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Found 11 results

  1. A-20G/H/K/J Havoc/Boston Mk.IV/V Resin Upgrades (4726 & 4727 for Special Hobby) 1:72 CMK by Special Hobby These two sets are to upgrade the detail to Special Hobby’s 1:72 kit, with modular upgrades that require minimum alteration to the kit parts. Both sets arrive in the yellow-themed blister pack with card backing and instructions supporting the resin and Photo-Etch (PE) parts from harm, with a further acrylic sheet provided to prevent denting of the PE parts by the resin jostling during transport. Interior Set (4726) This set includes 10 resin parts, a small fret of PE and a slip of pre-printed acetate sheet. In preparation for insertion, the fuselage sides should be sanded or scraped thin to accommodate the sidewall detail parts, which is best done before main assembly. The cockpit is made up on a stepped two-part platform, with instrument panel and PE/Acetate sandwich applied to the front, PE rudder pedals, resin and PE control column, pilot seat with PE belts and a dinghy pack to the rear. The kit front bulkhead and nose gear bay are attached, then with the aforementioned sidewall details pre-fitted, and an insert to the sides of the dinghy bay added, the new cockpit can be fitted between the fuselage halves, with a small PE sight added to the windscreen hoop. Gun Turret (7427) This set increases the level of detail in the fuselage under the mid-upper gun turret, as well as replacing the kit guns with new more detailed resin parts. Again, the fuselage where the bay will be placed needs scraping thin to accommodate the bay, which is made up from an L-profile floor, two large side parts with another two small parts adding length and detail. The turret itself is augmented with the guns, plus turret base and curved part over the top. The kit’s glazing is utilised to close-in the new detail. Conclusion The devil’s in the detail, and at 1:72 these sets will make quite a difference to the finished model, begging to be shown off. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Kitty Hawk has a 1/48th Mil Mi-28 "Havoc" kit in project/design - ref. KH???? Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/668836086919106/ 3D renders V.P.
  3. Hi mates, I finished this one a few days ago, one of my favourite planes. This model from Special Hobby is very nice detailed, with almost a very good fitting, and came with nice PE from Eduard. I added some scratch and wires and some rivets with my Trumpeter's riveting wheel. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you like it... Cheers Ricardo
  4. Hi all, here is my new 1/72 MPM Douglas A-20G Havoc "la france libre": Construction: MPM has created a superb kit in 1/72 for the Douglas Havoc / Boston variants. In 2008 i brought the D-Day Havocs kit variants with the solid gun nose. At first, I wanted to build OOB, but after a while, some details were added scratch: Cockpit: Life raft and details Nose: Brass MG barrels (accessory), fuselage reinforcement, MG ejectors Fuselage: Rudimentary fuselage installation, rear exit Turret: Entire tower structure, brass MG barrels (accessory) Engines: Cables, valve lifters, exhaust pipes, slightly opened cooling flaps Charger: Inlet details, open outlet Gear: Brake lines, resin wheels (accessory) With some creative breaks, I worked on the model for almost 6 months. Original aircraft: My model, the "la france libre" was the first Havoc in Europe with 100 successful mission missions and was called "Miss laid" for a long time. The plane was sent to Paris in the autumn of 1944 for the French liberation celebration as a part of an exhibition and renamed for this reason. Most of the Havocs were heavily weathered. Source: worldwarphotos.info Finish: I wanted to transfer the impression of the original photo above to my model. The paintjob was started as standard for me on an Alclad Airframe aluminum primer. After that preshading, three glazing layers per colour, painting scratches with a silver pin, masking and painting of the walk-ways, masking, painting and weathering of the invasion stripes, intermediate finish with future, decals, washing, painted exhaust gas traces, dust oil paints, chalks etc. etc. Walkaround: Bottom: Details: I hope you like my model. Criticism, notes, and comments are gladly welcome. Kai
  5. HpH is to release in 2017 a 1/32nd Douglas A-20G Havoc resin kit. Source: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=28641&p=801592 V.P.
  6. In late 1943-1944 771 Squadron FAA based at Twatt in the Shetlands, was issued with a number of Boston and Havoc aircraft, mostly Turbinlites, for use on radar calibration and target simulation purposes for Home Fleet units preparing to deploy to the Pacific. One of these was Havoc II AH507 "T8A" (Sturtivant calls it a Boston II but I think he is wrong on that). Air Britain does not record it as one of the many aircraft from that particular Havoc batch converted to Turbinlite configuration and it had previously served with 85 Sq so I conclude it was one of the aircraft fitted with the Martin-Baker 12-gun nose. In Sturtivant's FAA Aircraft there is a photo of this aircraft, taken from the starboard rear quarter, after running off the runway into mud on 8 November 1943. It is very useful for many details, including the nacelle configuration, but the nose is not visible. Question 1: is anyone aware of any other photos of this incident, preferable showing the aircraft nose. I am assuming that the redundant AI radar has been removed (it clearly has been from the less camera-shy Turbinlite aircraft) but am unclear whether the gun muzzles would have been left open, doped over but still visible or plugged. Question 2: since the chances of a positive answer to q.1 seem very slim, is anyone prepared to speculate on the most likely option? Are there any photos of other 12-gun Havocs on second -line duties late in the war? My inclination is to think that on an aircraft operating from one of the wettest places known to man any superfluous orifices would have been securely plugged against the all-pervasive damp. For me it would be easiest for fill all the gun apertures but my hair-shirt mode says I ought to drill all 12 of them out. Any leads/thoughts?
  7. A Google search on "Helmore Turbinlite" has thrown up this picture of a Turbinlite Havoc. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=helmore+turbinlite&tbm=isch&source=hp&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjGs4ThtcDgAhVsVBUIHeLeA1wQsAR6BAgEEAE&biw=1536&bih=747#imgrc=uiXMuMRBynh5pM: You will note that the aircraft is in the later Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green camouflage rather than the more normal black. There are also 3 men in the foreground parading with a flag. I think that I have seen a captioned version of the photo before and that the gentlemen are Polish. Can anyone identify where and roughly when the photo was taken? I am wondering if it is one of the Turbinlites used by the FAA (eg 771, 772 Sqs) as fast targets for units working up to serve in the British Pacific Fleet. Any details on the aircraft itself would be wonderful but probably too much to hope for.
  8. Canopy Masks for MPM Douglas Havoc Turbinlite (X72014) 1:72 MH Masks via Special Hobby This is a set of the masks for the MPM (now Special Hobby) 1/72 Douglas Havoc Mk.II Turbanlite kit. The kit has extensive glazing which will be difficult to mask in 1.72. These masks from MH Models should help. They are of the vinyl type. Conclusion Sometimes kits can benefit from masks, and this is one. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. I am looking for info on the recce fit of the Douglas F-3A Havoc. I want to start on my conversion of the AMT/ERTL 1/48 A-20J, and do a bird from the 155th Night Photo Sqn, 10th PRG. I plan to do either "Sleepy Time Gal" (preferred) or "Starize", using the AeroMaster decals. I did a search here on Britmodeller, but found nothing (Flaky search engine?). What I am looking for is info (Drawings/photos) of the camera fit & location, including the Edgerton Lamp (SP?). I have found some written info on the equipment fit, but not specific enough. I could either do the Edgerton fit, or load up the bomb bay with photoflash bombs, even though the latter would require much more scratch building/converting. I am also looking for confirmation of whether the plane would still have the upper gun turret, or a clear dome, or just faired over. If you have info, but don't want to post the photos/drawings online, you can email me direct at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net. Larry
  10. Hello All, As part of my garage clearing and stash organising (260-odd, if you are wondering), I came across some old-old models of my Dad's, from WWII. Here's a "Grace Airplanes" kit, including "everything you need to build the model", including paint, bamboo, and pins: You even get spare wood! Here's a Hudson: I also have an "Airlines" kit. This seems to be a bit more basic, shown here next to the new Airfix Defiant to show that things have progressed a leetle bit: Not a scrap of balsa in sight! Presumably it was all going into 1:1 Mosquitoes at the time. Paint of the day was based on a cellulose dope formula: One of them was even liquid! The brown, after a lot of stirring, came out quite well: Although then, as now, nobody quite agreed about Sky: My Dad had got quite a long way through a Havoc build: So I thought I would continue it in keeping with the spirit of the build. It was going to need crew - these fellows are carved from a lollipop stick. Any similarity to Captain Pugwash characters is accidental! Although the plunge-formed canopies from the time (on the right) are still very usable, I made a new plug from balsa to fit the model better and vac-formed some new ones (on the left): Detail was limited to a pair of Brownings, from wood and pins: I painted the whole airframe black from a tube of acrylic and applied the decals. The fuselage decals went on perfectly! I knew I was going to have trouble when the wing and tail decals started drifting into pieces on the sheet. I applied them by placing my thumb on the decal and pulling the paper out from underneath. I teased the various broken bits back into position and touched up the missing bits. I am unable to say how well they conformed into panel lines... A coat of matt varnish and done! It was quite nostalgic to take part in a posthumous joint build, so here's to my Dad: Thanks for looking, Adrian
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