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  1. USAF grey in Vietnam

    Shouldn't it be 36622, a flat color like the rest of the aircraft? My 1978 basic T.O. 1-1-4 shows all Vietnam schemes with 36622 for the undersides. It also shows that O-2s used in FAC opertations are to be overall 36473, and CONUS operated aircraft would be in 16473, the same as ADC gray. Georgio, PM me if you would like a copy of the 21 March 78, chg 21 version. All pdf and of course now it doesn't exist anymore. Later, Dave
  2. Sure can tell that those are old pictures. Fatigues and bright stripes! Never liked wearing the BDUs and the ones they have now are even worse. Oh for a nice set of faded fatigues! Later, Dave
  3. 81st TFW A-10 'WR' decals in 1/72

    You can also try looking for Microscale sheet 72-313 (this was from before they became Superscale). It has some markings for an 81st A-10. Later, Dave
  4. Gunship Gray FS36118 in aerosol form

    Testors has it in their Model Master range. The code number for the spray can is 1923. Later, Dave
  5. 1/72 Valom N.A. FJ-1 Fury

    Note also that the anti-glare panel in front of the windscreen is Non Specular (flat or matte depending on where you are) Sea Blue while the rest of the aircraft is Gloss Sea Blue. Later, Dave
  6. Saab Draken colours

    Quoting from the new book "Swedish Jet Fighter Colours" by Mikael Forslund and Thierry Vallet in the Mushroom White series, 328 is 34064, 438 is 35042, and 358 is 35237. Myself personally I will go with something more like 36231 for the undersides. 35237 looks way too blue. The upper colors sound about right. To each their own. Later, Dave
  7. My Museum Models

    I have now removed the album link and embedded the individual pictures instead. Not sure why it didn't work right to begin with as it has in the past. Later, Dave
  8. I recently decided to make a record of the models I have built over the years. Some of them are at the museum at Travis AFB, California. All of these were built over 20 years ago and except for the decals are generally out of the box. The C-135A was modified from the AMT/ERTL KC-135A kit. The kit includes a fuel dump pipe that replaces the boom on non-tanker versions of the 135. The boomer's pod was also modified to connect correctly to the fuel dump tube. The C-141B is the Nova Vac kit. It was originally displayed at the Beale AFB Museum but after a change in curators I was able to get it back. Eventually I gave it to the Travis Museum. SM 79 Cant Z1007bis C-141B C-135A C-130E Later, Dave
  9. PBM-3 Mariner

    According to Hobbylinc, the guys in Georgia, not Japan, the kit is in stock. Here is the link to the page: http://www.hobbylinc.com/minicraft-pbm-5a-usn-post-war-w:2-marking-options-plastic-model-airplane-kit-1:72-scale-11684 They label it as a PBM-5A but the box top illustration clearly states it is a -5 and includes the beaching gear. I already have two of the -5As, one of which will be built as a -5 even without the beaching gear. Later, Dave
  10. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    According to Wolfpak decals sheet 72-113, which can be found at: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-A113.html by 2014 the colors had changed to 36118 over 36320 to the same pattern as the previous scheme using 36118 over 35237 as shown on their sheet 72-056 for an aircraft from May of 2011. Later, Dave
  11. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    It appears from the link above that the C version is the latest for Mil-Std-2161. Later, Dave
  12. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    It is not related to Have Glass. From what I saw somewhere else, the 35237 undersides have now been changed to a true gray, something more like 36375, although as to when the change occurred and the actual color it went to I either have no idea right now or can't remember other than it has been a more recent change. Try doing a search for the latest version of MIL-STD-2161. The latest one that I have is the C version so there very well could be a D or later version out now. Later, Dave
  13. F-35 Question ?

    Here's a bit of a dichotomy for you. The KC-135, at least up until the mid to late 80s as far as I know, always flew with a navigator, but never had a flight engineer. Doesn't even have a seat for one. The C-141 and C-5, both later aircraft, both had flight engineers, and by the 80s had pretty much done away with navigators except for very special missions, such as troop drops. Later, Dave
  14. Post War - 1950s 1/72 RCAF style black letters

    Try doing a search for the font rcaf6. I came across it a number of years ago. Still haven't used it, but it is there in case I need it. Later, Dave
  15. under new ownership photo link

    It's been posted before, but still a great page. I have it bookmarked and refer to it for different projects. Later, Dave