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  1. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    According to Wolfpak decals sheet 72-113, which can be found at: http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-A113.html by 2014 the colors had changed to 36118 over 36320 to the same pattern as the previous scheme using 36118 over 35237 as shown on their sheet 72-056 for an aircraft from May of 2011. Later, Dave
  2. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    It appears from the link above that the C version is the latest for Mil-Std-2161. Later, Dave
  3. More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    It is not related to Have Glass. From what I saw somewhere else, the 35237 undersides have now been changed to a true gray, something more like 36375, although as to when the change occurred and the actual color it went to I either have no idea right now or can't remember other than it has been a more recent change. Try doing a search for the latest version of MIL-STD-2161. The latest one that I have is the C version so there very well could be a D or later version out now. Later, Dave
  4. F-35 Question ?

    Here's a bit of a dichotomy for you. The KC-135, at least up until the mid to late 80s as far as I know, always flew with a navigator, but never had a flight engineer. Doesn't even have a seat for one. The C-141 and C-5, both later aircraft, both had flight engineers, and by the 80s had pretty much done away with navigators except for very special missions, such as troop drops. Later, Dave
  5. Post War - 1950s 1/72 RCAF style black letters

    Try doing a search for the font rcaf6. I came across it a number of years ago. Still haven't used it, but it is there in case I need it. Later, Dave
  6. under new ownership photo link

    It's been posted before, but still a great page. I have it bookmarked and refer to it for different projects. Later, Dave
  7. RAF Interwar types

    To correct some earlier information, Avis did the Audax, not the Hart. A Model does the Hart. Here is the parts tree lay out and first few assembly steps for the Audax: and here is the same for the A Model Osprey: The fuselage and wing set ups are the only differences. I couldn't find the A Model Hart kit this morning, but it is out in the garage somewhere and I would expect the parts layout to include the fuselage and wings are the same as the Audax, you just use some of the other ones that the Audax has greyed out. Later, Dave
  8. RAF Interwar types

    I have the AZ Swedish Hart and a couple of the Gauntlets. The Swedish Hart in the box looks much better than the A Model kits, especially now that I have built a few. I have also heard that some of the struts, like the interplane struts on the Gauntlet are a bit short. I'll find out for sure when I get to building one. The Avis Hart and A Model Hector, except for the differently shaped nose on the Hector, are from the same original set of molds. Again, except for the nose on the Hector, the sprues are laid out exactly the same. Later, Dave
  9. RAF Interwar types

    I did the A Model Hector, and it turned out to be a disaster. Part of it was me, but also it seems that A Model does not really like to do test shots before putting their kits out there, and instructions on A Model kits can be exceptionally lacking in detail and what and where some of the parts are supposed to go. On the Hector, and other Hart family kits I'm sure since they all originate from the same set of molds (I also have the Osprey and the Hart {Avis boxing}, they have you put in the breaches of the fuselage machine guns. However there is no way that the cockpit floorboard can fit properly because the breaches are in the way. The plastic will break easily on thin pieces, like struts, no matter how much care you take to get them off the sprues. Even using a razor saw did not keep the struts from breaking. Later, Dave
  10. Is the Airfix Avro Vulcan really that bad?

    As I said in my much earlier post to this thread, my next Vulcan will have aftermarket intakes, solving the biggest headache a lot of us have had with it. I just checked the Sprue Brothers web site and they still have the aftermarket intakes that I bought in stock. Here is the link for the Wolfpack Designs intake set: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/wpd72048.htm Check with some of your favorite places to get kits and supplies in case you don't reside in the States and want to pay out a lot in shipping. Later, Dave
  11. Phantom. . Tail sitter?

    For informational purposes, besides the F-4 Phantom, both the F-18 Hornet and the F-104 Starfighter will NOT require any nose weight. I did think it was rather interesting, maybe more a sign of who produced the instruction sheet, but the Xtrakit Sea Harrier FA. 2 instructions say that nose weight is required although I have no idea why since I have yet to come across any variant that needed any nose weights. Later, Dave
  12. F-21A Lion/Kfir C.1

    Check out this page at the old IPMS/Stockholm web site: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_us.htm On color chart II the list 35237 as being Humbrol 145, and 36307 as 141, which is also listed as discontinued. Later, Dave
  13. F4U-1A Corsair info

    Some aircraft kept the red surround to the star and bars long after they were supposed to have been painted over, as evidenced by the photo you found. Getting the aircraft turned around (armed, fueled, and any major write ups fixed) prior to its next mission was more important than painting over the red surround on the national insignia. Later, Dave
  14. Victor question regarding bomb bay

    I don't have the kit...yet, but much was made on this forum about the lack of a bomb bay in the kit. Airfix may come out with a later version that has the bomb bay and bay doors. I am not aware of any aftermarket bomb bay doors or bomb bay. Later, Dave
  15. Early B-17 internal colours

    When I was stationed at Beale AFB in the mid 80s, the museum had a rather decrepit looking B-17, probably either an F or G without the chin turret. As a volunteer at the museum I was able to go up inside it a few times. Maybe the brain cells ain't working as good as they once were, but it seemed that basically the whole interior was chromate yellow. Several years after I left the museum was shut down and the collection dispersed. I have no idea where all the aircraft ended up at. Later, Dave