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  1. Hi, Yes noticed that Mike and was thinking same, but the red is the problem.
  2. Probably hot is not the correct definition, I don't like spraying enamels all I use them for is for small parts (cockpit switches mostly). The aqua paints don't get very good reviews unfortunately for spraying.
  3. Hi guys n Girls, Quick query, what colour is the nearest match in acrylic for the QM2? I am doing the Revell 1/400 QM2, the colours call for 75% Matt 83 (Rust) + 25% Ferrari red 34 however I really dislike spraying "hot" paints, anybody know if Tamiya or Model Air etc do similar?
  4. Aye she is stunning. I ended up cutting the nacelles to get the fit. Finished
  5. I went into Halfords today, they'd never heard of appliance white and suggested Alpine White, anybody any ideas on the colour you normally get from Halfords?
  6. When o When will the filling end!! If you do not like mess then Concorde is not for you. Think this is day 5 of filling and sanding, maybe I should just plaster it into the shape of a brick then whittle the shape out of it!
  7. Not sure on the colour scheme yet, altho I went to halfords and picked up some white and primer. They had no idea what appliance white is so I took alpine white in the hope that is ok. Ye seen the 1/48 its huge but at 350 far too much. I ended up having to trim the nacelle sides, not put them on yet as I am still sanding. Thanks for the links, those are handy
  8. Thanks, been trying to find the solution somewhere on the nacelles, not been able to find it on here ...yet
  9. Hi all, An OOB Build. Ignore all the filler, it's mainly filled but not sanded yet. Been working on a 1/72nd Concorde (amongst the many challenges) I think I have introduced another. My engine nacelles are not fitting, I think I may have gotten some parts mixed up, any Concorde builders able to decipher what I have done? This is the under starboard nacelle Current...
  10. Thanks gents, great link Miggers, have you done any upgrades to your HL Tiger or is that stock? Presuming you have done the alteration to the turret. So, up shot is, as I intend to respray there is NO benefit from getting the Taigen upper. I shall purchase the Pro (with metal tracks etc), so far cheapest I have found is £109 inc P&P, strip it down, fix the turret and respray, adding any small bits etc that I fancy along the way.
  11. I emailed Welshdragons, the top I would be getting from there but they were advising an upper, lower, new tracks, wheels and running gear, it was getting well over 300 all told. Well outside my budget. I was wondering about the lower. However, I was thinking, with a bit of work I'm sure I could get a decent finish/work on the std? and as Chris points out they are available on ebay reasonably cheaply. Has anybody just taken 1 of the std kits and reworked that? Did you get a satisfactory model? I'm no rivet counter so for me it does not have to be perfect down to the last rivet.
  12. Hi all, I'm not big into Armour, don't know my tanks well so would like some advise and what you think to this idea. Firstly, I would like an R/C Tiger tank, on a budget, I know this does not bode well, but hear me out.... The R/C is not to go blasting everywhere but more as a novelty (it will sit in my display case most of the time), the Tiger has to look like a Tiger (so long as it looks OK, it does not have to be rivit correct), It HAS to be a Tiger, early or mid. King etc is no good, it's an Tiger early or mid or nothing. But most importantly I do not have an endless budget, less than £200 is my total budget. Soooo, my thoughts.... Purchase a Heng Long Pro Tiger 1 (with the metal tracks), more for sturdiness, then purchase a Taigen Tiger 1 upper hull. Add or rework any areas that I can, add a few scratch built bits Re-Spray the whole thing. Total purchase price will be in the order of... £109 for the Tiger £59.49 for the upper works. What are your thoughts? Can I make a decent looking Tiger out of this? As I say it is novelty factor for the R/c so it's not the biggest part of the project so the fact it is not scale speed etc is no matter, not that the gears clank etc etc.
  13. Cool idea I'm going to do Shiny Two I think with abit of practice I should get it.
  14. I think that would still be too "stronga" line wouldn't it?
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