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  1. Good morning, I am wondering what kind of green is in the desert camo. My guess, so far, is either AK3143 Grey green or Abteilung Light green. Any ideas (and yes, I did a search on the forum)?
  2. Heavy flight schedule, very short turn-over time, no time for the ground crew to clean her a bit... But, yeah! I was a bit heavy for my first time!
  3. Thanks guys, I will try to "seal" the tape on my next model (FW-190 A8). I will build more Bf-109 they look splendid, I will be careful not buying an old kit.
  4. Hey! I am having some difficulties with the camo schemes wile using brushes, no airbrush I go old school. How can I prevent the paint to go underneath the masking tape and live its life running along the panel lines? An example of wild paint, I had to chase the runners, line is not straight...
  5. I would apply: a primer apply the N grey mask the contour with either tape or masking putty apply the M green mask the painted area and apply the G grey Are you using brushes or airbrush? Tape should work better with brushes. You don't have to follow the camo pattern 100%. You could print the camo scheme, easy to find a pdf version of it on scalemates.com, cut it and hold it in place with a tiny bit of tape. Works great with rattle cans and airbrush.
  6. I would paint the nose and mask it. First the green layer, mask it with tape or whatever you use, and paint the grey part. Or the opposite, it looks like it's gonna be quicker to mask the green though.
  7. I have decent results with Mig paint. Cover is good, be careful when adding water/thinner the paint will be very runny very quickly. I do not use mig thinner anymore, just plain water, the paint was drying way too quickly with the thinner.
  8. This took me quite some time and the result is not really convincing. How would you do it? Another thing drove me crazy. How do you stop the paint from going underneath the tape and live its life? The paint is quite thin, this thing is going all over the place. I cannot imagine what is going to happen to the F-16 waiting on the shelf... Next I applied the varnish-decals-varnish-dark wash. I might have over-done it a bit: How do you do the exhaust gas stain? Any picture? Next will be the canopy. I tried to mask it..... I will have to try something else.
  9. Wrong place, I meant to post it in the WIP section, sorry. Hi gents, I finally manage to, almost, finish a kit! It's not really a work in progress but more a paint in progress / looking for advice post. I found this kit for not much: Construction went not so well, fuselage sides were not aligned, propeller axis gap not centered, etc... but I enjoyed it. I am painting with brushes, no airbrush, and I am struggling a bit with the shading. Primer colour was white, I applied the basic colours, found the RLM65 too blue and added a hint of light grey. RLM02 and 71 were kept as it is. I brushed a lighter thin layer on top of the basis (drop of white). For the shading I, tried, to apply a darker colour along the panel lines and then a very thin layer of the basis. Hopefully this is clear to you. Here is the result:
  10. Plane is coming slowly into life. Since I have no airbrush, any rattlecans available? I looked around but saw no AKAN equivalent colors.
  11. Sadly the shipping cost are a bit high. Nearly 13 euros, that's a deal breaker for me...
  12. Thanks. Fixed. Any post around to mod the flaps or is it too difficult for a newbie?
  13. Back online, very slow build... I have a problem with the air intakes, with the "ceiling" exactly. It will not fit or I have to push on it quite hard and it's the air intake that will not fit on the fuselage. I guess I am doing something wrong but what? Any help?
  14. Thanks. Light grey it will be.
  15. Hey! First build since...., let's try not to screw it too much. I am, slowly, building the "stock" version, no eduard PE. Cockpit is done. That's small, and yes I did had some problem with the side panel stencils! Luckily we can hardly see them. Once question about the landing gear bay. What is their color? For the main one I guess it's red and grey, but for the front one?
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