and demand as they cant make them fast enough before VAG up the price. And to put it in context its still cheaper than a decently specified Mondeo with an auto box so dealer scan sit back say "big deal, you got cash, I get a kick back of up to £2000 commission for signing some doofus up to a PCP so meh to your five pound notes"... Plus I need to get a comfy car as one day I hope to offer @Mike a lift somewhere in exchange for that gorgeous Mig 31 he built ( and some free abuse). A
  5. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I'm fully chrehet, corent, coheatred, sorry is time for Killjoys on Netflix must be going....
  6. So you want to buy a car?

    What about a decent P1800 original halo, do you know the full part number? I believe it began as TemplarXXXX ...
  7. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    Exactly, I and my Bruichladdie accept full responsibility and now back to the thread...
  8. So you want to buy a car?

    Now if I could find a decent P1800 (and a few tons of P38 filler cheap) I'd be very tempted.
  9. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    Mea Culpa, I have you confused with another Bmer who designs their decal sheets, that said i've followed your builds, Airfix should snap you up for their demo builds.
  10. So you want to buy a car?

    Mmmm Tesla....may he always find an empty supercharger bay. Way out of my league at £90K plus.
  11. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I recently was working with Ineos who pretty make most of the feedstock plastic for virtually the entire planet and was curious about moulding errors like warpage, shrinkage , short shooting etc. All of them come from fine tuning the temperature of the incredibly expensive types of injection mould machines apparently (look up the various types on google). One of the Ineos chemists said, interestingly people with older machines who know their machine and stick to the same material usually get the best result, unless we change the specification of the material (and they do mostly for environmental reasons) Then out of the blue he added "take Tamiya, they make RC models and model kits that I know wouldn't interest you (!!!) but they use 50 year old machinery as well brand new slide mould voodoo from Germany but have such rigid spec for styrene that they test every batch we send over..." Now in 2016 I bitched epically about how many 1/72 Defiants and Blenheims I returned to Amazon until I got an acceptable one (and invoked the Late Edgar the Spitfire's wrath for daring to besmirch the good name of Airfix ) but feel for our friends in Kent and will always cut them some slack: The team there have really worked hard to bring this icon back its glory days and from what I have seen are passionate about modelling. They need to get Eduard like levels of quality but seem to pressured by endless management crises and ownership changes as well as their outsourcers grappling with new tech/materials. If I can forgive them, maybe we all can till they can get back on their feet and, hell they pretty much invented this hobby (yes I know about Frog, et al) I bought a Sea Fury and its short shot but I got an immediate offer of a refund or discount and figured a Sea Fury 1/48 for £9 +some effort (aka card & milliput), hell yes! This is no way excuses their QC which be should identifying these as seconds and shipping them as such, another possible win but then again they seem battered constantly to generate revenue at all costs for the ailing Hornby parent...maybe folks who work with them (e.g @Jonathan Mock )regularly can enlighten us(without breaking any CiC agreements!) My 9.99 eurocents...and I'm a hard nosed cynic who demands the best! A
  12. So you want to buy a car?

    Their base model starts at £39,000 + I work in digital/creative, I have enough problems without people saying, " Dude do you, like drive a Volvo?" Skodas are reactionary and hip because they used to be so bad, I once owned an Estelle Rapid or Rapid Estelle, a white knuckle experience to relish... A
  13. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Amazon Prime just delivered this hilarious modelling trinket... Like a Zamboni going round and round, I could watch it for hours, and all for a knock down one day deal of £9.99 , I can hypnotize myself now...must peel off the protective film though. A
  14. So you want to buy a car?

    Actually my oldest friend has a barn full car porn including a 959, F40 a 3 generations of 911 Turbo as well my beloved 1963 Series 1 and Dino 306 I sold him decades ago!. That said I've got a Vicarage Mk2 drophead and a current SL400 so I could do some showing off unaided but thats not the point. I need someone to simply sell me a utility car for my contract gigs and would happily pay them and yet they are aggressive, rude and plain nasty to deal with, in sales? My question is why would you treat potential customers let alone anyone like that? Maybe some from the motor trade on BM can enlighten us? Are potential customers some form of ignorant maggot to crushed under foot as part of the sales process and achieving the sales target? A
  15. Aeroclub missing from Shops, Manufacturers....

    Read the latest post in the traders Aeroclub storefront A