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  1. Top job.. looks absolutely amazing! Worth all the effort with those tricky decals.
  2. Thank you Huston.... got a few more on the go... so will post some more when I get time. All the very best.
  3. Your build looks awesome... I love the way the caliper standout, and the sup[er decal job... nice work.
  4. As I posted the picture... I thought the same..... will need to do some touch ups. I also got some Tamiya panel line accent... so I may touch up a few bits with that too. Thanks for the input.
  5. Another fun build, and one of my favorites. As always I made plenty of mistakes, but learning more each time. Most of the Tamiya kits are excellent quality, which makes them fun to build. The finished article I'm really pleased I used the carbon fiber decals, and then a coat of clear Tamiya gloss over the top, as it really makes them pop. I used some Top Studio rivets 0.9 mm round head and a pin drill to give an authentic look.... very fiddly but worth it. With so much decal-ing the clear coat was essential... I get most nervous doing this final part as I've messed up a few models when clear coating. Looking forward to comments and tips. Thanks for looking.
  6. Yep Tamiya are good quality bit more expensive than the Revell kits but well worth it in my opinion.
  7. Looks awesome, just done one myself and really happy with it. Its a great model and Tamiya did a good job with this kit.
  8. Fantastic job... looks really nice... who ever bought it got a bargain
  9. Thanks for the tip.... will pick up some AK Extreme and try that.
  10. Awesome, I have 2 bikes on the go (Ducati 916... almost done, ran out of red paint, and a Honda RC213v... plucking up the courage to get moving with that one) and a 1:12 Lotus 49b which is in the prep stage. Thanks for the kind reply.
  11. I used Alclad II gold, polished silver and an old chrome (All alclad).. but the new Alclad chrome is awful, it just doesn't seem to set, ... I'm doing a Ducati 916... and will try again with the chrome over a tamiya silver see if it sets better. I used carbon fiber decals for the rear and front mudguards... but looking at the picture wishing I had drilled the discs, and used a wash... hey ho.. learning as I said Thank to all for the kind words and encouragement.
  12. My first post so be gentle This model was a please to build, and as ever learning as I go .. so yes loads of mistakes... but in the end quite pleased with the results. I need to get better at taking the photos as all the rest look awful.. will work on that and post some new ones once I figure it out.
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