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  1. Blitzbuild 2017 GB Chat

    I was in this last year and will be back again. No Star Wars kit for me this year, I'm pushing the boat out with a Revell Kenworth. At a woping 57 pieces I'm sure I can build it. Again I'm going for the not quite superhero route of 2 12hr shifts, after all there is a GP on.
  2. H's Clutch of Mud Hens.

    I was planning on doing just the F15E with bombs but can't resist a bit of orange, so will be doing the Tiger meet too. I have the RetroWings goodies from Domi to enhance the cockpits & burners. Obligatory box shots ready to start.
  3. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Yes please. Love a good 144 scale kit.
  4. Airfix Gloster Gladiator mk1 ( H's back!)

    @Old Man I agree, I have already pre drilled the holes ready for rigging. Thanks for the tips.
  5. BR standard class 9F 92220 Evening Star

    No worries buddy. An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.
  6. BR standard class 9F 92220 Evening Star

    Looking great under a coat of green buddy. Proper engine colour. Did you see the programme on BBC4 the other day about taking Tornado to 100mph.
  7. Tamiya King Tiger. My first 1/35 tank.

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys. I am mainly an aircraft builder but I enjoyed the armour build and will be back with some 1/35 Sherman's & Halftracks, as soon as the man cave is sorted from my move & my kits unpacked. @Badder Thanks for the comments on the camo, this was definitely an approximation of it, with a lot of guess work & same for the markings. I did find the Tamiya instructions let me down there.
  8. Airfix Gloster Gladiator mk1 ( H's back!)

    So after finishing this I really need to crack on with this Gladiator. I had planned to "have a bash at rigging" after all "how hard can it be?" But now have decided that I just want to finish it, so just need to attach the top wing, make a new door from the etch & paint and attach the engine cracking handle. Simples! Hope to get some time in soon.
  9. Hi all. This is my first attempt at 1/35 armour. It has been built for The Eden Camp museum in Yorkshire. I brush painted it using Mig Ammo King Tiger paint set. I had planned to try airbrushing but had numerous problems so stuck with the hairy stick. Detail has been added using the Eduard Etch set. They wanted a clean tank so weathering was kept to a minimum with just a light dust wash applied to the road wheels & sprockets & some black panel line wash to enhance the details. C&cs always welcomed. It's the only way I will learn!
  10. Kit-Starter - Beagle Basset 206

    That's very nice.
  11. F-15 STGB Chat

    Not sure if this has been covered in a previous thread, What are good Tamiya or Humbrol paint numbers/names for painting an F15 Strike Eagle.
  12. BR standard class 9F 92220 Evening Star

    She's looking great buddy. I know the feeling, lots of masking and painting at the domestic level. Have managed to steal a few moments into the man cave for its remodelling. Have a nice floor and a new work bench that needs assembling. We have ducks now, so a new project has been presented with a timeline of 3 weeks. Mind you the smell of these ducklings in the living room is enough motivation! Would like to finish the Gladiator too
  13. F-15 STGB Chat

    I wasn't on the list but can I join? Have a Revell 1/144 F15 Strike eagle WITH bombs (as it says on the package) on order.
  14. Help please. Newbie at airbrushing

    Having been a brush painter all of my modelling life, I thought I would try this airbrushing lark. I have a 1/35 Tiger tank to paint so have bought an airbrush that runs off propellant canisters. I have set it up right according to what little instructions there were, thinned the paint ( Mig Ammo acrylics with Mig thinners at a 50/50 ratio, but when I push the airbrush I get a quick burst of air which then fades off to a constant stream but no paint. It only seems to go up the tube on the initial burst. The valve is fully open on the canister. I'm at a loss. Anybody have any ideas?
  15. Made in Britain II (The Sequel) Chat

    @Col. So sorry to hear your sad news, please accept my condolences too buddy. I have found that modelling gives you that few minutes peace away from the real world. Hope to see you back here when your ready.