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  1. thanks very much guys, appreciate the comments :-)
  2. thank you very much. I was a little concerned I'd overdone it but it matches u to my reference pics cheers..my photos are not great as I just used my iphone, but the best I could do! thank you Adrian, very kind cheers! The most time consuming and tedious part, probably many thanks Dave :-) yes I'm pleased with the end result! I did mate, many thanks, they were a big improvement cheers Pete thank you!
  3. thanks guys yes I was always in two minds about the weathering throughout the build, but it looks 'worse' than it is in close up photos... but you are right, these machines were at the end of their service life and heavily weathered.
  4. total construction time just under two years. From Merit SBD-3/4 kit with extensive modifications. New windshield, scratchbuilt flaps and actuating mechanism, scratchbuilt interior, twin 0.30 cals, engine, engine accessory compartment, bomb racks and fuselage interior. Skinned with pewter sheet.
  5. *update 18/11/16* Hi guys as you will no doubt be aware by now, the Dauntless was finished a few weeks ago in time for Telford. I'll now update the build thread to show you how I got to that stage... the canopies are good, albeit way too thick. To correct this issue it's really necessary to replace them. However, due to time (and talent) constraints I decided to work with what I had and detail them. Various accoutrements, locking handles and emergency release handles etc. were added: I decided to have a full bomb load 'for display
  6. many thanks guys. It's a very slow, but rewarding process. A few more months should see me over the finish line. In time for Telford? It's 50/50 at the moment...
  7. *update 30/6/16* Hi everyone I’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks. Last time I showed you how I made the actuating mechanism for the wing dive brakes. This time around, it’s all about metal skinning. A major shortcoming of the kit is the fact that every rivet is recessed (this being basically a scale up / rip off of the old Accurate Miniatures 1/48 kit). You can get away with it in 1/48 - not so 1/18. Every panel was measured, riveted and cut from pewter sheet. Some were easier than others. I had to bear in mind at all times later stages in the construction - for exam
  8. thanks very much Guy thanks for the heads up...this will actually be a French machine circa 1948 / Indochina. From what I've seen the colour scheme didn't change from the one used by the previous owners (i.e. the USN). I might have to do some more research into the colour of the centre dive flap though
  9. many thanks guys! It did test my patience at times but it's a rewarding exercise when all is said and done.. ask me how I feel after doing the other side and the centre one though
  10. This end (the end closest to the fuselage) is subtly different as the entire mechanism joins onto the mechanism for the under-fuselage dive flap Observe the left hand side of the bottom flap in the last photo - notice the notch cut out of its edge. Unfortunately this isn’t strictly accurate - a mistake during the design process meant that the bottom flaps were made as simple copies of the top ones. The top ones DO have a notch cut out of the edge closest to the fuselage, but the bottom ones do not, as you can just about ascertain from this photo: I’m not too bo
  11. **update 17/4/16** Hi everyone - I feel it is time for one of my periodic updates, so here goes… In recent weeks I have been concentrating almost exclusively on the dive brakes. These are a very distinctive feature of the SBD, and as they are painted bright red, provide a welcome splash of colour. You may recall that I got mine custom made in brass, at great expense. Although generally I avoid brass as I don’t like working with it (and feel that it offeres limited detailing possibilities as everything is flat), in this case I don’t think that I could have made the main flaps in any ot
  12. glad you are still going with this one! I'm sorry I was never able to get over and photograph that real one I mentioned all those months ago for you :-( But unless they actually own one and spot any errors, I think the casual observer will still think it looks amazing!!
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