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  1. Tim K

    tamya gloss setting and curing times

    Thank you once again. This is the first time that Lacquer Paints(LP) has been explained to me. I have even tried Googling the terms but been none the wiser afterwards. A rule of thumb I have used since A level days is If after an explanation I don't understand, then the person giving the information doesn't understand the information they are trying to put across as well! i was under the impression wrongly as it turned out that LP were cellulose based. At the recent National Model Railway Show I was in conversation with David Bancroft? and he said almost word for word what you have advised. I couldn't get my head around that acrylics he told me Halford paints were acrylic and LP. I use the above ie Mr Color levelling thinner and Tamya paints and also Tamya thinners. It really has been this Gloss Red that has really flumoxed me, I can't remember using so much Gloss ever and thought it really has been a long wait... I'm coming to the end of 1/72 Fairy Gannet silver and orange and this red Ferrrari 1/16 Italerri. The Ferrari is coming out a 3 foot kit and the gannet a foot. These are viewing distances where the faults don't show! Once agin many thanks for both comments really much appreciated both models will appear in "Ready for Inspection" hopefully in the next month
  2. Tim K

    tamya gloss setting and curing times

    I am so pleased you replied. Many Thanks. I tried Tamya main dealer in the UK and was very dissapointed with the reply. It rather confirms my experience but I didn't realise it was weeks and not days! Your results look flawless unlike mine. When you say Lacquer Paints what do you actually mean? Once again many thanks for the reply
  3. I am in the middle of a large scale Ferrari and airbrushed at 17 PSI red X7 diluted 20% approx with Tamya thinners. After 24 hours my vinyl gloves are still leaving imprints of the gloves. How long do I wait before commencing to hold the model? ie how long is the curing time?
  4. In a reply to Duncan B (Black Mike models) Not to Muddy the Waters "Got my mojo working". (Though the song is often associated with Muddy Waters, Preston Foster penned the original tune under contract at Chess. So many artists have covered this tune – Manfred Mann,Ike and Tina Turner, Paul Butterfield, Canned Heat, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, The Grateful Dead, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, ...) Purchased a Sopwith Camel Le Rhone from you at Scot Nats Saturday. I didn't do online stuff apart from may be Easy Jet but have really found the Britmodeller site a revelation - a big thanks for the web site. Found this thread a total inspiration! Thanks Mark yes it really has got my Mojo Working, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hEYwk0bypY - 1966 what a year!!! Tim K
  5. Tim K

    special forces?

    Many thanks for your comments Tim K
  6. I had earlier done a diorama of the Paras in Afghanistan (not posted) and wanted something of the opposite... The front view. The rear view. All the figures were posed and arms legs and sometimes hands glued into a positions that I thought were more normal. There are some glaring mistakes..... All comments gratefully received.
  7. Tim K

    HMS Dragon nee Daring

    Thought it was in the OK category as kits go added the guard rails on the bow part and refined the aerials on the ball thing
  8. Tim K

    HMS Dragon nee Daring

    I think bought the kit from model shop in Preston, Transport models? Colour I think is a French blue /grey I think I'm colour blind red green blue purple
  9. Tim K

    twin otter at Barra

    Oh yes please
  10. For a club competition it was anything by Dragon. I hadn't done a vessel set in water. I couldn't find the HMS Dragon kkit so used the Daring kit and made Decals from photos on the real vessel. I really enjoyed this build especially the sea scape. The bow wave was really difficult but got some way towards creating it in model form. The waves at the stern could have been better but there comes a time when enough is enough. The base waves were created using the video on youtube Basic Water bases for ship models by Sean Fallesen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqtcT_s0uOQ This was modified by placing the metal foil over polystyrene layers placed as sets of waves, then painted with black, turquoise and blue. This was somewhat difficult due to my red green blue purple colour blindness... Tim K
  11. Tim K

    twin otter at Barra

    Many thanks for your kind comments eases the pain some what....
  12. Tim K

    twin otter at Barra

    DSC07078 by tim knowles, on Flickr DSC07081 by tim knowles, on Flickr
  13. This model has been on the go since Autumn last year. It was initially inspired by my Grandson and daughters trip form Barra to Glasgow Airport last Summer. I was going to model it taking off from the sands..... There aren't any decals for the latest Highlands and Islands aircraft ie saltire Flag on the tail. The revell kit is basic and basically doesn't go to together well. I added rows of seats, passengers (it is just possible to see my grandson peeping out of the window) and cut the flaps and ailerons as they might have been positioned for takeoff. Then the heartaches began. I made after much effort, seats and painting and gluing passengers one with a Celtic and Rangers shirts actually couldn't be seen! the centreline join took loads of time sanding and filling to remove the join between the nose cone and fuselage like wise, the join of the engine nacelles to the wings, the join of the front windscreen to the fuselage. In fact most joins needed filling and sanding. I bought the masks for the windows and on placing one of these pushed a window into the fuselage never to be seen again. Another kit was bought and the missing window replaced. I had the great idea of loading "liquid gravity" into the nose via a hole created and sealing i place with spare humbrol gloss. Hung upside down in the airing cupboard to settle and set. the ballast came up the front windscreen, I attempted to remove this via the pilots window but couldn't. replaced the pilots side window with too much glue. removed the co-pilots door and removed further ballast but was unable. Removed the front windscreen and replaced it from the second bought kit. Re positioned the door open. The setting was now..... about to move off after collecting the passengers. 4-5 attempts to paint white failed.sanding between coats, eventually after a bottle of wine I decided it was going to get the full blast of Halfords Appliance white. That laid the white down! The masking began more time on the computer and using photoshop to scale up down and skew so i could cut some masks. The masking and airbrushing on the tail went well - Yippee. The masking on the fuselage did not with the glue from the mask sticking irremovabley to the white. Further baby wipes and turps. The wings by now had an-hedral! The wing struts went on. The masks came off and I had failed to mask one of the windows! The wheels went on using brass tubing to reinforce (6yr old grandson proofing!), cemented in place with epoxy! The day after stopping the project the wheels collapsed at where the brass tubing ended! more super glue. The diorama went ok until I decided to try and put some puddles into it and nothing I tried worked...it now looked worse than if I had just left it at this point! I presented it at my local model club, Edinburgh and the hand made transfers G- HIAL 3 letters cam off on one side! I had no spare letters and replaced them with felt pen!!! At most stages I wanted to accidentally sit and crush this model giving me the excuse to abandon but this never happened. It is now with the Royal Mail and I hope my grandson enjoys the model and remembers what a wonderful holiday me, my partner, grandson, daughter and a Briard dog had in a camper van on the Western Isles last Summer. If I never see this model again I wont be bothered and if my grandson breaks it, uses it as target practice, sets it on fire.... at least he will have had some pleasure from this model. DSC07085 by tim knowles, on Flickr
  14. Many thanks to your comments
  15. Perhaps not politically correct these days but I'm wanting to find photos for inspiration for a small diorama based on the Toyota Hilux Meng kit. Any ideas?