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SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 - Kitty Hawk 1/48

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A friend is making up a Kitty Hawk 1/48 scale Jaguar GR.1 for me, with a number of aftermarket parts, which will go together to form a diorama depicting an engine change on a 54 Sqn jet after suffering a bird strike.


It's his modelling, my images, so hopefully I can do his incredible work the justice it deserves, especially after reading previous posts about fit issues with the Kitty Hawk kit.


To support the diorama, Del's used the 2 kit engines as a base (little more than tubes with some front & rear detail), and scratch-built them up into Adour 102 turbofans as fitted to the aircraft when I worked on it in the 1980's.  I imagine Del will be along at some point, but if you have any questions or comments, I'll make sure he gets to see them.






Layby Stand

Engine Layby Stand


Adour Mk 102


Adour Mk 102


Adour Mk 102


Adour Mk 102



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Wow, that's an impressive assortment of aftermarket. I really like your detailed engine. A pity that manufacturers supply whole engines but no "blank" parts to display the engine itself and the kit closed up.

I have the Kitty Hawk kit myself so I will follow with interest to see how you tackle this "challenging" kit.




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