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  1. Definitely Hasegawa in origin. At the time they brought the kit out (early 80s but possibly even 78 or 79), they had to make the front canopy in two parts due to tooling limitations. The Hobbycraft kit is also based on the Hasegawa kit but DID NOT include the ability to open the boarding steps up to the cockpit as on the kit shown in the Flevo website. The Hobbycraft kit had the steps closed, but the step area was seen on the inside of the fuselage showing it's Hasegawa heritage. I ended up trashing the one I had a number of years ago so I can't take a picture of it to show exactly what I'm talking about here. Later, Dave
  2. Well, that's one way to do it! Later, Dave
  3. That is correct. USAF F-4s initially flew in navy colors until the South East Asia (Vietnam) color scheme came into use. Note though that the air refueling door on the spine should be painted in day-glo red. It was definitely dropped by the time the SEA scheme came into use, but not sure how long it stayed on the navy colored jets. Later, Dave
  4. Bobcat/Crane "based" on the Pavla kit, but not a re-issue of it. That brings a smile to my face. Looking forward to it being released. Same for the P-36?H-75. Two different fuselages tells me that a number of variants will be coming out in good time. There goes some more of my money. Any word on when the LVG C.VI will be released? Later, Dave
  5. I checked last night and the site is: It is still up and operating. Later, Dave
  6. DO NOT go by photos of the prototype C-141B! They changed where the stretches were made on the production C-141Bs. The original leading edge light was painted over (or it may have been a thin metal panel) and the light moved forward. Another thing to watch out for is the rear emergency exit hatch (not the rear entry doors). The hatch was originally above the sponson, but was moved aft of the sponson when the stretch was put in on the production B models. To backdate it to an A model you would really have to cut out fuselage sections around the sponson and then try to get the remaining rear fuselage section to fit into the resulting gap. Do a search on C-141 pictures, or if it is still around (or was it .com?) to see what I mean about the rear hatch. Later, Dave
  7. Be still my beating heart! A UC-78 a.k.a. Cessna Bobcat! And the P-36! One question though, same as Navy Bird, but in relation to the Bobcat. Is it the old Pavla kit? Please say no. It had really soft plastic and I can't remember if I ever finished it or not. Later, Dave
  8. Are you talking about the fuel tank behind the ejection seat, or the radio (or whatever it is that Italeri has there)? Sorry I don't have that particular Minigraph. Later, Dave
  9. I haven't checked it out just now, but this page at Vintage Wings of Canada will give you lots of inspiration even if a Val is not there. I have it bookmarked and have referred to it several times to include getting kits and decal sheets to make some of the subjects seen. Later, Dave
  10. Probably has nothing to do with it, but everyone who has no problems setting up orders is from Europe, and I'm out here in the (former) colonies ;-). Note that this was going on long before the Trumpster. Later, Dave
  11. I checked the site at lunch time before heading to work. Don't like the idea of snail mail on something like this when it should be able to accomplish on-line. I always click on the show without VAT, but the results are all the same. A reply to your PM has been sent. Later, Dave
  12. Last night I tried to place an order again and got the exact same thing from before as seen here: I have deleted some of the information from the form for privacy purposes. I also just now checked to see it I am using or I am using Hard to complete an order when you get this and nothing more. Later, Dave
  13. I've tried it about a dozen times or more, on multiple web browsers and multiple OSs. If is always the same thing. When I am ready to check out, it wants my user ID and password. I have tried entering information for what I would like to use as a user ID and password, but then that old bugaboo of an empty dialog box screaming who knows what because there is nothing there except OK. Pressing OK doesn't do a thing except clear the dialog box. Still no order submitted. Multiple e-mails sent with no replys at all. You would have thought by now that somebody would have pointed this out to Stoppel, but nothing changes and I've been trying for over 3 1/2 years now! Later, Dave
  14. And therein lies the rub. I cannot make a first order without having an account already set up first! I tried it again after I made my post last night, and it is the same old thing. A warning dialog box pops up with an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle and an OK button, but NOTHING to say what the problem was. It is all blank. I want to do several Danish subjects myself, but without being able to set up an account to make and complete an order, I just can't do it. At least, not on the web site. Later, Dave
  15. For my eye, I would rather use Testors 34086. It looks more like the darker olive that I have always associated with Olive Drab paint. The 34087 they put out, as somebody mentioned before, is too greenish, more like an actual green olive bought in your local grocery store. Later, Dave