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  1. I will be following this with interest, I have three RNZAF Skyhawks to build (this kit. a two seater and and a pre Kahu A4-K) with two sets of Gecko Graphics decals.
  2. Thanks for all that, I am experimenting with those "fancy products" (well chipping fluid anyways) then I need to learn about Artists Chalks and where to buy them. This will be my first attempt at weathering so I am not expecting too much.
  3. I am interested in the paint work, including the dusty look
  4. Another thing of great beauty, I have started mine, if i can get it somewhere close to yours and Mrs P's I will be a happy wee Kiwi. Do you have any WiP photos Israel? I am looking for a slightly newer look than yours, back story will be a captured unit "adopted" by RNZAF and recently used.
  5. Both good ideas, we have kittens so have kitty litter (also works in the bbq) so will try that but i like the ballast suggestion too thanks Guys
  6. Inspired in part by Mrs Plastix and her brilliant depiction of the Tamiya Komatsu bulldozer, I am looking to start building a Pacific Theatre base for a number of RNZAF 1:48 Aircraft. This needs to be a crushed coral runway and airparks, the bulldozer will be repairing bomb damage (I think). So the question, how to make 1:48 scale crushed coral. I am thinking crushed kitty litter might be a good start and or crushed plaster wall board? Any ideas greatfully explored. Cheers Pinetree
  7. Absolutely fantastic, as soon as I can get my "study" back into some semblance of order I need to have a crack at mine.
  8. I am looking at buying one of these, I am teaching myself airbrushing and currently use a little Nail Artist compressor but it fades when I use the Tamiya brush. I mostly model 1:48 Aircraft for my own enjoyment and stress release http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/74520basic_comp/basic_comp.htm Any advice gratefully considered. Cheers Stewart
  9. I am looking at buying one of these http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/74520basic_comp/basic_comp.htm Are they any good? I currently use a little Nail Artist Compressor but it doesn't keep up with my Tamiya Airbrush. I am very much an amateur painter but want to learn and improve. Any advice gratefully considered.. Stewart
  10. I have one of these in my stash, waiting for the right moment to add it to a pacific set up, so great see a build of one. give me something to aspire to
  11. I think its a thing of great beauty and no small wonder... 1/32 scares the beejeezus out of me, I have a Swordfish in 1/32 that I am trying to get the courage to finish
  12. Did the US Aircraft have a red starboard light? or am I looking out it wrong?
  13. This looks great, I have the same aircraft in my pile of doom awaiting more mojo... I would be very keen to get those photos or details of colour for wheel wells if at all possible please
  14. Very nice, I have wanted to try one of those ever since I found pictures of it in an old book of my Father in laws, what did you use for the tracks? I think I read they were cut down universal carrier tracks?
  15. My first flight in an aircraft was in one of these, in the yellow livery (I think), took off from Mechanics bay out to Waiheke's northern beaches for a quick walk on the sand and an Ice Cream then back for a scenic flight over Western Springs and the Zoo then land on the Harbour again, I was the "co pilot" for the return flight, an amazing first flight for a 10 year old country boy on holiday in the big smoke. One of these days I will have to build one.
  16. Thanks Steve, That is Uncle Bill, (the birth dates match) We know he was in Australia in May 1944, also according to what I have been able to find 54 Squadron was in Australia at that time. If he was in 54 Squadron until April 1944 and the crash occurred in May, he might have been transferring to another Squadron? I am truly grateful for your help and for the assistance from the other Forum, would you please pass on my extreme gratitude to those guys as well? Now I just need to work out which Spitfire type he flew in 41 Squadron (VB from what I have read but did they have clipped wings etc?) I can also look at the other Squadrons to see what he may have flown Again Steve thanks for your help
  17. Thanks Vince, I have what I think is his service number, a quick search of the National Archives using this number 931847 didn't show anything useful.
  18. Hi Folks Hopefully this is not in the wrong place, I am trying to find details of my wife's Uncle F/O William "Bill" Appleton who flew Spitfires in the war. He transferred to Australia and became the first British member of the "roo" club, parachuting from a Beaufighter in May 1944. Edit: I now know he was in 41 Squadron from 19 September 1941 until about 27 May 1942 I would like to build both a Spitfire and the Beaufighter to honor him, I have found details of the Beaufighter including serials and Squadron, but have not been able to find a good starting point for his records to locate the Spitfire details. Can any one point me in the right direction please? this has become more important as my darling wife is building a family tree and we have no details of Bill. Thanks in advance. Stewart
  19. If its 2016 then count me in... I am sure the RNZAF flew Italian jet trainers at some stage, or else its an Italian dressed Stuka out of the "poor lil orphan" stash, with an Autoblinda (sp?) for company
  20. Thanks XV107 I hadn't looked at the South Island shops much, but I will be in Christchurch in July so will have a look then, and I might have time when I am in Wellington later this month. (yes I know Wellington is technically in the North Island but anything south of the Bombay hills is foreign to us JAFA's ) if I have to get one shipped the freight costs are going to be quite high.
  21. A big thanks to all who have replied, this is the first time I have asked a "opinion/advice" wanted question, and the response has been brilliant.
  22. Thanks for the thought Mark, I have a daughter in Japan so I will get her to check out pricing there too Quite helpful and yes I have looked at the TA's in fact this is the first TF I have seen.
  23. Skyhawks in 1:48 scale are hard to find down here, occasionally the italeri ones come up at around $60+ I haven't seen a Hasegawa for less than about $80....
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