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  1. I'm still applying all the little stencils to the wing and fuselage pylons. There are so many of them. I still have two wing pylons left to do. Will put up some pics when I'm done.
  2. Great build so far. Why are people so afraid of doing the splinter camo? It's a cake walk in the park for me. Just use my self-patented method and you won't have any problems: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956710-airfix-148-saab-ja-37-jaktviggen/page-13
  3. Lower anti-collision light has been carefully removed with a curved x-acto blade. Thanks for pointing this out. The area is then reprayed: I'll regloss the area after decaling.
  4. Thanks Niklas. Yes, please do send me some pictures. It's not too late. I can remove it.
  5. I was hoping the gloss coats would darken/deepen the colours, but that does not seem to be the case here with W & N.
  6. The colours under natural lighting. The tan appears less saturated:
  7. One coat of gloss over the top. I'll spray another coat tomorrow.
  8. It's gloss coating time. The bottom gets it first. I used Winsor & Newton acrylic gloss varnish.
  9. Thanks guys. I did some paint chipping along the LE: I think I did too much on the intake lips, so I will retouch.
  10. Thanks. Yep, the tan appears too saturated with the surrounding colours. When painted alone by itself, the tan colour looks pretty good. Perhaps it will look better with some weathering and under natural lighting.
  11. Got all the paint chips fixed and the LE sprayed black:
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