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  1. Just caught up on the last could of months of progress... Staggeringly amazing work as always. Looking forward to see it all finished, but enjoying every step of the journey so no hurry!
  2. Nice progress and really good to see you've interested your daughter in the hobby. My eldest daughter dabbled when she was younger, but she's now 14 and has no interest at all! Great tip on surrounding the paint tin with blutak to lock it to the table. I'll be using that!
  3. First rule of solving techincal problems... plug it in. Second rule.... turn it on!
  4. Really great build of this notoriously bad kit! I have it in my stash, but despite being one of my favourite air frames I'm unlikely ever to build it.
  5. Always impressed with the small scale builds and detailing... my sausage fingers can't really handle 1/35! I hope you enjoy your nostalgic acquisition and have fond memories of your childhood build!
  6. Lovely work, very inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more updates on both models
  7. Really lovely and outstanding work as such a scale... but please let me know where you found the supersized matchstick and paint pot
  8. Very nice indeed -- I'm building the Dragon version and I'm hoping mine will come as well as yours
  9. Somehow missed this build but just caught up and lovely work !
  10. Every time I come back to this build I'm both dismayed at my own ability and inspired to do so much better. This is amazing work, but the figures and their painting are still the highlight for me.
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