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  1. Barkmann Panther A Zimmerit

    Thank you Jack, appreciate the contribution. Good to get some dates nailed down. PR
  2. Barkmann Panther A Zimmerit

    Thanks mate, yes I believe he had a couple of different Panthers. Appreciate the help but hard to distinguish the zimmerit used. I was hopeful that dates might be indicative - looks like I have more diving to do.... PR
  3. Barkmann Panther A Zimmerit

    I believe Barkmann used a Panther A in his renowned engagement at what has become known as Barkmanns Corner. It has been suggested that his Panther would have carried a zimmerit coating. I see Atak has two different Panther A zimmerit patterns - Early and Late. Any ideas as to which would be most likely for Barkmanns Panther? Any help appreciated Thanks Peter Roberts
  4. SEAC Spitfire undersides

    Thanks Peter, appreciate the confirmation. (And the extra photo - much clearer) There is a nice photo in Osprey ‘Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific’ of F/O Doudy sitting in the cockpit of his Spitfire LZ975 with the last three digits of the serial clearly showing on the armour plate behind his head. Supports your suggestion that the labeling of components with the serial number of the plane happened in other theatres. (Does make sense dunnit ) Didn’t realise that this extended to the prop as well though, until now. PR
  5. SEAC Spitfire undersides

    Interesting photo - it is a little blurry but is that the serial number near the tip of the prop? PR
  6. Cheshire Mosquito

    A quick google search suggests Cheshires logbook (or a copy) is still about, so may be a guide to what he flew, when? PR
  7. Battle of Britain cr42

    Yep, run through IPMS UK. Great idea, wonderful service, cudos to IPMS UK. PR
  8. Battle of Britain cr42

    Might be worth dropping a line to the decal bank? PR
  9. Newby question on rigging

    Just revisited this area and saw these posts - thank you guys for the added ideas. From my (limited) knowledge, I think some rigging (standing?) was tarred (?) so perhaps a run over with black (or very dark grey) paint would also help with any stray fuzz. I like the idea of the diluted PVA too, but does this leave a slightly glossy finish? PR
  10. 1/48 Airfix Defiant variants question

    I see Airfix have released a NF boxing of the Defiant in 1/48 scale. Aside form the decals, is there anything else different with this boxing to the original Mk.I boxing? PR
  11. Question about aftermarket for Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb

    Scale Aircraft Conversions seem to do a replacement u/c for this kit (?) - SAC 48282 - from info and pics on the Hannants site. PR
  12. Fokker DVII wing query

    Thanks Melvyn, PR
  13. Fokker DVII wing query

    Aha! Thanks guys. I have read in some reviews that these needed to be added to some models and wondered what they were. I have a couple of Roden DVIIs - they are on the upper wing but not the lower. Another 'to do'. PR
  14. Fokker DVII wing query

    Looking at photos of the Fokker DVII I notice that there are bumps, or nodules on the leading edge of the wings, approximately in line with the interplane struts. Does anyone know what these are for? PR
  15. WWI Whites were they really Persil bright?

    Sorry, a bit late joining this one. Beardie, if you have any clear decal, perhaps mask and paint your own crosses (ie. make your own decal), then cut out and apply. Otherwise, I have tried photocopying the decal I want to replace and use that to create a mask for the bits I want to paint - works ok. Good luck there! PR