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  1. You can purchase ready made static grass mats of numerous different grass scenes. I recommend searching for MiniNatur Silflor static grass.
  2. As a aeroplane crazy young boy I will always remember watching the Beverley's lumber their way around the sky above Singapore in 1966-1967. I could not really say they appeared to be flying as it was so slow. Watching one take off it only appeared to get airborne when the earth got board holding it down on the runway as it went down the runway, down the runway, down the runway ..... I diverge but it was a great time with last visit of a Sunderland and a French Lancaster flying through from New Caledonia to Europe to be withdrawn. Paul
  3. Your having way to much fun there and must have a large model stash to raid.
  4. I've just recieved the RAF boxing to go with my partly finished Rhodesian Air Force version. The decal registration certainly is terrible on the RAF boxing to the point the roundels are unusable. Is anyone aware of planned after market decals for the AAC versions?
  5. Off a model shop website (https://www.model-dockyard.com/acatalog/Coastal-Craft-Fittings.html ) 'Heath problems with the owner of Coastal Craft mean that he has not been able to make and supply us with any of his products since early last year. This situation is unchanged and we are therefore only able to offer the items below with the quantities showing as available. Once these are sold out, there won't be any more.' Could this be the issue?
  6. At first I was wondering if the pictures were showing us the prototype photos first. Awesome.
  7. I am currently building 1/48 WW2 airstrip diorama so familiar with Tamiya range. See this thread for discussion of airfield vehicles in various scales. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061961-airfield-vehicles-a-universal-tribute-to-the-groundcraft/&tab=comments#comment-3505141 Your right the Ford staff car has been unobtainable for some years as a single kit but you can still get it paired with P-51D fighter. GMCs are still generally available from Japan although occasionally out of stock.
  8. Yeah thanks. An excuse to stay out of the sun over the Christmas break
  9. I recently purchased the 1/48 Airfix WMIK and Snatch Rover set. I've been looking online at various Snatch pictures and have a query, is the Snatch as offered by Airfix correct for a Northern Ireland paint scheme? I'm looking at using the WMIK as the basis for a Shortland Armoured Car (with chassis back dated to Series 3 and Bedford MWD wheels).
  10. I live on the other side of the world from the majority of suppliers so even one who dispatches the next day I will typically not see it for best part of a month so I have a high tolerance for delays especially from some countries e.g. my last purchase from the US spent several days making it's way town by town to get to the international dispatch centre in Chicago where it then headed to Russia spending a week 'in processing in Moscow' before making it's way back to Chicago! It then began its journey to NZ again. During that time, even though it was heading in a very strange direction, it was not past its planned delivery date the supplier was not able to/prepared to intervene with the US postal authority.
  11. Sometimes not aways the worst. I've always received items even months late. Once the seller had gone on summer holidays for month and half and forgot he still had active eBay auctions. The second he was admitted to hospital and had emergency operation so was in no position to reply or ship.
  12. Oh no you've let the cat to of the bag. Now everyone will know the the Royal Navy had vehicles operating in theatre to resupply the submarines operating up the rivers
  13. I'll share my Miniart building technique. From the stage you have reached I cut the lip of outside face pieces then glue the off cuts inside the lips of the rear face pieces to increase bonding surface. Once there are dry I file the lips flat then glue the outer and inner faces together. One bonus it makes the walls much prototypically narrower. Here's one of my buildings built using this technique - two of their workshops joined together. I have raised the height of the left hand doorway to make it high enough for vehicles to pass through hence the filler. IMG_0756 by tankienz, on Flickr
  14. I'm working on a 1/48 Pacific airstrip used by RNZAF so I need to build a mix of US and Commonwealth sourced airfield vehicles. A Ford crash tender using parts from Tamiya Opel Blitz chassis, GMC truck cab and Ford staff car mudguards. IMG_3407 by tankienz, on Flickr Largely scratch build Chev CMP 15 based on Airfix Bedford chassis. An International refueller based on Tamiya GMC parts MT flight lined up ready for service. The roller and dozer in the background were left behind by the Japanese.
  15. If your meaning Kiwi V8s in Kosovo it was actually Bosnia and they were converted to a diesel engine for the deployment. Recognisable as the bonnet could not be closed properly.
  16. Heck their AML-90 is more like a caricature of the real thing.
  17. The announcement is fantastic. Miniart is really pushing the traditional boundaries. The chassis above certainly looks like metal.
  18. 'it turns out that the late Series III 109 could be ordered with the Rover V8.' NZ Army definitely had petrol V8 engined Series III. Easily identified as radiator was not inset as per normal Series III. Now retired (except as ceremonial funeral gun tractors) they have their own Facebook page. Some sick people love them in their old age (the vehicles not the owners). https://www.facebook.com/groups/553751274765953/
  19. I have no idea what scale 009 is, but I'm guessing it's tiddly. 00 scale is 1/76th scale. '9' means 9mm gauge so represents around 2 ft 3inch gauge but generally accepted to represent prototypes from 2ft to 2ft 6inch gauge. Nice preloved Army truck. Veterans just gently rust away.
  20. Its not polite to look under the Landy body
  21. I agree there would appear to be a market for USA and UK austerity type locos in 1/35th. I cannot understand the fascination for everything German. Even the things they are proposed but did not build are now subject of kit sets.
  22. 1/35 is definitely primarily a vehicle scale but not exclusively. In the colonies that use 3' 6" gauge, 1/34 is used to build that gauge using 32mm gauge track (standard gauge track of UK O scale). I agree there is currently no British rail in 1/35 but just a few months ago there was nothing Russian so who knows what will appear.
  23. Yes there is. Have a look at recent Miniart releases such as Russian trams and rail wagons. Not a piece of German, armour, fighting or vehicle in those kits.
  24. RTR may be true for some countries/prototypes but it is definitely not universal. RTR is popular with model railroaders who aren't interested in building, or don't have the time to build their electric mice. I have been a railway modeller all my life but I don't have a single piece of RTR rolling stock due to the prototypes I choose to model. 1/35 military themed railway and urban tram modelling definitely has quite a following. If your on Facebook have a look at this group. All static models/diorama. https://www.facebook.com/groups/483076225394624/ Edit. Sorry I just realised it is a closed group so here is an example of the modelling. Like this diorama the trains in many cases are definitely not the main focus of the scenes. 18033375_1281367891941458_4205716038609623620_n by tankienz, on Flickr
  25. Detail on book at http://www.desertstories.org/index.php?article_id=45 I think it suggests captured vehicles were used - CMP F8
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