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  1. I've often thought while making a kit, I wish I could have made 2, ironing out the problems for the final kit. This kit luckily I had two kits in the stash and unluckily I had 2 kits in the stash. My plan was to construct with a crew crashing into/through a wave as often seen on 'Saving Lives At Sea'. The cabin looked bare so a bit of detail was added, the crew were made from silicone impressions of torso, leg arms etc and glued in a satisfactory way. The internal structures were finished and the main sides of the cabin structure fitted around the deck. It was only then that I discovered nothing really fitted and much as I tried the joins became more of an eye sore and so much attention required I pondered.... I found the kit very difficult. The instructions are poor and the colour scheme incorrect when compared to real life photos. Certain items don't fit in the intended positions. Much dry fitting was required with blue tak and tape before committing to glueing. The super structure walls and internal structure were glued. The control area was detailed.... The crew were made from silicone moulds and glued together for their roles in the cabin. And fitted The cabin super structure was glued in place After much attention to the joints which in my hands found the bevelled joints really difficult I decided to cut it down the middle and start the superstructure again. with my dremel and chisel On with the new super structure.....
  2. This is where it all started about 10 years ago. At that time I hadn't modelled figures, dirtied an aircraft or done water! Not a hundred per cent but but after spending nearly 6 months with 4 months off something had to give... Thank goodness its finished I've really had enough of it hanging around as somebody else said number of kits in the stash divided by the kits completed in a year and I've got out to live the photon bath bath when the universe ends .
  3. late in getting back many apologies ... been busy....
  4. I've recently purchased the 1/48, Tamya Me 262 A-2a with the w/Kettenkraftrad. My painting with or with out an airbrush is not up to the standard for painting the camouflage. freehand. What masks are available to use an airbrush? Any advice on getting a good representation gratefully accepted!! Thanks in anticipation
  5. This is my first WnW I'm losing the will to live ! Every time I get close to posting submission it all gets lost!!!!! Above the obnoxious join. The rear cockpit spit in two down the midline. The whole of the wood grain area sanded back and restarted. A new wood varnish applied, watercolour pencils Tamya clear orange. The rest of the inside was completed. And then joined. With masking tape in place to complete the exterior of the nacelle but with a bit of imagination and the previous photos you can imagine the result OK in my eyes.
  6. Everything to hand... Port side complete, now onto the starboard side
  7. The engine was completed but was short of bits and bobs so added some of the pieces from This is not the best PE from Eduard, the instructions are hazy in part and there aren't enough spark plug leads. The WNW instruction book is required to reduice its short comings. Having spent the best part of a day to lead wires form the two magnetos into the pipe-work and then from this piepwork to the 12 spark plugs (I hope its the magnetos and spark plugs ). Waiting for the below to harden the engine was dirtied. I've used the excellent article in 'Air Modellor's guide to WingNut Wings Vol 2; Jeroen Veen Jess'. The vertical part to the Pilot's seat is a ball ache! It's almost impossible to fit seamlessly. My work around is to thin it from the rear glue to the Nacelle and then split it and paint the seat and blend into the rest of the cockpit!! More to follow...
  8. Well I've started my WnW kit the F2B. My apprenticeship were the previous models.... The Engine went together well except I didn't read the colours that well painting the cylinders in Alclad Aluminium and then having to paint the cylinders behind the pipe work with Warhammer copper. Having read that the parts go together and paint on the glue surfaces is enough to interfere with the fit I tried to put a dob of masking fluid on anything that requires glueing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50372078788/in/dateposted-public/. The comopleted engine looked a bit barren compared with the photographs in the instruction booklet https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50373486452/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/154341814@N05/50372955042/in/dateposted-public/
  9. Thanks for the comments much appreciated. The Fury exhaust... I got so fed up of touching up the Alclad Chrome... In the end I just said "right that's it no more". Just noticed a couple of missing parts on the Bristol! There comes a time when even though it's not finished, too much time has been devoted to the kit and in my stash...
  10. The Eduard Bristol Fighter F2b was started over a year ago before two house moves. It really dragged as a build nothing wrong with the kit, in fact I would do it again minus some of the mistakes. The rigging instructions weren't' that good using WnW website for more detail. The Airfix Fury was started to get my model making mojo up and running. The kit was none too good massively raised detail and the top engine cowling was hideous to try and fit with out an obvious join. I like my kits with pilots so I purchased a Model Cellar Productions WW1 airman and pilot for the Bristol and used the modern pilot supplied in the Airfix kit(flying from Duxford maybe). The silver fabric paint was a car rattle can and the Chrome??? Alclad which always gave a better finish on the blue tac or masks! Paints used on the Bristol was the AK range of WW1 PC10/12 early and late with the clear doped linen, ver 2 and bleached. I found this paint none to hard wearing a lovely finish but this was rubbed away in places with the constant handling in the rigging phase. Turnbuckles on the Fury were portions of a PE fret N gauge railings. I tried this so I could bend the turnbuckle in line with the run of the rigging for the most part it worked well. The Bristol, I went down the GasPatch route although they are beautifully made are not easy to align. We all have our bete noirs and one of mine is turnbuckles out of alignment with the run of the rigging. Now onto my first WingNut Wing Models...
  11. Well after much toing and froing, what set out to be a simple kit to expand my rigging skills (for a Wingnut Wings aircraft), the end result is here. Rigging has been with the very fine EZline and the aerials to try and get the sag has been with very thin copper wire. Weathering in the main AK Interactive brown streaks but there has also been thin washes of acrylics and water colour pencils. Main painting was hand brush Vellejo. Base tin foil and acrylic paints with a bit of tropical tank filter thrown in for good measure. Yes I've enjoyed it but it took on life of its own because the rigging exercise turned into the model you see.
  12. What a truly magnificent model and diorama.Oustanding.
  13. New to this in following on inside a topic I created. The upper wing came off and none of the struts were damaged another Yipee. the upper wing lower wing with struts attached and the fuselage with cabane struts attached have all been seperated. The model was started about a year ago then a house move intervened and somewhere in the house move this project has got the line of construction muddled up. Glossing after dry fitting the kit together, glossing with the rigging in place, glossing with the struts attached to the lower wing. Ay hum... the rear guns with the shock chord has been made with the PE in place but a little more refinement and the magazines need to be fixed. In my book thats not bad at trueness. And the nearly completed rear guns
  14. Hi, my first posting on the ships forum. I got this little kit but beautifully formed, as an exercise in rigging for as yet to be made WW1 Wingnut Wings biplanes. Like everything else ignorance can be bliss until ignorance rears its ugly head and I found out some of the rigging was not worth the patience or the trials... My colour vision is not the greatest so I've relied on AK ship weathering to help put some Atlantic crossings on the ship. Problems with posting photos I'm happy with the ropes that controlled the derricks and the mast stays but when I tried to place the ropes that would have controlled the crane hook I just couldn't work behind the rigging that had been set up previously. Still some way to go but I think I've reached the peak and now on the way to completion.
  15. After an hour of doing a post and then losing it and at that post unable to upload photos I'm losing it... So a very brief resume - may well be better for being shorter. The tiny struts from the fuselage to lower wing cemented onto body but on the wing used masking fluid Using the jig with lower wing tack taped to body glued the lower end of the struts to the lower wing and tacked the upper junction of them to the upper wing with masking fluid. The masking fluid kept the struts in place but importantly allowed the other struts to be placed and glued with out having that feeling of keeping ten plates spinning on garden canes. PS the rear modelling mat isn't true with anything but serendipitously I will use that idea agin for trueness. And the elevator will be sorted by the fitters before the maiden flight. The EZ super fine was CA'd to trimmed back GasPatch turnbuckles prior to the wing setting, a few have been lost but no difficult problem.
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