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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone else seen the Dragon 1/35 scale AT-AT and have any better information than that on the Dragon website. all i found was a picture, no measurements or anything so no idea of sizes or anything?
  2. Snowspeeder Update Set (05018-1/48) for Bandai 1:48 GreenStrawberry Star Wars and Bandai have become synonymous with each other this last few years with thousands of us importing these Far East only offerings, which are laden with detail despite their snap-together nature. GreenStrawberry have a habit of producing superb resin and Photo-Etch (PE) that takes these kits to the next level, and here's one right now! As usual with GreenStrawberry Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a black-themed backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between, showing off the contents at the front. This set is for the Spowspeeder, and includes a rather comprehensive update to both the cockpit and canopy, with additional parts used to upgrade the details of the flip-up spoilers, and finally the harpoon gun on the back deck. It starts with the shallow cockpit tub, removing the lugs for the pilots, and adding control details and a new skin for the ribbed seats, back and front. As well as two control sticks and a throttle in the forward cockpit, the pilot and gunner's seats are both fitted with a set of four-point crew belts, with a new set of rudder pedals being installed in the front foot well, although what they do is a mystery… and thinking about it, so is how the Snowspeeder flies! Regardless, his instrument panel is replaced with a new part and backed with a piece of the acetate to allow you to put some lights behind it is you feel like. The canopy is completely replaced by the set, which aims to improve the scale fidelity by using PE parts and acetate windows. The exterior is folded up from a single part, and has an internal skin added, plus various wiring and greeblies added to the roof. The internals of the windows are there to hide the acetate parts, which are cut from the printed sheet that's provided, and sandwiched between the outer skin and the internal frames. The same process is followed to make up the fixed rear canopy portion over Dak's head (if you know what I mean), using more acetate parts for the windscreens. A complex set of hinges are folded up and laminated, along with a set of rams, which link to the front and rear parts together, turning them into a single assembly. You can then pose it open or closed depending on your needs. A few more detail parts are added to the interior of the forward canopy, and at the exterior joint between the two parts, and Dak's gun controls see an upgrade to the central boss and control grips, while his harpoon gun is detailed with control wires and a new part under the muzzle. Externally (other than the canopy), there is a choice to two new mesh panels for the front of the ship, which depends on what version you're building (that research is up to you!), a set of new covers for the forward main cannon "supports", and a detailed set of hinges and supports for the prominent spoilers that are housed in the rear cannon supports, which are used in directional control. The sheet is crisp as you could want, and the attention to detail is typical of GreenStrawberry, as is the nod toward lighting your creation. The use of acetate should also improve the view into the canopy if you elect to pose it down, so while it seems a shame to hide it all away under the canopy, you can at least still see it all, whilst being able to vroom! Your creation around the room while no-one is looking. Good shot Jenson! I couldn't resist pinching one of their pictures to show the finished article, as it's excellent. Review sample courtesy of
  3. Hi everbody, here is my last build, hope you like it
  4. I started very quick build for a competition this kit has reaaaaly good details, i love it
  5. As a massive Star Wars fan I was delighted when Bandai started doing these kits. Loved putting the kit together and posing it exactly as I wanted. Hope you like. IMG_2069 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr IMG_2070 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr IMG_2071 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr IMG_2072 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr IMG_2073 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr IMG_2073 by Phillip Loughlin, on Flickr
  6. Does anyone have any updates on the expected and highly anticipated 1/32 AT-AT that was announced a long....long....long time ago? Cant seem to find any updates on the Dragon Models website or any forums of late. Is it or do with Licensing rights? Or is the 1/35 AT-AT just a concept that will never be available? Phil
  7. Hi all and some pics from this WIP build. I used a Revell 1/52 Snowspeeder and a surplus toy AT-AT leg from Kenner for a Battle of Hoth diorama. Base was homemade and everything brushpainted (and it shows!) Cheers, Dermot
  8. I dug out my long abandoned MPC AT-AT build. I started on this back in 2006. It got packed away and has finally seen the light of day again. I resumed work to get it to this state. The plan is to do the famous tow cable scene from the movie. Compared to today's Bandai kits and even the Revell kits, this model leaves a lot to be desired. The fit is less than stellar. I started applying paint and washes to each part of the kit separately. I felt it was easier to finish each minor assembly separately rather than the complete model. More to come...
  9. Imperial AT-AT Walker Approx 1/68 I picked this up years ago with the intention of repainting it to be more movie accurate. It was from the, now defunct, Star Wars Miniatures tabletop game by Wizards of the Coast. It sat in the loft until a year or so ago when I decided to get it done. Essentially it's an AT-AT shaped lump of plastic and, although it's generally accurate in shape, a lot of the details are simplified like the actuator arms on the feet which are moulded solid. It was meant to be pre-finished which actually meant it was moulded in grey plastic and then slathered in a grungy black wash. I didn't bother to enhance the simplified detail as this was just going to be a simple repaint job, although, in the end, I had to rebuild the cheek and chin guns as the original parts were soft vinyl and were badly warped. The new parts were made from brass and styrene tube and a few extra panels and greeblies were stuck here and there to sharpen up the detail. The repaint was mostly done with Vallejo followed by various washes and some staining with pigments Enjoy the shots You can spot the Sd.Kfz.222 hull that ILM used in the construction of the originals in the above shot Thanks for looking Andy
  10. A friend gave me a Metal Earth AT-AT kit for Christmas. This is a couple of sheets of photo-etched steel that assembles into an AT-AT. I've not much experience with the PE you get for model kits but this seems to be designed with a bit more of an eye for ease of construction. The fold lines are perforated so are very inclined to fold (or break, if you fold them too much...) and the kit's parts have tabs and slots so it all holds together without requiring glue or solder. Unless you accidentally break one of the pieces along a fold line. So even after my little error I was still able to put it together quite easily this afternoon. The finished walker is about 2.5" high by 3" long. I enjoyed making my AT-AT and Metal Earth (http://www.fascinations.com/metalearth) have quite a range including licensed designs from Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo and Mass Effect as well as real-world designs. I'm quite tempted by a Normandy SR-2. Edit: Removed duplicate picture, added missing picture.
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