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1:144 XY Junkfighter Kitbash

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Not quite correct there Rene -


Tantive IV was dropped as the Millennium Falcon due to its likeness to Space 1999's Eagles which were hot on the UK TV screens at the time. Dog fighting was nothing to do with the change in model - Had there been no model shape change, Solo and Chewie would have been screened in the Tantive IV doing all the same stunts and turns that they ended up doing in their revised burger that turned out to be the Falcon as we know it today

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A few preliminary shots. Turns out that Tamiya's XF21 Flat Sky is the perfect faded green for Red Squadron. I have *no idea* what planet the sky is that color on, but it's a great color!


As is obvious in the last photo , I used the X-wing vehicle model stickers for the primary squadron markings. While it's pretty obvious in this closeup photo, which is about 10x life-size on my monitor, I can't tell at all with the naked eye, so I'm happy with my shortcut (especially once it was weathered).


I got to bust out the Tamiya Weathering Master D for the burnt blue and burnt red, for heat-discoloration on the Y-wing engine nozzle, which came out well, I think. 


I also applied some tiny decals from Nicholas Sagan's blue squadron x-wing decal set, and I'll probably apply a few more before calling it done. 


Next up is building a small base before taking the final gallery photos. Not quite sure yet whether I'm going to make a sandy junkyard base, like in the concept art, or a landing pad that will eventually become part of a larger diorama. 

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Fixed double photo

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this si coming along really great - such an ingenious little design  - in 1/144, don't let it get overlooked when on display

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So, I went with landing pad base. I have this idea in my head of a snowy, mountainous rebel base with landing platforms amidst rocks that I'd like to build as a larger diorama to fit in the Millennium Falcon box (so, still in keeping with my "box scale" dioramas....just a larger box :) ). Anyway, this is along those lines, and perhaps will fit into that, or at least serve as a prototype. 


Started with a base from one of Bandai's 1/12 scale figure models, to which I added some Plastruct girders.




Then I filled in the underside with assorted pieces of leftover sprue, and a bit of flat styrene, and some other random bits. 




The magic of primer!




Added some support struts with music wire, and a rocky base carved out of a piece of foam. 


24149322788_112940cbd9_b.jpg 24149321348_394b21d6a0_b.jpg


I'll be adding some of the dangling cables typical of Rebellion installations to the underside as well.

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Quick landing pad update with phone pics - I gave it a dark grey base coat, dull red girders, and metallic piping. Now the underside is looking like it wants more greeblies, but I may add lights to the pad, in which case the resistors and wires will blend right in as greeblies in their own right. 


I painted the circular landing markings by covering the top in masking tape and cutting concentric circles in it with a circle cutter. 


Next up is touch-up, and weathering, then doing something to harden the foam base. 


26343649699_75a81a0f4d_z.jpg 26343649599_aef7d5650b_z.jpg


26343649449_37b6a09dab_z.jpg 37410677484_85dfe269b1_z.jpg

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