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Found 27 results

  1. Hi folks, first for a while... Thanks for looking, J.A.
  2. I built this model several years ago and finally girded myself to finish the rigging yesterday. It's my first Wingnut Wings kit and I loved every minute of building it. I used the resin conversion kit from Encore to modify the cockpit. I think it was designed for the Roden kit but it seemed to fit really well on this. The decals and resin figure were from the same Encore package. The colour is too dark and I won't show you the bottom because of rigging glue mess I also chickened out of using double wires. But it's the most complicated rigging I've done yet and was great practice for an MVR Albatross that's on the block next.
  3. This was a pure pleasure from start to finish. I used the recent MVR boxing for this build and one of the schemes from the kit. It's rigged with ezline without turnbuckles. The plywood was my favourite part, I sprayed the panels three different acrylic colours, then used thinned oil paints to wiggle the grain on. It's the first ww1 airplane model I've done that I haven't been embarrassed to show the underside. I'll post more pictures of the figure in the Figure modelling section.
  4. I just finished building a Wingnut Wings Albatross and this resin figure was included in the kit. Mike Good, wow, what a sculptor. I made a little hat for him out of green stuff and styrene. Painted with vallejo acrylics with oils on the jacket and boots. The base is meant to reference German WW1 laminated propellers, I made it from yew and pine.
  5. I'm hoping one of you smart folks can help me understand a fit problem on the Wingnut Wings MVR kit. It seems that the photoetch seatbelts in this box are quite different from those in the other boxings. The cross belt is so high that the ends can't reach their mounts on the rear bulkhead. In other kits the cross belt is much lower. Page 5 of the kit instructions show no cross belt on the shoulder belt assembly. So should I cut out the offending belt section and replace with masking tape? Or should I relocate the mounting holes on the bulkhead? I've emailed WNW but was hoping to work on this this weekend.
  6. I started with painting the fuselage CDL bits. I`ve sprayed them with XF-57 mixed with brown and white, in order to make them less uniform. I`ve also tried something new - I wanted to give the texture to the painted CDL, so using the crayons I`ve simulated the fabric weave.
  7. I am building a WnW USAS Camel with the 160 HP engine and am getting to the end of painting. I thought this would be a simple question to answer, but I can't figure out where the exhaust (and the associated staining) for a rotary engine should go. I know the whole engine rotates, so I assume the exhaust just blows straight into the engine bay, but where does it go? Looking at the cowl there are two square ports that could be vents other wise there is the large hole at the bottom. This is a first WW1 build for me, so any advice from the Britmodeller community would be great. Many Thanks Yeoman
  8. Hallo again This is my Albatros in 1/32: Happy modelling
  9. Hallo again Here is my LVG C.VI in 1/32 Happy modelling
  10. Hallo again This is my Fokker E IV. In scale 1/32 from WNW. Happy modelling
  11. Hallo again This is my Roland D.VIb in 1/32: Happy modelling
  12. Hallo again This is my Pfalz D.XII in 1/32 Happy modelling
  13. Hallo again: Here please is my DFW C.V in 1/32: Happy modelling
  14. Hello, I`m starting another project, I`m going to use the Aviattic`s PC10 and CDL decals for the beastie. More pics soon. Here`s my inbox review of them (in Polish) if anyone`s interested: http://www.kfs-miniatures.com/
  15. Glad to get this one out of the way to be honest - not the kit's fault of course, but I made such a hash of fitting the top wing that I ended up having to replace the cabane struts with metal pieces cut from one of those big thick paper clips. I think it was pride more than anything else that forced me to finish it, although I've just noticed I haven't braced the landing gear yet.... Regards, J A.
  16. My first experience with the Wingnut Wings kit is finished and I must admit it was a pure joy! I`ve used TaurusModels engine goodies and my own hand-carved propeller with a resin hub by ProperPlane. Painted mostly with Tamiya acrylics.
  17. Just got back from overseas to join the fun. I know I still have lots of unfinished stuff to complete, but I just can't resist in not participating in this historic GB. I will tackle my first Wingnut Wings kit, but chickened out from rigging by choosing the Junkers D.1 A latecomer in the Great War with only 40 built, it was a revolutionary design for its time. The aircraft I am building was one of five abandoned at Hombeek in Belgium and discovered by the Allied inspection team in January 1919. It is speculated that this aircraft did see action before the Armistice. The Wingnut Wing kit looks very nice and I hope I will do it justice. But as I am a bit of a resin junky, I will use some detailing sets. Mainly to enhance the engine as I intend to keep the side panels open. I keep my fingers crossed to finish this build within the 16 weeks. Cheers, Peter
  18. Just trying to plumb the experience of some more experienced modellers here: I'm currently approaching the decaling stage of a WNW Pfalz DIIIa, my first. I figured this one would be a gentle start rather than attempt the other dozen WNW kits which I have gathering dust in my ever expanding stash, and I was correct - it's gone together very nicely (and any and all mistakes are solely my own!). My question is this: I realise that WNW themselves advise against using any setting solutions in favour of using a hair-dryer, but is that entirely necessary? I used Micro- family solutions for the smaller decals - cockpit etc. - without any adverse effects (so as a very limited test there seems to be no issue), and I have never found Cartograf decals to be anything but tolerant of these solutions (with aircraft of other eras). Frankly I'd feel more comfortable using these solutions instead of risking using a hair-dryer (risk being relative, but I've never used the WNW recommended method before). Has anyone else gone rogue and used my proposed technique, or will it all end in tears if I push on? Any suggestions or cautionary tales are eagerly sought. SAS
  19. Unveiled at Nuremberg. Release date TBA. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=66844
  20. Building The Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV late in 1.32 KLP Publishing Online publishing is now starting to find its way into the modelling community. KLP Publishing is one of the new online publishers, specialising in eBooks for the scale aircraft modelling community. Following on from their first two Special Build series of books this is now their first Build Guide. Written by expert modeller Karim Bibi, this 167-page digital book takes you through building the impressive WNW 1/32 scale AEG G.IV Late kit. The book shows you the building, painting, decalling, and weathering techniques used to produce this stunning model. The book also includes a 29-page special tutorial on painting wood-grain effects on propellers, and includes a 12-page tutorial on the rigging. The book features a 12-page walkaround of the Mercedes D.IVa engine used on the AEG G.IV, and a bonus chapter features some documentation on the engine. Conclusion This is the type of publication that the new digital publishing will embrace. The subject is not main stream enough for a traditional publication. This is clearly a book written by modellers for modellers. The text is clear and concise and the great selection of walkaround pictures crisp. The build photos are first class and unlike a traditional publication they are not limited by size or the number they can include. I was able to enlarge the pictures up to 300% without loosing any clarity at all in them. Even if you are building other WNW kits then its worth considering this guide for the hints, tips and tutorials it contains. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  21. In the instructions for WNW's 1/32 Roland C.II, they show 2 "Optional Accessories", namely the FK Stab camera and the 25cm hand-held camera. The hand held camera is self explanatory, but the instructions do not show where the FK Stab camera was mounted, or if there are any mounting parts. Anybody have any answers to this problem? Larry
  22. In case one or two of you may be interested (anyone? ... anyone?), the Green Tails Albatros' have been available for pre-order on the WNW site for the last couple of days. Shipping date is July 24.
  23. Hi, My latest build, a WNW Ninak
  24. Wingnut Wings is to release a 1/32nd Sopwith F.1 Camel kit - ref.32070 Sources: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=19678 V.P.
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