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Crushed Coral runways


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Inspired in part by Mrs Plastix and her brilliant depiction of the Tamiya Komatsu bulldozer, I am looking to start building a Pacific Theatre base for a number of RNZAF 1:48 Aircraft. This needs to be a crushed coral runway and airparks, the bulldozer will be repairing bomb damage (I think).


So the question, how to make 1:48 scale crushed coral. 

 I am thinking crushed kitty litter might be a good start and or crushed plaster wall board?


Any ideas greatfully explored.





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Hi Pinetree,

I used crushed kitty litter for a 1/72 Pacific airstrip diorama - wasn't long back in the hobby so it's a bit rough and ready in places. I thought it worked great for the scale. Plus it has that naturally dusty texture to it. Might it be too small for 1/48 though? Not sure but I'd say it's worth trying out - the litter is random sized too which I liked.


I'm sure you'll get plenty of help here and better examples than mine too! :D

Good luck with your build and look forward to seeing some pictures.


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What about the stuff railway types use for track beds etc? Comes in different colours and size / scale, a little experimenting might get you there. Of course I guess it depends on how much you need, it can get expensive.

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Pinetree ... I have a P-40N i am going to do in 15th Fg markings. These were the sand colored P-40's and P-39's stationed in the Gilberts im planning on doing a display base/diorama depicting a Revetement/Maintenance area with an open air hangar. I have multiple aircraft that could benefit from this base for photographic use. Have you come up with any ideas or testing on this. If you have any new information i could really use any tips or knowledge you have gained. Thanks in advance.

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I had an idea of creating a coral beach as a crash site. I wanted to resurrect an old F4F-4 which had its undercarriage broken and so was only fit for showing in a belly landing scene. My initial Googling showed up fine white aquarium silica as a possible material. I know nothing about aquaria and I haven't visited a shop to have a look at the stuff, but it might be suitable. The main problem, as I see it, is balancing an in-scale appearance with some texture to make the coral perceptible. Probably, just paint would be in-scale, but would it look convincing? Probably not.

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Ive considered the paint route & sprinkling a layer of whichever medium that i had chosen on to the wet paint. I think then i would  get the thin layer i need while retaining realism. I just havent found a medium i liked to test/use for my needs. Feel free to try it if you want to. Just let me know the results of the test. I would use a slightly darker colored paint than the grit medium so it gives it some depth.   

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