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  1. I would suggest the Norwich aviation museum, Flixton museum and slightly biased, but the Bentwaters Cold War Museum! - all 3 are pretty close to each other...
  2. Shout if you need more pics as I have thousands of em seeing as Lakenheath is 30 mins from my front door!
  3. Meant to add this . . . . .
  4. Yup. C birds do fly with 2 wing tanks and no central tank
  5. Looking great so far Love these birds
  6. That's looking incredible. Good work
  7. Its the weathering/wear and tear that amazes me - how on earth do you manage the consistency? Utter brilliance...
  8. God thats a bugger!!! At least we all know the inside looks as good as it does!
  9. This just keeps getting better.. Have you shown NASA this? You should!
  10. Masking masterclass here!
  11. Hows about thin layers of this over a white primer?
  12. That's terrific. Sometimes these simple things are even easier when you actually see them. Bravo!
  13. Just stunning work!