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  1. The last time I drove over the Martinez bridge (last fall) I looked and didn't see anything there. Most have been shipped out to be scrapped now. The USS Iowa of course is now in southern California down around Long Beach. Later, Dave
  2. As they would say in the Philippines, either walang problema (no problem), or walang anuman (you're welcome)! Later, Dave
  3. The G and H models of the BUFF also had different engines. The Gs had the J-57s, the same basic engine as all the previous models. The H went to the TF-33 for lower fuel consumption, among other things. Later, Dave
  4. In the dvd I have of it, which I bought new less than 10 years ago, the dog's name was not changed. PBS (Public Broadcasting System) here in the states did a program on the raid and they nicely sidestepped the whole matter of the dog's name by not even mentioning it. You could, for example, have some people standing just outside of the ops room and hear cheering and knowing that that meant the mission was a success. Later, Dave
  5. The laws on such things can be very different between the States and Blighty. There is U.S. law and also California law. Will see how it turns out. As it is, my Camel arrived this afternoon. Quite pleased for now with the kit in hand. Later, Dave
  6. They did not give me any trouble about cancelling. Nothing has been mentioned about the deposit. I will wait a couple of days to see if something shows up on the credit card that I used and then contact them again if need be. There really shouldn't be any question about refunding the deposit since the kit was never shipped and I don't remember seeing anything about the deposit being non-refundable. Later, Dave
  7. I got tired of waiting for my pre-order to ship. Sprue Brothers Hobbies in the states got in a shipment, which sold out in a matter of hours, if not minutes a few weeks ago. Then this past weekend, they got n a second shipment. I ordered it, and it shipped today, with expected delivery on Friday. Weta still had no idea when it was going to arrive to be shipped to me so I canceled my order with them. I don't know how it is working out with existing stock, but for pre-orders they blew it big time. No more pre-orders from me, just existing stock if I do order again (got a lot of 32nd scale kits and mostly build 72nd). Later, Dave
  8. Quoting from Dana Bell's book," OLIVE DRAB: QM Spec color #22 was a good match for Air Corps OD, though the latter was a bit lighter, a little stronger, and a slight bit yellower. The ANA spec was the same as the 3-1 color, but the Navy made little use of Olive Drab in any case. The camouflage color was Dark Olive Drab (#31 or #41) which was darker and greener, but the word "Dark" was rarely used, and was dropped in June 1943." So I guess the short answer to the question would be, yes. Later, Dave P.S. The Robert D. Archer Monogram book says the Spec 3-1 was used from 1922 to 1931.
  9. Salmson 2A2, an updated Roland C II would also be very nice, and of course, an updated DH 4! Later, Dave
  10. In his book "Air Force Colors Vol. 1 1926 - 1942", Dana Bell says that Olive Drab 22 was "glossy, stronger, darker, a bit redder" than FS 30118. For that time period I have been using 30118 but just not giving it a flat coat after decaling since the actual aircraft were a gloss finish. Dana may very well drop by this thread to give some more insight into the question. Later, Dave
  11. After all this time i have no idea, although it could have been the Walrus as I do remember building one, and it wasn't the Airfix kit. On to other things, I sent in an order to Starfighter Decals again last night and sorry guys, but I have apparently cleaned them out of the F4B-4 cockpit sets. Later, Dave
  12. I have spent some time and money over the past few years with Starfighter Decals. Even mentioned them earlier in this thread. I have the SBC-3 and BFC-1 conversions plus some other items. I'll have to check to see if the still have the F4B-4 cockpit detail set since it should be adaptable to the Matchbox P-12E. Later, Dave
  13. While I would have preferred if the lower wing was one piece with part of the lower fuselage, the locating pins and holes look to be of sufficient depth to make a good joint. I also like that the locating pins and holes, at least on the top of the lower wing should also allow a good joint, and although not seen, I have no reason to believe that the locating holes on the bottom of the upper wing are not the same way. Looking forward to getting the e-mail from Hannant's saying it is in stock. Later, Dave
  14. I have three of the P-12Es. I plan on doing one as an F4B-3. If Revell would re-release these things they would sell a ton and the aftermarket people could go crazy selling detailed cockpits for them. Later, Dave
  15. The funny thing is I remember seeing it, and think I even had the kit. Oh well. The other one that I was thinking of had an in-line engine like a Fury, flying over water, like at a harbor in Asia with the orange glow of the setting, or rising, sun on the water. Later, Dave