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Found 13 results

  1. RAM Models is to release on February 29th, 2016, 1/72nd Vickers VC-10 C.1/C.1K vacuform kits. Source: http://www.rammodels.co.uk/index.php/cPath/65 V.P.
  2. One of the great things about Britmodeller is learning from and being inspired by other modellers’ work. Some time ago @Turbofan posted a wonderful BOAC Super VC-10 in RFI and that was the push I needed to do one of my own, despite knowing I could never match Ian’s standards! My model was actually completed several months ago but I didn’t post it at the time because I wasn’t happy with some aspects, particularly the finishing. Unlike Ian who sensibly painted his cheatlines and fin, I used Two Six Decals. The cheatlines proved to be thick and intransigent and the less said about the fin decals the better. In fairness to Ray these problems are not typical. It was an old sheet which had been in my stash for some time and I see he is now using BOA for his printing so hopefully more recent issues will be better. I was also unhappy with the over-scale pitots and some of the other smaller details so I didn’t really feel the model was up to RFI standards. In the early summer my wife decided we were going to redecorate our shared office-cum-hobbies-room which meant a massive (and much-needed) clear-out during which I found the remains of an old Two Six Models photo-etch fret intended for the Airfix VC10. There were a couple of pitots and some other small parts left. That prompted me to revisit G-ASGD and after a bit of smartening up here she finally is. The kit is, of course, by Roden. As I’ve mentioned, decals are by Two Six. I supplemented them with Authentic Airliners BAC1-11 cabin windows, another idea pinched from Turbofan, and BM member @Malair provided the excellent windscreen decal - thanks Martijn! Although finishing was a bit of an issue, building the kit itself was easy and straightforward. I have a second one laid aside for conversion to a Standard, again borrowing ideas from other Britmodellers. No timescale for that just now but hopefully it will appear in the next couple of years. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  3. Sorry if I got all you Strictly fans out there all in a tizz expecting sequins and all that pizazz, but there's no Foxtrot in this thread (just a Hotel for the Tail code I'm afraid). We could publish a photo or two of Ola at some point though if I can find a tenuous enough reason to add her to this thread! I've now started my first attempt at an oh so fiddly 1/144 kit for over 35 years and I tell you that the eyesight is now definitely poorer and the fingers porkier, so this may be a trial by fire, but hey we all wanna see that don't we - car crash moddeling at its best! We are attempting the Roden Super VC-10 K3, to be finished in the Hemp scheme to allow http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/98-roland-pulfrew/ to add the all grey version of this beautiful bird (can I add Ola's photo after this comment he thinks?) after he's finished his East African civvy version. On to the box shots (stop it before you even start Ced!): And a couple of quick photos of some flash with various parts attached to it! and some photo etch which I'm sure will result in my being stuck together with CA as usual! Hopefully this will be a far far quicker and more rewarding build than the 1/24 Spit that I've just beaten into submission finished. Look away if you love your Spitfires with dihedral!!! I've cleaned up these monster sprue attachment points on the fuselages and have cleaned up and stuck together the tail parts, the wings and the engine assemblies. I have added some brass tube to the exhausts to give some depth to them, and have started building the photoetch cockpit. I will clean these up and restore lost details before I show and tell these parts as I have found the Roden plastic extremely soft and liable to deform/warp/get covered in fingerprints after an attack from Tamiya Extra Thin. Anyways will upload some more piccys to Flikr as and when we get a bit further down the road for your delectation. Thanks for looking in, until next time - Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Modelling!!!
  4. Vickers VC-10 RAF C1K XR808. XR808 was the first VC-10 delivered to the RAF nd the last one to be retired. Now at the RAF Museum at Cosford. Pics mine.
  5. Source: https://www.facebook.com/freightdogmodels/photos/a.238637406163951.82458.119466081414418/1877432185617790/?type=3&theater V.P.
  6. Greetings everyone I am almost done with my Lazarev build and I had a really hard choice of what to build next: 1/48 SU-33, 1/48 Viggen, 1/72 TU-22 Blinder, 1/72 TU-160 Blackjack or 1/144 AN-22. Instead, the 1/72 VC-10 won out because of my recent experience with the Anigrand C-5 Galaxy. I thoroughly enjoyed making that, so I pulled this one out ready to go Upon taking photos and an earlier exploration, I realised that this one is vastly different. It's no where near as good as the C-5 in terms of fit but the quality of the casting itself is brilliant. Very few bubbles and the ones that are there will never be seen Now, no one can ever say that I wasn't warned about the challenges of building an Anigrand kit! This one will certainly have it's own ......issues to fix, as you will see in the below photos. I've only shown some of them - not all as I am sure I haven't found them all yet. Good news is that they are all relatively minor and are fixable! So, what do you get for your $260AU kit? Quite a bit of resin that's for sure but disappointingly, you don't get any bonus smaller kits. Which is a shame but not the end of the world I will be using the 26 Decals for the 90th Anniversary scheme (VX-105) - the most attractive in my eyes. The only thing I am not happy about with the decals is that the black tail is literally a decal - I don't have the option to just paint the tail - which I find annoying. I just want the fancy logo and writing. I can paint black all on my lonesome thanks... However, no one else to my knowledge produces said decals in 72nd, so I shall make do. I have done a lot of internet searches for this kit and I have found only 3 of note - 2 of which allude to cutting the cockpit. Initially, I just thought that to be a bit...anal retentive, however, upon dry fitting the canopy - I can now see why said cuts are made - and it's not just to conform to a drawing. The fit of the canopy is f....well, let's just say it's never going to be a "perfect fit". In fact, it does it's very best to not fit at all. But again, it should be fixable. I am going to try and fix it without having to cut up the body. So, enough talking, here are some pre-build photos to see what you get: not the smoothest joint ever: Some slight warping presumably making a not quite all together mating of the rear body halves: the front end isn't much better: the canopy fitting - or not as the case maybe: the only air bubbles I found: With the wings joined up, there is a distinctive step left on the leading edges - I forsee some major sanding coming up.... And last but not least, a shot of Anigrand's incredibly comprehensive instructions: I will be making this one in-flight, so will not have to think up a way to display it on a stand of sorts. This should be fun! I will be back later once i make a solid start on this. If you have any ideas or experiences with this kit, I would love to hear it Till next time! Simon
  7. Well I finally finished her... I have to say a big thank you to BM member sailorboy61 for kindly sending me a replacement BOAC decal after I managed to rip off the original removing some masking tape! Cheers Iain
  8. Morning all! This is my quick OOB (almost) build of the Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 kit. Nothing much more to say so lets get on with it : Kit: Roden VC-10 K3 1:144 (From my LMS- Mike's Models) Paints: Vallejo Model Air custom-mixed grey (based on reference photos) Vallejo Model Air black, Model Color silver Washes: Vallejo Model Wash-dark grey Additional Details: Refuelling basket (inside the central refueling pod) made from rolled up tissue paper Spare RAF roundels had to be used on the side of the fuselage due to an error made by myself Flaps were produced, cutting out the kit's flaps on the underside of the wing and using plasticard to make up the rest of the structure Spoilers/speedbrakes were produced from paper Pros: Great recessed panel lines on the wings and rear control surfaces Nicely detailed engine pods (especially the thrust reverser gratings) Lots (and lots!) of decals, especially on the refuelling pods, which were not all used in this build Window masks (which i stupidly put on every single window and ended up running out of masks half way down the other side!) Relatively cheap- depending on your LMS/supplier Numerous tiny aerials and probes supplied Cons: Very shallow panel lines on the main fuselage body Ejector pins on fuselage join, when these were removed I found that there was a poor fuselage join Very unusual scheme, I can find only one image of this scheme on the internet-apparently the crews "were not a fan" Decal placement sheet was sometimes difficult to interpret Base kit does not have an option for spoilers or flaps Quite a few decals were out of register, but this shouldn't really matter Thanks for having a look Kind regards, Sam
  9. Just made a start on this kit, I did intend to build one for the group build but I ran out of time! The kit looks very nice and looks like it will be a lot less work than the C-17! The main problem with this kit is that despite what it says on the box, it's not a K.2! It is a mix of K.2 and C.1K. Although this kit will be built as a C.1K (XR808), I will point out along the way, the alterations needed for each version and the corrections needed for both. It never ceases to amaze me how Anigrand managed to cram such large aircraft kits into relatively tiny boxes! The kit appears to be based on the A A P Lloyd drawings and matches them very closely...... ..until you get to the nose and cockpit section! The resin is quite thick and very well moulded with only a couple of small air bubbles to fill on my example. There are large locating lugs that will aid positioning and strengthen the joints. The following is a correction needed for both versions. I made a start on the cockpit, it's not too difficult to correct, the outline looks accurate and only requiring a couple of cuts and a small amount of filling and filing. The section above the cut line was removed and raised to match the plans. The cockpit interior acted as a support for the upper section and aided the filling of the resulting gap in the nose section. With the upper nose section raised, the cockpit windows are now at the correct height but the line is wrong. To get the window line right and the roof outline correct, I removed the shaded areas The result is a much better outline and cockpit window position. The fuselage has been positioned off the drawing to compare with the outline. With the exception of extra detail work, as it stands, the fuselage is now correct for a K.2 More to follow tomorrow!
  10. ..and I thought you might like to see Also If anyone here uses Facebook, I now have a page that I'm slowly filling up too, that can be found HERE Some tricky conditions and some not-so-tricky, anyway - onto the pics! 87-0023 MC-130P - Brize Norton by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr 87-0023 MC-130P - Brize Norton by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr XV104 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Head on with a classic. by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Untitled by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr N545CC - Kidlington by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UAE C-17 - Brize Norton by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr XV214 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Untitled by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Farnborough 2010 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Farnborough 2010 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Climbing out from Hanoi. by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr 9M-AHN taken from ATR-72 RDPL-34174 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr RDPL-34175 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Let-410 RDPL-34158 - Wattay International Airport (Vientiane airport, Laos) by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Untitled by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr HS-PGM by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr 5020 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr F-AZJS Supermarine 389 Spitfire PR19 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr M-JACK - Farnborough 2010 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr A400M - Farnborough 2010 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr A380 marking it's terrority! by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr C-27J by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr
  11. Hi all Can someone tell me what museums have received an RAF VC-10 Please. I understand one has gone to Newquay Museum Is one going to Cosford? Whats the one a Dunsfold there for? Has a complete one gone to Brooklands? Thanks Bradley
  12. Here are some from the Brize Norton photocall, only 200 places and I was very lucky to fill one of them! Very sad loss to our skies. I do have a few more to add, I will do once I have finished editing them. Hope they are of interest. MB9T9967 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr ZA147 Vickers VC10 K3 - Brize Norton Photocall 22/09/2013 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  13. Walkaround of a Standard VC10, BUA spec and the fuselage of a BOAC spec. There are also a couple of VC10 C1k pics with the flaps, slats, RAT, antennas and gear doors deployed. Reg's are A40-AB (G-ASIX), G-ARVM, XV109, XR807.Pics from Mike (mike1275)
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