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  1. That's great. 1/48 is the only scale for me. Hope they'll make a AB-204 / UH-1F as well.
  2. It's not cheap But I still want one.
  3. Here is the latest activity on the subject.ú-134774536570515/photos/?tab=album&album_id=859839390730689 So hopefully the project is not dead. /Johan
  4. Nice where did you order it from?
  5. Not sure if it's been posted here before, I couldn't find anything anyway. Looks like an interesting little kit. Source: /Johan
  6. No, not yet. But I'm sure they're working on it. Don't think it's that long way away. It shall be interesting to see what AZ is coming with now. If they've done their homework and retooled the kit, it could be a contender for Hobby Boss.
  7. Any news on the Ju-86 project?
  8. Yes, that is a big issue if you want to make a Swedish or Finnish bird from this kit. Eduard hasn't made their homework have they? This is quite strange since they have the (more or less) correct IP as a separate PE set already. /Johan
  9. Yes that's correct. When powered down, the hydraulic pressure went down and the control surfaces always dropped. /Johan
  10. Fantastic Bjorn. You're an ambitious man, but I have hi hopes that you make it with both kits. You're on the homestretch now. I gave up a long time ago to try and get my viggen finished for AIM. Hope I can make it for C4.
  11. Hi, yes I will actually. As part of the theme class. SweAF 90 years.
  12. I've had that on my backorder list since nov 2011. It sure would be nice if it finally materialized. /Johan
  13. General, you are I Gothenburg for AIM? Will be great to meet IRL.
  14. Hej Björn Funny that you're building s/n 32512. I made the same airframe earlier in its life as a J 32B (F21-12). And I plan to make it as a J 32E as you but marked F3-03 or F13-03. A pic of my J 32B. (hope you don't mind me posting it here. I'll remove it if you want) /Johan
  15. For starters they can release what they have already announced. I would like to see the 1/48 Piasecki H-21 see the light of day anytime soon.