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  1. Well The B-52 is smaller than the B-36 (at least in wing span) so this would be easier to find room to display.
  2. Very interesting. Nice to see that Swedish markings are coming as well. But I have to complain like everyone ells is doing, it's the wrong scale for my needs. I've wanted one in 1:48 for forever.
  3. I have no knowledge about that kit, but the Do.27 is very nice cast and the main parts fit very well together. Haven't checked the smaller bits yet.
  4. A 1/48 scale kit was released by Isracast and repopped by wingman not that long ago.
  5. Very nice Mike. The decals sure make it pop and do look way better the the kit ones. I've worked with those decals before and have found them a bit challenging to work with, being quite thick and hard to get to snuggle down. But I haven't used Mr Mark Softer, maybe I have to get that a try.
  6. Nice box art. The first thing I noticed is that it depicts the SK 37E electronic warfare version. Hopefully you can make a standard SK 37 as well. There is not that big difference between them though, the SK 37E have the added antenna on the spine and a different IP in the rear cockpit plus the line on the nose.
  7. Could it be possible? That this one that I have had on backorder at big H since Nov 2011 finally is a reality? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/SH48076
  8. Got mine today. Turned out I received no. 007. At first they said I was no. 10 on the list.
  9. Actually, the package doesn't seem to be to big. Relatively speaking. 110x45x11 cm
  10. They have my kit ready, just waiting to be shipped out.
  11. Just got my invoice for this monster as well. 650 EUR incl shipping to Sweden.
  12. Had a chat with the chaps from Special Hobby last weekend during their visit to the C4-Open show in Malmo and asked them what's going on with the 1/48 Sk 37 Viggen. They confirmed that they are retooling the forms to fix the mayor faults with the kit and address the Sk 37 specific changes needed. They are hoping for a release of the kit the first quarter next year.
  13. Well, isn't that Kitty Hawk in a nut-shell? Just look at what they did with SAAB JAS 39 Gripen kits as an example.
  14. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Very inspiring work Peter, as usual. What primer did you use? would it be Halfords High Build Primer or something else? I have a similar project on the to do list and would need a good primer/putty to use. /Johan
  15. Dam, my heart skipped a beat when I read the title. Thought that there was a Spitfire version I hadn't heard of. Spitfire Mk.XIc? I was hoping it would be a a typo and we finally would get a Mk.XI recon spit. Oh, all kidding aside, the title probably needs to be changed. /Johan