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  1. As the prototype still exists, maybe an email to the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre in the UK may be an option? If anyone knows, they should.
  2. We need some 1/350 RFC Fighters!
  3. Excellent! Thx for the link and posting. Lots of info there, most interesting.
  4. Yes - it would be nice to see some Richard Hillary 603 Sqn markings - if not in the box, then from a decal printer
  5. Sorry mate, they have to cover ALL the Spitfire variants first, including PR and Seafires. Let’s see, early, mid and late production Mk I’s, Mk Ib/Mk IIb, Mk IIa/IIa ASR/IIa LR, then the Mk V’s - Va/Vb/Vc, then the Mk VI, then the long nose Merlins. There we have …..
  6. Yes, Yarra’s Spitfire. There is some speculation around the patch under his art beneath the windscreen; Eduard show it as the camouflage grey. Sadly he was shot down and killed in this plane having flown previously over Malta. Quite a character by all accounts.
  7. Had a lovely reply from Richard Alexander to an email I sent. I suggested that there is a great opportunity to also do an early and mid-production Spitfire Mk I, to which he replied: "I doubt we'll be able to stop at just one variation" Let the speculation begin!
  8. I have been digging into lamps and lights on Mosquitos lately, amongst other things, and received some very interesting information on 'Resin' lights, so thought it may be helpful to resurrect an old thread. In all the discussion I have read on 'Resin' lamps/lights, from what I can see, the reference to 'Resin' is assumed to be referring to the material 'Resin'. However, information from the DH Museum points to this being shorthand for "Restricted Intensity". Apologies if this has already been identified, but I haven't seen this anywhere on Britmodeller and thought it may be helpful
  9. The announcement is for a Late Mk I. Leaves it open for a follow up of early and mid-production Mk I’s hopefully. Decal manufacturers, after market producers must be rubbing their hands! Happy days!
  10. SUPER excited by this announcement - can’t wait to see what they do with this one. And wonderful timing of the announcement, nicely done guys! I suggested a Spitfire Mk I to Wingnut Wings after they announced the Lancaster but was told that was their only foray into anything other than WW1. Sensational news! I’ll be buying this one in bulk! Bring it on!! Just hope we don’t have to wait until the next anniversary of BoB day to get our hands on it. Now. Who will step up in 1/24 scale…….
  11. Don’t mean to be a ‘negative Nelly’ but this correction set was first proposed almost 3 years ago. Is this a serious proposition? Is it close to fruition? My Catalina kits are gathering a nice layer of dust, which I’d like to remove.
  12. Spinner back plates on these a/c are often called out as natural metal, but could they be Sky? Makes more sense to me - remove the spinner and paint red, leaving the back plate in the original colour. Colour of the back plate here looks closer to the colour of the codes to my eyes.
  13. Brilliant! Thanks for the heads up M. I’ll see if I can get a copy. Yes, from what I can see those mounts a bit unusual! Thank you Chimp’, I did see some kits had skis but didn’t see any currently available. I’ll check that out. Thank you all for the ideas, guidance and help
  14. Yep, did the same, looks like some springs too on the older style. Looking to put some on a Bond Lotus so they will be period ski’s. Will have to scratch up the ski mounts too.
  15. Thanks. Yes, have considered that one but baulked a bit at the thought of the boot attachments. May have to go that path by the look of it tho.
  16. Does anyone do 1/24 scale snow skis? I found a set by Fujimi (#11252) but this seems to be out of stock everywhere.
  17. Certainly do Pete - they look amazing, can’t wait to break them out!
  18. I think you got it right earlier - stick with what you’ve done. You’ve got the crash report to back you up. Photos are helpful but not always the be all and end all of evidence - filters, wet or dry, sun, shade, film, development of photo, exposure, etc etc That’s a fine job you’ve done, nice build.
  19. Some interesting Mk IV’s (seven in total I believe) in PRU blue with Russian stars and over painted RAF markings, used on two missions based in Vaenga to photograph Tirpitz, then left behind for Russian use.
  20. Or was it just the lower nose cowling in yellow?
  21. Has there been any indication of what tack they’ll be taking? WW1? WW2? ‘Tween wars? Modern? Scale? Or are they just keeping us in suspenders suspense? ‘Cause it wont work - I refuse to look at their website more than twice a day.
  22. This is the photo I am referring to, located here: http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2010/07/bf109-g-6-of-hptm-gerhard-barkhorn-jg52.html Moderators, please remove photo if in contravention of legal requirements Is that a tropical filter on the intake mounted on the cowling panel pointing to the sky?
  23. Thank you - not convinced that is the same plane though.
  24. Thank you Phas3e - wonderful! Now, tropical filter, or NO tropical filter?
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