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  1. Cheers mixup_1 and James for your compliments!!!
  2. Cheers mirageiv, pascal jmw, RMCS and F1Boomer for the compliments.
  3. Cheers Booty003, At Sea and McDonnell for your kind words!
  4. Hi simon thanks for the compliment. It took about 6hrs to apply the dry transfers and the normal wet decals were a bit quicker, though I did lose a few when weathering!! Next time I'll have a go with Eduard's stencil set....should be fun!! Jer
  5. Cheers Phildagreek,barcode, winenut and mark for the compliments!
  6. Cheers Andy, Glyn, Parabat and Widow 65 for your compliments! Got a Tamiya Lancaster 1/48 + goodies ready to build next!! Jer
  7. Just finished my F-15C build, I did have a WIP thread here but unfortunately I didn't update it for a year. The main build thread is largescale planes forum if you're interested........I have done lots of builds here so apologies for straying!!! http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=54151 Sat next to my 1/48 Wild Boar which is on Britmodeller...
  8. Try this website http://sepecat.info/b/accessories/
  9. Hi, on my build I used some budged wheels and its sat down nicely. Think they're from a company called master casters product ID MST48044. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234957826-148-jaguar-gr1-kitty-hawk/ Cheers Jer
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